Divas in Dubai

The Lakeshore Dining Divas have widened their cuisine coverage area — to half-way around the world.
Aug 26, 2014


The latest post on the divas' blog, "Arabian Adventure in Dubai with Nancy & Kelle," has two members of the group traveling to the United Arab Emirates.

"Why Dubai? Because Kelle and Nancy decided to go there on a little vacation," the divas explained. "Neither had been there before and Nancy was on her way to India."

Despite heat reaching 110 degrees at times, the gals decided to go on a "Desert Safari," which included a wild ride across the desert, a visit to a date grove and camel ride, and an under-the-stars dinner at a Beduoin camp. 

"The food was excellent," they noted, "right down to the traditional Arabic coffee and sweets."

To read the complete blog, CLICK HERE.

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LOL! That is NOT Silver Lake. You do realize that there is a lot of desert (desert = sand) in the region around Dubai right? Here's a link for you...it never hurts to learn a little something about the world outside of Ottawa County.


As Barry always says...I want whatever it is that you're having! :-D


Ha! I guess I had you pegged all wrong. If you're importing alcohol from a distant land then you way more worldly than I!

Did you know that if you go far enough up North that there is a huge bridge you cross that takes you to Paradise?

I'd love to stop by, we could talk about corporate charities, but I'm a bit under the weather currently and laying low.


One of the few places I have absolutely no desire to visit in the world. Nothing but consumeristic excess and over the top status symbols. The Diva's can stay there for all I care ;)




Be safe girls.


And this is relevant to whom? Who else gets to post a random blog about their meals and trips? I thought this was about rating the local restaurants. What narcissism!


I propose that the Divas have entirely lost their focus with this blog submission. What kind of culinary/dining blog writer doesn't even taken the time to learn how to pronounce the names of the dishes that comprised their meal and then share that information, along with the ingredients in those dishes, with their loyal and devoted readership?

Frankly I don't find "Lamb Chops" all that hard to say, but that's just me. :-S

I'm also not sure what the tallest building in the world, or someone smoking a hookah pipe has to do with dining...

It saddens me to say it, but with this entry in their blog I think they've finally "jumped the shark" and although it pains me to do it I'm unsubscribing from the Lakeshore Dining Divas blog. All good things must come to an end.



Although I'm one of the weird ones who loves to view travelogues and slides of trips made by family and friends, loves travel and trying different food, and encourages people to step out of their normal routines while on vacation, I have serious issues with these two women pleasure traveling anyplace in the United Arab Emirates. There is a great deal of speculation that the UAE has been funding al Qaeda for years, and now is the source of major funding for ISIS, another major Sunni threat to many other Middle Eastern sects. This alone would kill my appetite.


Uh Oh - We Agree.


Oh boy, the end must be near. Must be time to grab my Bugout Bag and head to an undisclosed location in the U.P.


Isn't it awesome? This may have happened once before - can't remember now how it came to be - maybe we both liked a tune?? It's possible I just dreamed it.


Huron Mountains?


Call in the Medics!

Barry Soetoro

Take some comfort in knowing that if you ever find yourself traveling about this hellhole there is allegedly a Golden Corral nearby.

Somewhat off topic: Now I can hardly wait for the Summit to show you slides of my visit to Hobart, Tasmania in the early 90's. You will have the requisite projection device assembled in your garage I presume?


I have both a projector AND screen! (Serendipitous, as it would take me months to clear a wall off in the garage for viewing).

Seeing slides of Hobart, Tasmania while hosting a beer summit in my garage is right up there on my bucket list!....Along with eating at a Golden Corral in Dubai.

Barry Soetoro

Slide Viewing Disclosure: Speedo's are pretty popular beachwear outside of North America.

Tri-cities realist

That may just be enough to get the Summit to finally come to fruition. That is, if Lanny likes... hammocks


Whew! You threw me a micky, Barry - I thought you were going to say "nude beaches"!! However, the last I knew, Lanny has no prob with speedos, throngs, and hammocks (cute, TCR). That may change.....

Barry Soetoro

Maybe we can follow the Diva's lead and make it a Toga Summit - without the sagging bosoms of course. Anyone know where we can rent a camel?


Oh yeah - I did Toga Parties in college. NO sagging bosoms were in attendance at those events. (Or were you referring to the camels??). It's possible I even have an old toga laying around here - it should still fit.

Will this camel work?? (I don't want to upset the township zoning commission).....


Barry Soetoro

No, not referring to the camel. That would fall under the category of Personal Attack. I would expect the Moderation for such offense to be swift and severe.

That t-shirt is pretty creepy... Can't predict a reaction to seeing that after consumption of multiple PBR's.


Have you never looked a camel in the eye? - They ARE creepy! Which is the main reason why I didn't think it a great idea to rent one for the beer summit.

After the swift and severe moderation by the moderationist, I can only imagine how the Dining Divas might follow up. All those lamb chops, if you catch my drift.....


Have you ever seen a camel toe?


I'm not going to answer that one, for obvious reasons, but I have seen a camel towing.....https://www.google.com/search?q=...

Barry Soetoro

So disappointed...I waited all day for your reply...


Oh yea that's what I meant! This darn texting with my hands tied behind my back and spell check that doesn't identify homophones makes it rough!


Understood. Indeed, the "W" and the "E" are side to side on the keyboard.


Now that sounds like it could be a song.
W and E
Side by side on my keyboard
White and Ebony
Here are WE.


Cool - a budding Stevie Wonder/Paul McCartney songwriter!



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