LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Letters spewing hatred

Jun 30, 2011


We are living in perilous times and there is a culture war in progress here in America. The “right” will not win the war if she does not use her best weapons of love, courage, morals and truth. If “right” just sits back and allows false attacks on Republicans, lies, misinformation and propaganda, we are all going to lose.

The retirement incomes of some of our unionized public employees are greater than the wages of some hard-working taxpaying citizens. Michigan and the USA cannot sustain this level of spending. Privatizing the custodians of our Spring Lake Schools will save some taxpayer dollars while keeping our schools clean for our teachers and students.

If anyone, including those who support the union of our custodians, know of a better way to cut spending please step forward with your proposals. Stop the hate speech and the worn out playing of the “it’s for the education of our students” card.

Act with truth, love, courage, and morals fitting for educators of our children. Stop shaming yourselves. If you keep telling lies and showing ignorance, people will discount what you are trying to say.

Psychologists teach and we all know that when two people argue about politics, the person with the losing argument attacks the person with the better argument. We all know that when anyone talks negatively to or about others they are trying to make themselves look better than the one they are attacking. We who know that know the attacker has the low road and lost the argument.

Thank you to Dottie, Effie, Susana, Steve and Jim for your encouragement and support. To the rest of you I say, stand for what is right, write letters, vote and get involved. Thank you.

— Dale Ter Haar, Grand Haven


King Ding


Michael Johnson

"The retirement incomes of some of our unionized public employees are greater than the wages of some hard-working taxpaying citizens."

While I applaud your valuing less hatred and fewer lies in today's political rhetoric - and those of us on both sides of the aisle know that both conservatives AND liberals are guilty of grievous offenses on this front - the above statement is surely not worthy of your own appeal, as its clear implication is that unionized public employees are NOT hard-working taxpaying citizens. This could be construed as incredibly offensive not only to those custodians now unemployed, but to police officers, firefighters, those who work in government offices, teachers, etc. This feels like that tired and over-used public employee vs. private sector argument, in which the argument is made that public employees have it so much better than those working in the private sector, and that anyone represented by a union is somehow a parasite on the backs of those "hard-working" Americans who support them - clearly a ludicrous claim, since unionized public employees are no less hard-working than their private sector counterparts, often for less pay, and, as obvious in your own comments, with far less respect from the general public. And last I checked, they all pay taxes as well - usually a greater percentage of their incomes than many in our society.

So, you are quite right - the hatred, lies, and misinformation need to go. And we need to be vitally carefully that, in trying to eliminate them, we do not betray our own political prejudices and let them in through the back door.


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