LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Applauds president’s support of women’s health

Feb 17, 2012


I strongly disagree with Mr. Glavich and his claims that the birth control provision is an attack on religion and First Amendment rights. 

The contraception provision does not require that anyone dispense or use birth control. It is simply a benefit that ensures women have adequate health insurance coverage, including affordable birth control. This embodies individual liberties and First Amendment rights, as it gives the individual the right to choose. 

Making contraception available to all women is essential to a healthy society. It saves lives, prevents unintended pregnancies, reduces abortion, and saves taxpayer money in Medicaid and other state assistance programs.

As one of the 99 percent of sexually experienced women in this country who have used birth control at some point (from Guttmacher.org), I am thankful that President Obama stood strong on this provision. A person’s right to health care should not be threatened by their government or their boss.

— Hilary Grant, Spring Lake Township



Hear hear!

Downtown Resident

Well stated!


Thank you Hilary!!


Well said Hillary, thank you! Why are a bunch of old men in congress with no understanding of what they are talking about allowed to control womens health issues. And how come you don't see them having a problem with viagra being covered by employer health insurances. Lets see what happens if someone were to say that mens viagra coverage shouldn't be available on health insurance!


This entire issue has been trumped up by the left. There isn't any call to BAN birth control. It's just the left wing who wants their neighbors to pay for it. There is a thing called "Personal Responsibility", that as adults we need to take care of some things for ourselves and NOT look to the Government to do it for us. If you are an adult and you don't want to have children don't ask me to pay for your birth control. I'll never understand why someone looks to the President for birth control. The entitlement mentality never ceases to amaze me. Incredible.


If the employees are contributing to a group policy through work, they should expect services in return, and that is not a product of an "entitlement mentality". .


However, the President is forcing Insurance companies to supply birth control and abortion pills to women, that IS entitlement. AND I am forced to pay for it through our health insurance and I don't and won't use them.


What about paying for the treatment of ailments born of gluttony and sloth, how do you feel about that? Shall we say religious organizations shouldn't pay for those either?


"What about paying for the treatment of ailments born of gluttony and sloth, how do you feel about that? " That's not comparing apples to apples in this discussion. If you said, "What about giving out food and forcing people to eat to the point they become gluttonous?" that would be the same. And the truth of the matter is, Catholic organizations HELP people every day for ailments caused by things they are against. They just don't want to do or pay for them. Example: provide counseling for post-abortive women.


Thank you for being a voice of reason cmuchrys33


The more I think about this and the women who support Gov't control over birth control whether it be paid for by the Gov't or mandated (which is illegal) by the Gov't, I ask you "What is next"? Is the Gov't going to tell you how many kids you can have? Is the Gov't going to say "you don't make enough money to have children"? Is the Gov't going to tell you "your too old to have children"? It's a slippery slope and the liberals are on the top of the slide getting ready to push us all down it! You better wake up and stand up for Independence FROM the Gov't.


Amen Hilary Grant! Little did we know that the Right would have to stoop to Birth Control and re-visiting the President's religion as a platform for the election. I am a woman, not a political football!


Thank you for your letter, Hilary! To opponents of insurance coverage of birth control who claim costs are an issue, there are many studies that show unwanted births are far more costly to our society. If religious freedom is the issue, just don't partake of the birth control. And if entitlement is the issue, health care costs are soon going to overwhelm this country if not reigned in. With a long-term viewpoint, if insurance (private and/or government) coverage of birth control helps bring down the serious long-term costs to our country to support at risk children, how is this "entitlement" a bad thing? Sobe and Schooner make great points, too - what about rising premiums due to coverage of Viagra, and other "ailments born of gluttony and sloth"! Where's the outrage?


I think Mr. Glavich make a slight mistake. Yes it is need to take birth-control plans, but these have no relations with religion. Anybody loves his religion, any attack to it will be protested.(Generic Viagra) Women Health is now a great issue. And any wrong answer to it, will not be tolerated. We Love Obama for his generous works and specially for health care provision..


Is the Gov't going to say "you don't make enough money to have children"? Is the Gov't going to tell you "your too old to have children.help writing a resume


Me also disagree with Mr. Glavich claims. Birth control isn’t any practice against any type of religion. It is just medical procedure to have healthier lifestyle for women as well as growing future generation.

Health Consultant @


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