LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Their flowers or our wildlife

Mar 13, 2012


Mayor McCaleb describes Grand Haven and surrounding areas as if they are Detroit. Making statements that gardeners should not need to worry about what they plant if they live in a “city.”

Grand Haven is a town in the woods where most love the natural beauty that wildlife adds. Any talented gardener has in recent years learned how to garden in areas where deer browse. There have been countless seminars and people who are happy to share their successes. Deer trial gardens are planted right within the city.

McCaleb’s comments speak volumes: “Certain people from certain neighborhoods” were helped last time from the cull. Certain people? There are over 10,000 residents she was elected to represent. Should your neighborhoods become killing grounds for the flowers of the few?

A fellow citizen noted that hunting for our food may be one of the “natural laws,” but nature’s laws are not licenses to kill in order to “preserve” privileged neighborhoods. Civility is increasingly fragile in this country and some communities believe their “gates” are invisible.

McCaleb’s plans reveal the gates of Grand Haven and just whom she thinks they should protect. Sensible, sane fences and laws about them enable human gardeners to protect their abundance and also respect the foraging needs of our fellow creatures.

We share this earth and murder fellow creatures for “civilized” isolation at our peril. Let’s stop it now.

— Susan Rhem-Westhoff, Spring Lake
(Note: Susan Rehm-Westhoff is the president of the local wildlife group, Defenders of Urban Wildlife.)



Grand Haven Happy

QUIT DOING IT! Deer in Grand Haven is enjoyed and treasured by so many more than the few complainers who actually have control over their own gardens but are too lazy to do it. Since when does the few overstep and trample the many???

Fly on the Wall

When one has a pile of deer poop on his driveway every morning, that's when. In my experience, the majority of residents support of cull of these long-legged vermin. The loudest mouths belong, as usual, to the minority.


I find this to be a big waste of taxpayers monies , come on 25000 of the communities money to protect flowers , you have got to be kidding me ,if flowers are important to individuals it isn't the cities place to be providing protection for them, when we need money for the womens shelter or other important items , I believe its a foolish waste of good money in these tight times by providing city money to bailout people with protection for flowers,unbelieveable!!!!!!!!!!!


It's not just a question of saving the flowers. I live on Sheldon Road, and it is not uncommon to see deer run out in front of cars early in the morning. I've seen a number of near accidents involving deer, including one involving a deer nealy running a kid over on his bike.

Skeptic Trucker

When people are having close calls between deer and cars on major roads and others are having deer run through yards when children are playing, the cost seems to become a little more sensible. To you near-sighted people, controlling the deer within the city limits is more about safety than asthetics. I think some of you need to wake up and get with the program.


The City of GH has been sitting on their hands regarding new wildlife signage. They (DPW) were given data on every intersection, etc. but have done nothing to date. It is far less expensive and much safer to deer proof - shrubs AND flowers...and to put up solar flashers on wildlife crossing signs at certain times of the year - than shooting guns or bows in our neighborhood. After all, can you put a price on an errant bullet striking a loved one? This happened in New Buffalo. Ferrysburg was given the same signage info our city has - and already addressed this 2 years ago. Thankfully the Deer Vehicle Accidents are at an all time low.

Deer poop? - Honestly. Oh my.


Lets see the evil deer are after children now and they're not only eating flowers but evergreens as being reported by local wildlife experts , now lets get rid of them at any cost how about 30000, you people got it way to easy in life to throw that kind of money at deer and watch out don't step in the deer poo , you might get it on your dockers.................................... How about filling your time at your local church helping instead of planning to contract killings


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