LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Where is the remedy?

May 18, 2011


Let’s look back to World War II. Long before Pearl Harbor, U.S. planes with American pilots, paid by U.S. government, with Chinese markings, ambushed and shot down Japanese planes. We called them Flying Tigers. At that time, from polls it was found that more than 60 percent of Americans opposed war; especially entanglement in European war. Most believed in the Monroe Doctrine, which today is roundly ignored. The majority of U.S. citizens were vilified as “isolationists.” It seemed that to support our own country was unpatriotic. The same exists today.

In 1941, Japanese industry depended on U.S. petroleum products, oil, to function. Our Congress imposed an embargo on all oil shipments to Japan. The secret Japanese military code was broken, and known to our government. It was known that an attack from Japan was imminent. On Dec. 7, radar sentinels in Hawaii reported the approach of large flights of unknown aircraft. They were ordered to ignore the aircraft. We know what followed.

Over in the north Atlantic Ocean, U.S. Navy ambushed and sank German submarines without declaration of war or any warning.

In a Mideast war in which U.S. forces were illegally involved, the American Navy ship Liberty was attacked by “friendly forces,” and American seamen were killed.

Congress has attempted to take up, and often let slide, the vital issue of war powers. It appears that our congress has been impotent in promoting best interest of our country. The war mongers have prevailed. We borrow money from China and other countries and use it to wage illegal war —  even fighting another country’s war. Our deficit soars. Value of the dollar declines in down spiraling economy.

Where is the remedy for the above? In this, it appears to me, our Congressman Huizenga is as useless as those who preceded him.

— Arnie Kelm, Muskegon


King Ding

I cannot confess to know whether or not that the statements above that Mr. Kelm makes above are true or false. I don’t know nor do I care to research them. I do however wholeheartedly agree in one area with Mr. Kelm. That is our Representative Bill Huizenga in about as useful as Pete Hoekstra was; which in my opinion is REALY USELESS. Representative Bill Huizenga has done nothing IMHO other than become a talking head on local media outlets to publicize the Republican agenda. He Facebooks, and he Tweets that the Democrats have not offered a budget; meanwhile he has done nothing. I have personally written him about the dire straits of our H1B Visa program in the United States , I even sent him the CAO reports outlined to the 112th Congress that money is being wasted on this program and that it is effectively broken. His statement back “I agree this program is in need of reform. Thank you again for your comments.”

It is my belief that this country is so evenly split in political demagoguery that we cannot wake up to see that we are being led astray by both parties; while the control of our country is being manipulated for the good of anyone but us. Anytime our Constitution which gave us our rights is constantly rejected and single party answers are offered as cure-all for all our problems. We need to realize we are in deep deep trouble. Out of control corporate, social and international welfare is used to benefit the rich at the expense of the middle class! The ability to order assassinations, engage in torture and regime change across the globe while waging war at will; is the absolute beginning of our demise as a great nation.


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