LETTER TO THE EDITOR: McCaleb not a good enviromental steward

Nov 1, 2011


She was a leader of and in support of a process marred by the placement of politics above science. She was part of the decision to go behind the backs of the community Deer Task Force, and demand that the city manager spend tax dollars we don’t have, to kill deer. To have her speak of deer feces during the mayoral forum, when our city is facing much bigger problems, is disturbing. Shouldn’t a mayor of a city like Grand Haven have a bit more to worry about than deer feces?

Does Grand Haven want someone at the helm, who to this day, denies the fact that the killing of deer in the cemetery was done recklessly? Her quote that the methodology the last time they killed deer was safe is laughable and shameful. The link to the story is still available at www.wzzm13.com/news/story.aspx?s....

Eyewitnesses speak of being in the cemetery walking their dogs while hired guns drove around in trucks and climbed the dunes shooting at deer — toward Lake Avenue! I called 911 that night from my home in Highland Park as I heard and saw the chaos. Citizens were not warned. I think we all know how far a bullet can travel. The recent events involving the Rod & Gun Club in Grand Haven Township come to mind. Mrs. McCaleb has been told what happened that night in January 2009; but, to this day, denies it.

Grand Haven needs a mayor who is not afraid of the truth; especially when the safety of citizens depends on it.

Grand Haven does not need to relive the deer fiasco. Deer browsing is a homeowner’s responsibility. If they don’t plant deer-resistant flowers, use repellents, deterrents or fencing, then the deer will eat their tulips and hostas. If you build in the wooded dunes, you will have to be smart about what you plant. There are many sites online and MSU master gardeners to help. There is no justification for Grand Haven to implement a deer killing plan to address deer browsings — it’s not an effective solution to the problem. It leads only to compensatory reproduction.

Mrs. McCaleb says we live in a city and should not have to put up with deer feces. Perhaps Mrs. McCaleb should move to Detroit.
Grand Haven residents love the natural areas in their city, and they love the wildlife. We are a town in the woods — not a city where bullets fly because we become inconvenienced and unwilling to coexist. Help us uphold a reputation for being good environmental stewards and say no to Geri McCaleb at the ballot box.

— Margaret Korcz, Grand Haven


Fly on the Wall

Thanks for the reminder, Maggie.

I'll be happy to vote for a leader that's not afraid to control vermin despite the emotional pleading from the peanut gallery. The whitetailed deer in the city are a dangerous nuisance.

Hats off to Geri for keeping focused on the needs and safety of the long time citizenry.


In echoing "Fly on the Wall's" comments, I too, would like to thank Mrs. Kravits...excuse me, "Korcz" for reminding the citizens of Grand Haven too indeed, support Geri McCaleb at the ballot box. The controlled thining of the deer heard was the right thing to do. Thank you Geri. It was not a reckless-bullet flying event. It was a controlled hunt to protect the community from property damage, car deer accidents, herd disease, heavy feces droppings throughout neighborhoods, and reducing the possibility of home owners removing deer by similar means. Controlled hunts like this are common. PJ Hoffmaster Park is one example of another recent controllled hunt. No body was hurt during the city hunt, no stray bullets were reported, and no bullets were found in the side of homes or trees on private property. The embelishments from Mrs. Korcz' letter to editor is not what happened....it simply is an attempt by her to smear another citizen running for public office that she does not like in hopes, of hurting Geri's chances to be elected. How's it working for you now Mrs. Korcz?


First of all I can't believe we are reading and writing this BS about selecting a mayor over some deer. Lest look at the qualifications of the individuals that are running for this highly important position. Education, leadership skills, Prior experience: like on city of Grand Haven different committee's or prior City Council experience, Looking at what type of job they did on these committee's. Hopefully people will look at this type of qualities in the people running for the position of "Mayor" in the City of Grand Haven. Lets start removing the squirrels from the city also.... they eat my bird feed.


“Peace of  Mind” Those three words can grab attention like no others when making important life decisions.
Please read on so you vote in the right Mayor.
Geri McCaleb is the only Mayor ballot qualified candidate on the ticket. Geri has earned the Mayor seat by being a long-term integral part of the City council team. Geri by her past consistent efforts and community service is deserving of a taxpayer vote. The fact she is the only ballot qualified candidate means she is the one clear choice due to this achievement alone. However, please read more about Geri.
Reasons why Geri is the only mayoral candidate:
Geri will serve you as a privilege, Geri has served 8 years on the City Council with assured attendance at each meeting, Geri has been a long time resident of the City, Geri serves at highest officer levels on City community associations, Geri knows politics, the people, the needs, more importantly City of Grand Haven People, Politics,and Needs, Geri knows what it means to make dollars on her own by her own talent – her work speaks for itself which further confirms and attests to her meticulous care of leaving something looking even better than original, Geri is responsible when she votes how to spend taxpayers dollars, Geri knows what it means that each and every taxpayer is represented and given back something individually tangible within arms reach for each individual for money they put into the community. Geri will stand up for what is right and fair in a calm collected well thought-out manner, Geri will keep things simple and understandable for every taxpayer, Geri will take on challenging issues analyzing carefully, Geri is a superlative person never out of character for a given circumstance or event, Geri more importantly gets taxpayer desired outcomes by actions, Geri has already consistently displayed the qualities that people voice as what they want to see in a Mayoral representative, Geri is a leader who is well versed on the issues of the City already displaying Mayoral qualities, Geri knows how to work within the system, Geri is a wealth of experience, Geri by her calm even handed actions will provide the City future Fiscal Health for each taxpayer dollar, Infrastructure needs for every taxpayer street, Natural Environment preservation every taxpayer expects,  Geri is open to every single taxpayer,  Geri is the assurance and insurance the future of the City needs for long term expected taxpayer outcomes.
Geri McCaleb is Mayor in three easy to understand words: “Peace of Mind”


A leader of a city must have the safety of its citizens as a top priority - bullets in the cemetery - Mulligan's hollow and the like??!! Please.

Pure politics is what was played. Geri attended a meeting at the airport that violated the Open Meeting Act and demanded deer die.

She was bullheaded refusing to believe they weren't starving. Just like she won't admit the hired guns were shooting out of the back of trucks rather than tree stands.

Regardless of your opinion on wildlife - a politician who is playing politics with life - any life - has no place in our town.

Back to priorities - deer feces??! Really? You people need to get a life.

And Geri should move to a big city where she can worry about rats and pigeons rather than try to eliminate a beautiful part of our city - its wildlife.

She also tells people from surrounding areas that they need not come to GH to shop if they don't like the decisions she makes as a council person - hmmm. Really?! How does the Chamber of Commerce and downtown development group feel about that?


Mrgrandhaven, Your statements of "bullets in the cemetery-Mulligan's Hollow and the like" / "demanded deer die" / "playing politics with life-any life" is the epitomy of playing pure politics with this issue that you admirably say, you oppose. This issue is NOT a campaign for Geri or Ken. The controlled deer hunt(not hired guns as you politically inject) is the opinion of Grand Haven citizen Margaret Korcz. Therefore, it is Margaret that is making this a political issue and no one else....well, besides you. You apparantly have never deer hunted before. You can not sneak up on a whitetail deer in the back of a F-150 and expect a successful hunt. The hunt was to thin down the herd through effective management and NOT eliminate the deer as you suggest. Has it ever occurred to you why we have so many deer in this great State, in addition to the 3rd highest registration of gun/bow hunters in the Country? It is precisely because of proper management of the herd through hunting. Your suggestion that Geri is telling people from surrounding areas that they need not come to GH to shop if they don't like her decisions, is school yard ridiculous and the readers will see right through your nonsense. You left out the part about the deer hunters(hired guns, as you say....I wonder how much they got paid?) donating portions of their quality venison harvested during this hunt to feed the hungry, as well.


Look it up Mr. Hunter.


I'm not a hunter "mrgrandhaven", but I support it. What do you want me to look up? Campaign platforms for Geri & Ken?

Geri: "The biggest issue facing the city right now is finances, and better efficiencies made by working with other communities." -Grand Haven Tribune

Ken: "The most pressing issue facing the City is the Grand Landing Property." In addition to "Personally, I want a choice so there's accountability-doesn't everyone?" -Grand Haven Tribune

No where is the a platform or priority by these canidates to coordinate the thining of the deer herd within the City limits. They both have opinions with this topic, but are not running on it.

Do you want me to look up F-150 for you?


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