LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: McCaleb exceptionally responsive

Oct 28, 2011


She never supported one group of residents against another (seasonal vs. year-round, business vs. no business).

She is a straight arrow and will not be involved in any conflict of interest or even the suspicion of a conflict of interest. Geri is able to objectively look at requests and ascertain whether it comes from people looking out solely for their own interests.

I strongly support her candidacy for mayor of Grand Haven.

If Geri is elected as mayor, and if others on the council will be as responsible as her in the handling of taxpayer funds, then I think our city will be in good hands for the future.

— Herb De Jonge, Grand Haven



“Peace of  Mind” Those three words can grab attention like no others when making important life decisions.
Please read on so you vote in the right Mayor.
Geri McCaleb is the only Mayor ballot qualified candidate on the ticket. Geri has earned the Mayor seat by being a long-term integral part of the City council team. Geri by her past consistent efforts and community service is deserving of a taxpayer vote. The fact she is the only ballot qualified candidate means she is the one clear choice due to this achievement alone. However, please read more about Geri.
Reasons why Geri is the only mayoral candidate:
Geri will serve you as a privilege, Geri has served 8 years on the City Council with assured attendance at each meeting, Geri has been a long time resident of the City, Geri serves at highest officer levels on City community associations, Geri knows politics, the people, the needs, more importantly City of Grand Haven People, Politics,and Needs, Geri knows what it means to make dollars on her own by her own talent – her work speaks for itself which further confirms and attests to her meticulous care of leaving something looking even better than original, Geri is responsible when she votes how to spend taxpayers dollars, Geri knows what it means that each and every taxpayer is represented and given back something individually tangible within arms reach for each individual for money they put into the community. Geri will stand up for what is right and fair in a calm collected well thought-out manner, Geri will keep things simple and understandable for every taxpayer, Geri will take on challenging issues analyzing carefully, Geri is a superlative person never out of character for a given circumstance or event, Geri more importantly gets taxpayer desired outcomes by actions, Geri has already consistently displayed the qualities that people voice as what they want to see in a Mayoral representative, Geri is a leader who is well versed on the issues of the City already displaying Mayoral qualities, Geri knows how to work within the system, Geri is a wealth of experience, Geri by her calm even handed actions will provide the City future Fiscal Health for each taxpayer dollar, Infrastructure needs for every taxpayer street, Natural Environment preservation every taxpayer expects,  Geri is open to every single taxpayer,  Geri is the assurance and insurance the future of the City needs for long term expected taxpayer outcomes.
Geri McCaleb is Mayor in three easy to understand words: “Peace of Mind”


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