Elections are important and we should vote

Recently, our local communities went to the polls to cast their votes in Michigan’s August primary election.
Aug 22, 2014


While many of the races were uncontested, there were still races that did have some competition — state representative and some Ottawa County commissioners to name a few.

And that doesn’t include the dozens of local proposals that were also on the ballot this past Election Day. These proposals ranged from local senior center millages and museum funding proposals to fire department funding.

All of these ballot items are important issues that impact us as local citizens, either in the form of new representation or higher taxes.

With the importance of these decisions, it is disheartening to see such a slim turnout for our elections. These are issues that matter to everyone — and when fewer than 20 percent of the electorate turn out, this is a major issue.

People have fought hard for the voting rights that we now enjoy. We should use those rights. Otherwise, people shouldn’t complain about who their representative is, or if a certain millage is a burden.

If you didn’t vote, then you have only yourself to blame.

With the November elections a little more than two months away — and Michigan’s governor race taking center stage that Election Day — hopefully more people decide to come out to the polls and make their voice heard.

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The people who need to vote the most don't. Many will lose benefits they take for granted, Like Social Security and Medicare or Medicaid. Safety at the work place and minimum wage. Water, Air and soil contamination. One party is only concerned with how much money they can put in their pocket and it is the old, poor and sick that will suffer. Money flows up and never trickles' down and our Vote lets those in charge direct the way it moves.


This is good topic to put some thought into. Do we really want the other 80% who don't vote and don't care enough to be voting in the first place? These are some tough ones to ask without getting some kind of backlash. What is the educational level of our society? Are they smart enough to vote? If the other 80% of the people voted for candidates who were most like themselves including all the temp and factory workers, people on welfare along with people who pay rent and do not own properties. What would we have. My best guess is as follows. Amanda Price would not be in office, neither would Huizenga or Meekoff. Every school bond request would have failed with resounding no votes for the last 20 years. Leon Stille would have never been elected. Tracy Stille neither or Carl French. Fire millages would have most likely passed. Brandon Hall would be congressman by now if the other 80% voted. Too much info to cover here but look at the context of our whole presidential electoral college system. Our founding father looks like they felt the populace is not educated enough to popularly elect the president. The electoral college does that. I know these may be tough discussion issues - so I hope people refrain from insults. Just might not want the other %80 voting if they don't care enough to anyway.




We need quality not quantity of votes. Setting up voter registration booths in riot zones will not lead to a superior government. As far as I am concerned I was never robbed by a republican and I was never given anything from a democrat both parties are cooperate puppets and both parties have equally done nothing for me. They play a game on the public which the public devours, perpetrating a choice and pitting the nations population against each other. While they play a game that the democrats are the poor-mans team and the republicans are the richmans team they further divide the nation while they both run off with the wealth. They go to any extreme portraying racism portraying greed and the public sides with each team like blind cheerleaders again dividing the nation. Having more voters, cheerleaders, will not produce a better nation. We need people with values, integrity, civil servants without a personal agenda, no party has these people anymore. Vote for a current politician and wait to see nothing change.


So you are saying these ignorant middle class and poor are to stupid to Vote. You higher intelligent beings should control every aspect of their lives. You must be Republican and you are what is wrong with this country. Watch America fail and become slave to the superior Man.

deuce liti

That already happened.

Old news.


If you don't pay taxes you souldnt be able to vote.


Watch the movie Idiocracy. That is what America will be like if everyone votes. A better idea would be to have a 10-15 question poll at the voting booth, similar to what many news websites have around election time. Whatever candidate your answers line up with is who your vote goes to. Seems too many people become enamored with one candidate they forget issues facing our nation and vote with what the media tells them to, not what the issues are.


Some Republicans have spoken out that they believe only property owners should have the right to vote. What happens to people who are renting, whether temporarily or permanently? What if, say, a couple sells their house, and are renting until their new house is being built? They have no right to vote that year? Nextdoor believes only people who pay taxes should vote. I know a lot of people who paid taxes their entire adult lives, but are now living on Social Security and don't pay income taxes any more. Maybe it should be law that the more taxes you pay, the more times you can vote! Actually, the more I think about it, the better that idea gets - would solve lots of problems!

Of course, our 18-year old young people can sign up for the military right out of high school, and neither own property nor pay taxes, so they REALLY shouldn't be allowed to vote - although it's perfectly acceptable to send them to fight wars for US voters.

MacUser - I think you're on to something. I had an interesting conversation today with some nice people. They started the conversation by saying what a terrible president Obama is. They voted for the other guys that were on Fox News last night - what are their names? Romney and Ryan, I sad. Yes - those are the ones! They "looked" so "professional". I asked - how has Obama been a terrible president? He wants to scrap Medicare and put us on vouchers. No, I said, that's Paul Ryan's plan - you know, the guy that looks so "professional". Oh no, that isn't right, they insisted. It's Obama that wants to take Medicare away.....and on, and on, and on.

I wonder if Republicans would approve of taking voting rights away from people who can't remember the names of the Republican candidates they are voting for??


Yea lets make sure everyone gets to vote. The democrats will say everyone who votes for me gets a free colt 45. The republicans will say everyone who votes for me gets to keep their colt 45. Both parties are controlled by corporations and have zero concern about you. Politicians are in a mode of self preservation and self serving and corporations help reinforce their personal greed. Nothing will change in America with the electoral college in place. Believe it or not we are fools to believe our vote will change anything. You will die of old age before social security issues are resolved and universal health care is resolved. Why would you think otherwise, the have been faking a fix and argument over it for 40 years and have no solution. But it's working , confusing the public with issues they will never solve to hide the reality they are robbing the hen house, both parties! Oh and about the colt 45's some drink them and some like to shoot them. Do your self a favor and work for your prosperity, the government will not deliver it to you and they should not. In fact we don't need them. How about no one votes, do you think they will just disappear and leave us alone if no one votes?


Whats a quality vote,thoughtful research of the candidate or candidates that have a thoughtful agenda,think about a recent candidate featured in the news?






Maybe the problem is having parties. People join these parties and vote for less qualified individuals based on belonging to that party. Eliminate the parties and have individuals elected for positions based on their capacity to serve in that position properly. This would require a more educated voter that understands the position and can identify the proper candidate to vote for. Getting people registered through a party by waving free donuts will not get the proper registered voter with the intelligence to make a proper decision. I will surrender my vote if they eliminate parties and let more intelligent people elect office holders that can actually do the job. Stop the bickering and get better people in the seats. I don't care republican or democrat, white or black, male or female, anyone, I just want to see better people making decisions while running this nation. We waste to much money, time and life's fighting between these republican/democrat lines. Just put the right person in office and get rid of parties. Except for those beer summits that these folks have here.


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