LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Wear your helmet

Apr 6, 2012


I always wear a helmet when I ride my bike because, several years ago, my helmet protected my head, and perhaps my life, in a bike accident.

It seems every day I see in the news a motorcyclist being seriously hurt in an accident. Let’s face it: a Harley is no match against a vehicle four times its weight. Yet many Michigan motorcyclists want the “freedom” of riding without a helmet.

If these bikers have no regard for their own lives, nor for their families who have to nurse them, or bury them, and if the lawmakers are so lobbied as to give them a free pass, even reducing the amount of insurance they need to carry without a helmet, then I hope and pray that Gov. Snyder follows in the wisdom of his predecessor and vetoes the proposed helmet repeal law. Doing so would be, pardon the pun, a no-brainer.

— John Stern, Grand Haven Township

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Michelle Killian

A group of friends and I were just talking about this the other day. We wondered why it is that it is ok to have a law that allows those that ride motorcycles and scooters the choice as to whether or not they want to wear a helmet, they are adults and have the right to choose if they want to wear one or not. Well as adults then, shouldn't we also have the right to choose whether or not we want to wear a seat belt? Oh and let's not forget, people already don't watch out well enough for motorcycles. I have seen motorcyclists and people on street bikes zipping in and out of traffic, flying down in front of our house at 80-100 miles an hour and it scares me to death! Why should WE be burdened with the guilt should one of these people run into us, without a helmet and end up injured severely or dying because they had the "choice" to not wear their helmet?

Accidents happen, a deer can run out in a blink of an eye, a big rock in the road...anything can happen, and we will pay in the end, why? Because THEY have the choice! If you want to play fair, fine, let those adults who don't want to wear their seat belts have that choice, why not? I mean they are more protected than someone on a motorcycle.

I am sorry but if you want to ride a motorcycle or street bike then I think you should HAVE to wear a helmet, not only to protect yourself, but to not burden the person you might run into, or who might not see you and hit you with the guilt of having seriously injured or killed you when a helmet could have saved your life!

I hope the law does change, it NEEDS to change.

No One Special

I am so tired of do-gooders who want to protect me. Have you ever seen anyone in who doesn't eat right? Obesity, heart disease, cancer, and the list goes on! I think you should only be able to eat vegetables. I am sorry but if you want to live in this country you should HAVE to eat right, not only to protect yourself, but to not burden the person who has to take care of you, who has to pay higher insurance premiums, and who might see your obesity and decrepit life style and be burdened with guilt when they know you could have saved your life by eating good.


If a person decides not to wear a helmet, they aren't thinking that day, "Gee, let's mess everyone's lives up today." No, they have the CHOICE to wear a helmet. People are aware of the dangers of not wearing a helmet, but it is their choice not to wear one. It is not your decision, so don't judge them if they don't wear one. By the way, it's not just motorcyclists who aren't paying attention on the roads - it's the car drivers. I've seen plenty of cars not pay attention to bikers. I've had many friends get hit by cars when they were biking. Do I always wear a helmet when biking? Yes, but I'm not going to belittle others who don't.


It's a Harley thing, you wouldn't understand... (really these guys are morons)
I ride a bike and would never consider riding w/o full face protection, I see those posers out there on a HD, (or similar Jap copy) with the tiny barley legal helmets and just sigh...

Real bikers will keep riding with good strong and truly protective helmets and gear because we are smart enough to understand the brain and skin are fragile organs and even at low speed the concrete is hard and abrasive. If I were dumb enough to crash at a 100+ road riding (very dumb behavior) chances of survival are pretty minimal no matter what gear I have on, that is not the issue. It's the 15-35 mph quick get off that is an issue w/o decent gear and that is the more likely scenario anyhow. It's the, car, kid, baseball, animal, etc.. that comes out of nowhere in or near town center that is the likely thing to put a rider down on the pavement. It is in these instances when a good helmet that protects the brain when you whack the curb, vs the brain injury that is a long and costly convalescence that we all will be paying for. I don’t care what the law is, when it comes to the bike, protect the brain and skin well.

No One Special

It is still dangerous to ride a bike with a helmet. Therefore, you should not ride bikes. It is much safer to walk. Ban bike riding all together and make everyone walk. Better yet, find a hole, climb into it, and hide. Then you will be safe from everything.


Repealing the motorcycle helmet law is not about safety, it is about freedom, liberty and personal responsibility which is vanishing in this country. The government ought not be in the business to protect individuals from themselves.(they can barley protect our borders) I would personally wear a helmet on a motorcycle and a seat belt in a car, but the government has no business to mandate it, as it should be an individual's choice. No different than making a decision to eat greasy foods, drink alcohol, smoke, or go ski diving. Thousands of people are killed each year even wearing helmets and seat belts and thousands of more are not in States with no helmet laws. When its your time, its your time.....in the mean time, those of you that would sacrifice a little liberty and freedom for security or safety will deserve neither and loose both.

Fly on the Wall

Two words:

Gary Busey


If you do not wear a helmet on any bike, you are a fool to yourself and a burden to others.


I think all should be wearing a helmet. This is definitely so important for your safety. I hope people be on their bike. People can fall at anytime. printing services


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