LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Where’s the tea party?

Apr 13, 2011


Here’s the problem: Gov. Rick Snyder wants to impose a new tax on retirees, pensioners, widows and widowers. He claims that will raise all the money the state needs. What is confusing is that he is going to give an amount equal to what they raise to businesses in tax cuts. I don’t know how that results in more money for the state, but what the heck, he’s the governor and probably has an answer that he just hasn’t told us about yet. He also hasn’t given other details like once we’re out of the hole does the tax come off? 

It’s frustrating. These are the people always accusing others of rasising taxes and now the governor is way too busy to answer his mail and my state legislators “will  think it over.”

So I figure the tea party would come riding in on a white horse, defending us from all those new taxes. I heard them say they would while a bunch of them were standing in front of the Washington Memorial (or some other such sacred place, I  forgot just which one). After all, they just worked a deal to give tax breaks to Bill

Gates and Warren Buffet and their friends so why not help us? I mean, if they can provide money for those who don’t need it, I was sure they could do something for people that do.

So, that line of thinking led me to various tea party websites. They offer lots of ways to donate money but none to post your questions. Hmm ... who’s to help if they won’t?

I had it! Sarah Palin! I had just read some article from a minister who said that she was the woman prophesied in Revelation who would be used to do great and wonderful things. Never mind that she could never have a position of authority in his church but if God really told him that I wouldn’t dare argue; not for a second.

Now, I know they probably don’t have phone lines out where Sarah is shooting all those moose from helicopters in front of a film crews. But, she does have a web page. Same thing. Lots of ways to donate but no place to leave questions. She may be chosen by God but evidently she still has to pay her own way.

So what are we to do? If the tea party and Sarah refuse to help are we just  supposed to accept all those new taxes that a Republican governor is levying? I’ll just have to give it some more thought.

— Chuck Wibert, Spring Lake



You're just catching on about the fleesing of the middle by upper... don't worry, I'm sure it'll trickle down to you.




The Tea party is just trying to destroy our country by opposing anything getting done. The Republicans just represent the upper-class, its any wonder why anyone who is not rich votes for them. And the Democrats just sit on their hands instead of putting up a fight with all this mess. The answer is, no one gets along and this country is being flushed down the tube by all politicians and the political discourse is so out-of-control i worry about our future.


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