LETTER TO THE EDITOR: About ‘Obamacare’

Feb 14, 2012


The Obama administration considers pregnancy a disease. If this is true, some of us are walking tumors. 

The HHS requirements are against Catholic beliefs and against Christian teachings. Much of the charity work in this country is provided by religious-sponsored groups.

I seem to recall that the First Amendment of our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. Is this an attack on religion by Obama? Is this the “change we can believe in” we were promised?

When the government directs its citizens to go against their conscience, is this the end of values for our country?

I hope and pray not. Maybe this is the final straw to make Obama a one-term liberal president.

— Bob Glavich, Grand Haven



I find it almost humorous that it takes a story like this to arouse the public's awareness of the far reaching implications of Obamacare as it relates to privacy and direction of healthcare. Healthcare is truly a personal matter and we are essentially being told that we are not intelligent enough to administer it to ourselves or our loved ones. I will never relinquish control of my body to an unrepresentative government. Almost everyone is aware of bureaucratic inefficiencies and it might even be a source of entertainment when we make tongue and cheek comments about the post office or the TSA or the IRS, but they are not making critical decisions about control of your body or your mind. Can you imagine when they hire a quarter of a million "experts" to administer this program. Would you want all of "them" to have access to your private health and behavioral records. The national database is already forming and you will not be able to opt out. If you need proof take a look at the free courses being offered through government subsidy at local colleges to train current and prospective healthcare workers, including one from your doctors office on how to make his or her database format acceptable to the program. Its happening folks.

We still have time to stop this, but if Obama is reelected this will be come a juggernaut that will affect generations to come. Its just one more assault to a list of many on our individualism and freedom of choice that this country seems to be freely giving up.

Mark Brooky

Just to be clear, please understand that this is not a "story," but rather a "Letter to the Editor." It is the opinion of the letter writer.

Downtown Resident

I was under the impression that the mandate was that religious institutions were required to provide medical insurance to its employees that covers contraceptives, etc., but not to provide the actual service itself. There is a distinct difference between providing insurance coverage for a procedure and doing the procedure.


So where's the freedom from religion for those of us not Catholic that want access to birth control? It seems that those complaining about this law are ones that don't want anyone to have access. Which makes no sense. The law doesn't say that you have to use it. So if no good Catholic person uses birth control...then what's the issue? The institution won't be paying for it as they won't be dispensing it.

I also find it interesting that the folks that yell the loudest about this particular law have no issue creating laws that ban same-sex marriages, abortion, and all kinds of other items that involve very personal decisions as well. But I guess that's different as well.

Also, perhaps if all these institutions want to be free from laws in this country....then maybe they shouldn't be tax-exempt. Don't enjoy policies from the government if you don't wish to abide by the laws set forth.


Seriously? Everybody has ACCESS to birth control. Equating Government paid birth control as access to birth control is insane. What is Planned Parenthood for? I do not want to pay for YOUR birth control. Pay for it yourself. Whatever happened to Personal Responsibility? This "entitlement society" has to stop. I don't want to fund killing babies or fund your birth control... understand that?


So we should not have to pay for anything we don't agree with? This may work in a household of one but a little difficult in a country with 300 million people, no?


The argument is bogus. They are comparing "Access to Free" Anybody can go to Planned Parenthood and get birth control. They might have to PAY for it, it's called Personal Responsibility.
Why should I have to pay for my neighbors birth control? We aren't Socialists! However, the country is moving in that direction. We are on the brink of more "Takers" in the USA than "Contributors".

As the saying goes, "Eventually you run out of other peoples money" And what you obviously do not understand is even IF the Government takes everybody's entire income, it's still not enough. We are heading down the same path at Greece. We are borrowing over 40cents of every dollar we spend.
But I guess that doesn't matter to you?? As long as you get what you want, other people's earning...


My comment had nothing to do with the wisdom of government spending on any particular issue, but rather that we all tend to think that "our" way of seeing the world is the only correct way and that approaching the world from this angle is difficult in a large society. You appear to take issue with governmental entitlements. Shall I assume that you have never taken advantage of Pell grants, subsidized student loans, medicare, medicaid, social security, etc. and never plan to do so in the future? My point is, we are all takers and we are all contributors. Can you quantify your net benefit to the rest of us? Should you have to?


Do you smoke? Do you maintain a healthy weight? Do you engage in any activities that would put you at higher risk for hospitalization or illness? If so, you should have to pay a higher premium too then, because I don't want to pay for your bad decisions either. And if you are really concerned about the money, and not just imposing your religious beliefs on other people, then controlling birth is saving much more money in the long run. The sad truth is, most people make the decision to have an abortion because they can't afford a child.


BC is medicine. One of the side effects happens to be manipulating your hormones to the extent that conception is nearly impossible. But it is a medicine that is used more often to treat real medical conditions. That is the truth.


Tell me again Rose_B5.. you state in your post.."I also find it interesting that the folks that yell the loudest about this particular law have no issue creating laws that ban same-sex marriages, abortion, and all kinds of other items that involve very personal decisions as well." What exactly are my opinions on the above subjects since you know what I am thinking? Perhaps its due to Catholic businesses not being able to hire only Catholics.. so they hire outside of the church and those people demand birth control from their employers health care plan.. that's the problem. I too feel it is not my responsibility to pay for someones birth control just so they can freely frolic at tax payers expense. A more cost effective birth control method for those who want it is to keep your knees together!


So, you're saying religious institutions should never speak up against laws that affect them and they find immoral b/c they're tax exempt?

You still have ACCESS to birth control. That's not the issue. Catholic run orgs just don't want to PAY for it. If the institution is paying for part of a health insurance premium, they're paying for birth control.


certain types of birth control are medicines used to help women with actual medical conditions as well. Did you know that? In fact, the vast majority of women use birth control pills to regulate their cycles, control pain and other symptoms of PMS, and many other conditions.


This Obama Care IS the abortion of our constitution! This "leader" is bent on trampling on the constitution. He will achieve his goal of rendering the constitution USELESS if Obama care is left to stand; the only way it will stand is if he gets re-elected. Once re-elected and the mandated health coverage is implemented KATY BAR THE DOOR; he will then launch a whole series of new mandates of things we MUST or MUST NOT do because it is related to health (which everything is) you name it he will figure a way to tie his initiatives and mandates and systematically STRIP us of our rights. WAKE UP PEOPLE!! Don't you get it? Once we let them take away one right we are defenseless in protecting any of them from being taken away. If this guy gets in again this country as we know it is DONE!


only letter to an editor we see.....right wing bull!


Perhaps if you could form complete a sentence your letter to the editor would be posted?


Does the letter lack sincerity?


Thank you @"Rose-b5" for being the only sane person in this conversation.... ;D


To all you whiners, it's called Health Care Reform!!!!


I think some of you are missing the point. This isn't about government paid abortions. Obama is ordering private insurance companies to provide free coverage of birth control. And it's not free. The insurance industry will make the money back on higher fees for other procedures. Maybe it will be something a bit more important than a lifetime supply of free condoms. Maybe your treatment for ovarian cancer will cost you three times more now. If you agree this is a good thing, I want you to think of something. What if Obama next orders the company you work for to give away it's product for free? How long do you think you will have a job?


Let's stop calling this Obama care and pointing fingers and think about what this is really going to do. It will reform health insurance companies business practices. These companies, who even in a recession, garnered huge profits that last 3-4 years. I don't care if your republican or democrat. Health insurance reform is necessary. View this short slideshare and THEN tell me your opinion. http://www.slideshare.net/danroa...


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