LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Need to ‘Occupy’ a life

Oct 13, 2011


Personally, I feel these people need to “Occupy” a life. I find it humorous that they just want to be angry at banks and big corporations and tell the whole world about it using Facebook and their iPads. And shoot, when the stomach gets empty while protesting with all that rage in the streets, why not just shoot over to the ATM, take out a few bucks  and get a coffee from “Four Bucks?”  You see, all this makes sense since they are mad at big corporations and banks, and — oh wait — those are banks and big corporations making all this possible for you.

I’d be curious to see how well they could get along out there in the streets without all that. It’s a good thing that a few coffee cup sleeves taped together could make a nice scarf for the cold nights.  If your iPad has a rubber case: it may make a nice pillow.

Turn your anger toward the true culprit. I went to Grand Valley State University and they now “Occupy” my wallet for the forseeable future. I’m angry because I didn’t get a Barack Obummer sticker to show for it. File your complaints with them and the other inflated wannabe educational institutions — and while you’re at it, do so using the USPS —  it would help things along so you don’t end up having them next to you down on Wall Street — remember the last time they got angry? So the real question is when will the three to five people sympathetic to PETA and their friends who were protesting on behalf of the deer a few years back “Occupy” the greater Grand Haven downtown area. I propose they do because we’ll be in need of some much-needed entertainment now that the tourists have gone home.

— Adam Raha, Grand Haven



I'm not sure from your letter where your anger is directed. Protesters? The educational system? The USPS? PETA?

Mark Brooky




Mr. Raha isn't sure where his anger is directed either. His incoherent ramblings show he has difficulty forming a focused and clear arguement.


OCCUPY ISN'T WHAT YOU THINK. OCCUPY is a non-thinking process which has brought Human Beings together all over the world and for the most part, in a peaceful way. Most of the violence which took place last week was in the Middle East in a few countries that are very unstable and military run. And, when their citizen's gathered and were still there after dark it made the Police Chief very angry, and his way of releasing tension was shared by the men in his command. Thus, the Police pushed a few buttons on the OCCUPY unarmed citizen's and the Police started firing live rounds into the crowds of people, resulting scores of Human Beings lay dead and scores wounded.

The other 99% of OCCUPY locations around the world were Peaceful. I've read a lot of articles about different OCCUPY events and across the board what I didn't hear or read was the word, LEADER.

I sensed the feeling that these PEACEFUL OCCUPY GATHERINGS were more about no longer trying to build an Organization, Movement, or Protest, rather the Human Beings that made the journey didn't know what to expect, so, they didn't have any expectations, no old baggage or framework of a protest. They brought themselves to make a statement, but not in the harsh old rhetoric of demonstrations, rather however many people who showed up at every location, brought with them a Kinder, more Gentle, non-aggressive Human Being who left their baggage at home and brought with them the Human side less anger, hostility, prejudice. and racism and in their place, openness, understanding, sympathy, thoughtfulness, tolerance, kindness, and appreciation, which are the better virtues of PEACE.

OCCUPY is opposite of governments all around the world. The feeling that I experience in the Land of OCCUPY is one of freshness, an introduction to my true self which feels like my closest, dearest friend that I somehow lost track of and after walking around the camp for awhile an unexpected introduction was made, to my real self.

As OCCUPY expands the hatred, hostility, and unfriendliness will make all efforts to regain its territory a place it never really had in the first place. I hope that OCCUPY is the answer and replacement for all of the governments still alive. There's a good chance that OCCUPY isn't what you think.


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