Head over heels in love with hip-hop

May 6, 2011


Society tries to keep us apart. It isn’t acceptable for a white kid to be in love with a (mostly) black art. The adults of Grand Haven tell me hip-hop is too much of a bad boy for me, that he only wants me for my money. They just don’t understand our relationship. I can’t fully explain what it does to me; it makes me feel good about myself like no other genre has before.

For too long have Ice Cube and Big L (R.I.P.) been forced to climb through my window late at night when nobody is watching. I’m sick of hiding our relationship. From now on hip-hop and I are out in the open. We love each other and nothing is going to come between us.

It makes me sad that society forced us into the shadows for so long. Why can’t a white kid fall in love with Snoop Dog? Why don’t Eazy-E (R.I.P.) and I get to walk down the beach together at the sunset? I don’t understand why there is a problem with me pumping bass so loud that you can hear it from Compton.

There’s just something about Dr. Dre and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony that is special. I shouldn’t have to feel like a bad person just because I’m driving around town with Nas sitting next to me, serenading me with his beautiful rhymes. The type of music a person listens to does not define them. There’s nothing wrong with a white kid turning up some Wu- Tang Clan (R.I.P. ODB) and there’s nothing wrong with a black kid bobbing their head to a little Simon and Garfunkel.

When did our race start defining what kind of music we listen to? I think you should be able to put your headphones in and choose to be taken in a warm embrace by A Tribe Called Quest or Little River Band. Just because I choose to have The Notorious B.I.G. (R.I.P.) make sweet, sensual love to my ears doesn’t mean I’m any different of a person than someone who prefers Genesis. As Dr. Dre asked so candidly, “What’s the difference between me and you?”

Hip-hop of the 90s and I are in love, nothing is changing that. The only difference is that now it’s in the open for everyone to see. Maybe I will be looked down upon by the white, predominately republican community of Grand Haven, but that’s alright with me. Hip-hop is no longer the mistress I meet in a grungy motel on Saturday nights. We’re together and nothing can take it away from me. I’m even considering making our relationship ‘Facebook official.’

— By John Cherette, Tribune columnist



Dear John,
I live in Grand Haven. I am white and I am a Republican. I do not look down on you at all for loving hip-hop music. Therefore, claiming I will look down on you just because I am a white Republican is reverse racism. Don't make assumptions!


skier09 wrote..."Just because this piece is about rap and thats out of the "norm" for Grand Haven doesn't mean this piece is good." Dude, YOU just bashed your "best friend"


Sorry that I made a typo. Out of all of that I wrote that small little typo that I later fixed is all that you have to comment on. The fact of the matter is people are bashing my best friend for his writing style that is obviously appreciated by the Tribune and others in the community. He is 17 years old lay off!


mybadski...meant you dissed your BF.


Andski...what? "Out of all of that I wrote that small little typo that I later fixed is all that you have to comment on." Do you know how to use a comma? Andski wrote... "Obviously you don't have children otherwise you would understand that this is no way to talk to a young man putting himself out there" I'm sorry...but "putting himself out there" Wow!! Rap music is really putting yourself out there!! Snap!!
Oh no you di-nnnnt! Get real, this piece was a total journalistic "train wreck"!


That is exactly why I am a film major...not a English major. What I meant by saying "Putting himself out there" is that writing an article for a paper is putting yourself out there. Maybe you should leave the keyboard and mouse and go outside for a change. But instead you sit inside all day and critique a 17 and 20 year old. Grow up and stop being immature if you don't like something be the "adult" and don't comment...troll


Next time, check with your friend on how to articulate....buttercup!


Actually...I can't leave my mouse and keyboard...those are my dogs' names. Just took them "out there" to do their "duty"! And I don't need to leave my dwelling, I make million$ working out of my home, and just to make things worse...I'm thinking about making a rap music video......interested? Troll?...no. Maybe a smurf...or that cool travelocity gnome......yeah that guy.....



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