LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Deer destroying more than flowers

Mar 20, 2012


They are destroying established evergreens and shrubs, and also endangering wild flowers.

No amount of education of what to plant will save these as the deer adapt to those that some say they will not touch. The herd must be controlled before disease their ticks can cause will be our next concern.

— Doris Fritz, Grand Haven



. I live on Sheldon Road, and it is not uncommon to see deer run out in front of cars early in the morning. I've seen a number of near accidents involving deer, including one involving a deer nealy running a kid over on his bike.


Lets see the evil deer are after children now and they're not only eating flowers but evergreens as being reported by local wildlife experts , now lets get rid of them at any cost how about 30000, you people got it way to easy in life to throw that kind of money at deer and watch out don't step in the deer poo , you might get it on your dockers....................................

Skeptic Trucker

Living less than a block off Beacon Blvd on the north side of town, I have had deer run through my yard. Not only is this moderately dangerous to my children, but very dangerous to traffic on the highway. Let someone hit a deer on Beacon and see if the cost of the accident and cleanup is more or less than controlling the overpopulated deer.


The City of GH has been sitting on their hands regarding new wildlife signage. They (DPW) were given data on every intersection, etc. but have done nothing to date. It is far less expensive and much safer to deer proof - shrubs AND flowers...and to put up solar flashers on wildlife crossing signs at certain times of the year - than shooting guns or bows in our neighborhood. After all, can you put a price on an errant bullet striking a loved one? This happened in New Buffalo. Ferrysburg was given the same signage info our city has - and already addressed this 2 years ago. Thankfully the Deer Vehicle Accidents are at an all time low.

And by the way - the deer are not overpopulated - humans and their cars are. If you are going to use terms like "overpopulated deer" - please substantiate your comments with data.


Years ago, before people started the 'urban sprawl', the deer population was not as it is today. Reason: Mountain Lions, Coyotes, and Wolves. Deer are just like any other creature in the wilderness. The only reason why people want to 'save the deer' is because they are cute. If these were not deer, but rats...everyone would be calling on the extermination of the rats (Okay, maybe there would be a couple people out there who would protest the slaughter of innocent rats, but you get the point.) Recently, Mountain Lions have been spotted in lower Michigan for the first time in over 130 years. Now here is the real question: If we allow this to continue, what do we do about the larger predators that will follow? Do we live in harmony?

Personally, I say kill the deer. They are good food and I'm hungry, plus they are like rats to me. But part of me says, 'No let them stay", cause in about 20 years I would love to watch a mountain lion [or larger pack of predators] hunt down a deer in my backyard. It would make a great learning lesson for all the kids in our community who are sheltered from the acts of nature in its rawest form.


Good one.


Some people out there still believe this is just a cute, small deer problem. Maybe it was cute to see an occasional deer once in a while but the herd has grown by generations and it is by no means cute anymore! Any night we can walk home (Sandpiper condos) from dinner or a nice walk and see the herd of at least 10-20 deer outside our door and in the yard like cattle. This is downtown people! You can walk up within 10 feet of them, they look at you like what are you doing here, and then turn back around and continue eating whatever hasn’t already been eaten. Now remember, this is a downtown location and its home for them every night. They eat and sleep there all night long. Talk about poop! With that many deer there’s no dodging the piles, it’s just one big continuous pile that never stops. If you are foolish enough to think you can enjoy our “green space”, believe me it will end up inside your condo and car….think Grandkids.
The paths through our complex look like cow paths. Beach grasses are dead, and the banks are washed out because of no more vegetation or stabilization. In the morning you don’t dare walk out of your garage door after opening it without looking first like your crossing the street. Twice we (once our Grandchild) had almost been run over by a scared deer running full bore within feet of our garage door.
Yes, someday someone will get hurt or sick if this HUGE problem isn’t addressed.
Actually, I guess a few “cute” rats running around are starting to sound good, especially if they eat deer.


Are these people for real? Deer are harmless creatures, here way before they had homes, flowers and shrubs. As far as playing the children card, that is totally ridiculous. Our children already fear enough in this world without adding deer to mix, seriously? I suggest that people that have the amount of time on their hands to worry about what the deer are doing, should try donating that time to a volunteer organization instead of sweating the small stuff. I understand they cause property damage, but hey, my dog does the same thing in my yard when she goes potty and leaves a brown spot! Maybe we should shoot all the dogs while we are at it!!! Get over it people and move on, live and let live!


Deer is a cute animal and the real beauty of forest and parks is well,we should think seriously about that,we don't have to let them destroying,we should have to do as we can for the best of their present in our city, http://www.qoutz.com/flowers-quotes


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