LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The cell phone obsession

Apr 11, 2012


The risk: Driving while texting or using cell phones to call is against the law in many states. How many people pull off the road to text or call? How many employers allow their employees constant use of their cell phones, and when does the work get done? Would their job be at risk?

The cell phone has become an extension of their bodies, in their hand or at their ear. Putting it away when visiting someone or having dinner at home or in a restaurant would show good manners, but most don’t consider they are being rude. A phone can be put on pulse if you are on call or such as a doctor.

Some show lack of respect with their phone on and in use while in church. Even when many churches request you to turn your phone off, there are those who don’t believe that means them.

Like the young of today, have we become so self-important, unseeing or unfeeling that we think this is right? As a senior citizen, manners were drummed into our heads, so I for one know this is not right.

Can we all see the error of this new technology, embrace it, use it as it is meant to be, but not fail with how it affects those around us? I hope.

— Charlene J. Mayrose, Grand Haven



It's not exactly aligned with the specific topic of discussion, but I always love when an older generation lays the blame and problems on the backs of youth. Like most people their narcissism won't let them ever look in the mirror. How about teaching the youth instead of leaving it up to their teachers, television and internet. Isn't it so easy to forget that we are all products of our enviroment? Don't you know that the majority of our personality traits are a product of the attention we may or may not have gotten from our parents whether it be positive or negative? Think about that before you spout off about "these kids today".


Technology is intended to make people's lives easier, safer and more efficient. However, we also have the responsibility to use technology wisely. We should also be sensitive to the people around us.

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I really hate people who are texting while driving, no offense to them. I mean they can text, but they have to stop the car. This is really a dangerous thing to do. - Mercy Ministries


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