OUR VIEWS: Allow the gun club to move forward

May 11, 2012


It's perfectly obvious that you should never pull the trigger unless you're crystal clear about what sits in your crosshairs. The tricky part is identifying what lies beyond your target.

Those who use the rifle and handgun range at the North Ottawa Rod and Gun Club certainly know what's beyond their targets — the Cutter Park subdivision.

And despite stringent safety precautions, it turns out a dozen or more bullets have strayed beyond the boundaries of the gun club, hitting houses and, in one case, a person.

While the shotgun range remains open, the rifle range at the gun club has been closed since the Sept. 29, 2011, incident in which a Grand Valley State University police officer, participating in a training exercise, carelessly fired a shot that resulted in a construction worker being struck by a bullet.

Representatives from the National Rifle Association inspected the club late last month. It's unknown when their findings will be released, and what safety improvements, if any, they will recommend.

We urge all involved to move forward with haste while still being thorough and diligent in making sure all safety precautions are taken.

Safety is the No. 1 priority. But at some point, the gun club needs to be allowed to move on. If further safety precautions are needed, then let the club get to work in taking the steps that would allow the rifle range to reopen.

If it's ruled that the range can't possibly open while guaranteeing the safety of those who live beyond its borders, then another solution — or perhaps another location — will have to be considered.

It has been more than seven months since the unfortunate and avoidable incident that resulted in bullets raining down on the Cutter Park subdivision. Let's come up with a sensible and safe solution so responsible shooters have the opportunity to dust off their rifles and head back out to the range.



gun club was there first, cutter park can shove it and deal with it

John D.


That is exactly the kind of sentiment that causes many in this country to form negative opinions and vote against gun rights. I am pro gun, but those who use firearms need to use caution and practice good firearm safety. Yes, the gun club has been there for many years. But that does not excuse the users from personal responsibility so that accidents don't happen.


they once had a gun range in downtown grand haven too.
then they shut that down.
the next thing ya know theys gonna take away the rights
of us township folk to be flingin bullets at each other.
wake up people. next is our fishin rights. they arleady
took away our snaggin rights. so a few kids take a bullet nows and then
the important thing is they can take my guns when they pry it from
my cold dead fingers. i agree with ted4 reserect the shooting range in
downtown grand haven before we all loose our rights to bear arms.


I initially took the same approach as you guys, the gun club was there first. However, a friend of mine brought up a valid point...what else are they going to do with the property in the cutter park area. It was inevitable that a subdivision was put in there. The subdivision is not the problem, it was the actions of a few irresponsible individuals that brought all this on and ruined it for the rest of us (usually how it works). At this point, I am sure that the issue is being strung along which is to be expected of our politicians and local government. This could be a potential business opportunity for someone with land out in Robinson Township to open an outdoor rifle/pistol range, if I had the land I would do it. There are tons of gun enthusiasts out there. Like you guys, I will NEVER give up my guns.


i love my guns. i hate subdivisions erected in the dumbest places


IF anyone person who use arms then they must be skilled it is very significant for protection there are lot of weapons some of very hazardous and some for just safety.



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