LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Holiday light show is no nuisance

Jan 10, 2012


Most people are very courteous of not blocking driveways. I was there this season and last. We waited on Van Wagoner Road for two hours to see the light show. If your mom really wanted to leave, she could have. People would have given her plenty of room; not to mention the line was moving every nine minutes.

Did she pull up to the end of her driveway? Obviously not.

It’s a good excuse not to go to something she really doesn’t want to attend, but to use the light show as an excuse: shame on you.

The show is far from a nuisance. It’s a wonderful night out for free, except the price of your gas, your time and whatever donation a person chooses to give. It is well-organized from beginning to end. It’s the best holiday show to come to town in forever.

How about instead of mom having dinner out with friends, you arrange for a mother-daughter outing to the light show? You might not be so quick to condemn it and your headache will disappear.

When you have lemons, make lemonades.

— Marie McPherson, Spring Lake



Oh Marie, I'm not sure who you are but I can tell you I appreciate that you are one of the few attendees of the Holiday Road Light Show that DON'T block driveways but that post was directed at all of those that do, and I assure you there are SEVERAL. Let me share another story - one attendee, who was warned by the police officer at 168th and VanWagoner that from that point there is a 2 hour wait, decided not to turn around in the church parking lot as all are directed to do, but decided instead to wait in line another 200 feet or so until they were at the Chittenden's first driveway, said person then turned around in their driveway, making a mess as he did so and go figure, when he finally got fully turned around he could not exit the driveway because IT WAS BLOCKED! Imagine that! The anger in response to these posts is hilarious! No one is saying the Holiday Road Light Show is a terrible thing, but attendees don't respect the neighborhood and it's inhabitants. It's as simple as that. I understand that Brad does what he can by putting up signs but the problem isn't with the signs, it's with the people that clearly cannot read them! So thank YOU for being respectful, but don't be so ignorant to think that the neighborhood doesn't suffer any inconveniences due to this show.


Posting for someone who doesn't have her own account, copied and pasted from Facebook:

Mary Chittenden
"I have read the "letter" and I had to laugh. Marie McPherson does not know what she is talking about. Little does she know, you and I worked the show when it first came out. It is not the show I am condemning, it is where it is being held that needs to be looked at. Just because there are only 8 homes on this street, that is why it has been chosen as the 'go to' street. I would like to see it redirected to go down West Spring Lake Rd. Then see how many people complain."


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