OUR VIEWS: Chan, we’re with you

May 15, 2012


But when one of our own — who happens to be of Asian descent — is ethnically intimidated and harassed by a couple of teenage punks, we must act.

For months Bob Chan, of Chan’s Chinese restaurant in Spring Lake, suffered in silence. He turned the other cheek.

He never reported to police that someone continually called him, screaming ethnic slurs, telling him to get out of town. He just hung up the phone.

He never reported to authorities when two teens entered his lovely restaurant and screamed at customers. He just went back to work.

And he didn’t report when those same teens egged his restaurant in broad daylight. He just asked his workers to clean up the mess.

A community member who saw the egging, however, refused to idly drive by. She called police and followed the teens to help authorities track them down.

Thank goodness for her moral compass. She is everything that’s right about Tri-Cities residents.

While this case navigates the legal system, we have to ask ourselves why these teens — one a Spring Lake kid and another from Muskegon — thought that it was OK to do what they did? It was no big deal, they told police.

Where did they learn such bigotry? Why did that hate fester for so long? Why target Chan, who said he feels that he’s as American as anyone else?

Perhaps the answers we find will be uncomfortable. But sometimes such discovery leads to a better understanding of ourselves and our community.

We all profess to care about each other and our West Michigan oasis. Let’s show it. Let’s embrace the little diversity we have, and refuse to allow the kind of hate and bigotry exhibited in this case to become who we are.



Leave these kids alone GET a Life. Just drop it they learned there lesson.


Or do you want to throw away 2 kids life's. Leave it alone. or is it worth selling papers to you. If you truly cared about people you would let chans the kids and the court solve it.




Those Teenage Punks need to be punished severely! They said "it was no big deal" ... The Judge needs to throw away the key on these two criminals


One of these kids was a disgruntled ex-employee, how sad that he put his energy into hatred instead of finding another job. M-Vill you would let these kids just walk away with no punishment? That is what is wrong with society today, no accountability!!


I have a feeling that M-VILL is friends of the teens, or one of the teens himself.




The restaurant is using this to gain business at this point by continuing to run to the media every opportunity they can. I think they have milked this one long enough.. lets move on to some real news.. it's over.. nothing can change what was done, learn from it, nobody was physically harmed (except a few unborn chickens).


I have a feeling that @DKS523 is even younger. Amen, @Newsblogger, well said.


These punks deserve an old fashion a$$ whipping. That would probably set these losers straight. It starts with this but where does it end?


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