LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Supports letter of reprimand

Feb 28, 2012


Mr. Mohrhardt admits to using the phrase that generated the letter of reprimand. There is no excuse or extenuating circumstances that would justify the use of this phrase; therefore, the letter is justified. 

Mr. Mohrhardt would best serve himself, the athletes, students and faculty of Spring Lake High School if he were to admit his mistake, offer an apology and accept his reprimand as a professional. 

The lawsuit seems frivolous and as such will only waste the valuable resources and denigrate the image of all involved.    

— Ron Addison, Spring Lake Township


Coach Mo Supporter

the claim from witnesses is that Mo was told to "Kiss my skinny white butt" to which he responded "I will not kiss your butt." How is that inappropriate or unprofessional when put into context?


You misinterpret the story you are reporting - it was a joke! Funny but not fact.


That was a good joke Winston!

Coach Mo Supporter

If that was a joke then it's my mistake. It is a conversation that could easily be true.

Zippy Jones

I can tell you that having seen all this go down, makes me sad for the state of Spring Lake Public Schools. Frankly, if my kid had been there, I would have wanted a SL teacher or administrator to take control of the situation and protect my kid. I'm glad that Mohardt shield those present. No one can have an opinion on this if they weren't there, didn't see all of this in the context of the situation, having not been witness to the event. Frankly, using the word "butt" is nothing. I hear it in the business world and in politics. This is so overblown that I am embarrassed for SL. What has become of SLPS in the last 3 years? The community has been asleep at the wheel.

Let's see if I can understand this: A man from another school loses his temper and the SL AD is in hot water for making a split second decision to calm the volatile situation and says, "not going to kiss your butt" to the angry stranger as he tried the get the irate person to leave the gym. And Morhardt is on trial here? There seems to be double secret agenda here.


Hmmm. Zippy Jones is both an expert on the needs of early childhood AND witnessed this event...allowing him/her/it the luxury of two attacks on SLPS admin in just over a week! Clarify for our readers Zippy Jones, who is it with the "double secret agenda?"


Finally some common sense in this situation. Thank you, Mr. Addison, for this perspective. This whole thing makes me think of Saturday Night Live where they used to do a part of the news called, "Really!?!"

I moved to SL several years ago and am now questioning if SL is the right school to send my children to. Here's why:

-An AD who files a lawsuit because of a slap on the wrist for a poor word choice. Really?!? Act like a professional and don't stoop to someone's level when you're representing your school.

-An AD who uses inflammatory language when he feels students are in danger!?! REALLY!?! If my kids are in danger, call the police! Using antagonistic words certainly does not disarm a hostile situation!

-A community that votes on a board to run the school but then has dozens of people responding to unpopular decisions by bashing the very people those chose to represent them. Really?!?

-A community where people resort to throwing bricks through windows, making threats, and vandalizing property. REALLY?!?

-A superintendent doing a great job, making difficult budget decisions getting bashed repeatedly for prioritizing education and meeting the budget over making sure a few people keep their custodial jobs. Really?!?

Mr. Mohrhardt said he is happy with being able to be heard. Let's move on, appreciate that everyone involved had some tough decisions to make, let the school board and Mr. Furton do their jobs, and continue to make SL a better community so people new to the community, like me, don't decide to move somewhere else.


Great editorial from a guy who has no obvious agenda.....oh wait...This is the same guy who two years ago wrote a letter to the editor calling Morhardt a sexist because the school district decided to not renew his wife's contract as the cross country coach. Ron, I am so glad your un-biased opinion of the situation was able to shine through. I am sure you wern't waiting for something like this to happen or anything.


Easy to leave a comment like that without leaving your name.


My name is Ande Scherf, please feel free to email me. Have a good one, Zeke.


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