LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Find the racists

May 21, 2012


I know the “but” will cause some to question my letter. Here are some facts: As a teacher, I was the only white person in a Title I school in the riot area in 1968 in Washington, D.C. I experienced hate from many of both races when I married a lovely black woman in 1974. I know a little bit about racism.

The “but” in my first sentence is a lead-in to my opinion that many of today's racist expressions are enabled by President Obama, his appointees and the media consciously separating us based on race. The graffiti is the predictable result of: President Obama injecting himself into local issues like the arrested Harvard professor and Trayvon Martin, but saying nothing about the many racist attacks on white people that are non-reported by the media; Erik Holder, the attorney general, talking about protecting “his people” and failing to prosecute obvious federal crimes, like the New Black Panther Party threatening voters, and putting a “bounty” on George Zimmerman; like the Democrats in the House of Representatives paying for training on how to play the “race card” on budget issues; like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton playing such a large role in the president's re-election campaign.

I hope the ignorant Grand Haven racist graffiti artist is found and identified publicly (but not prosecuted, because I think we still have First Amendment rights), but I also hope that the media finds and identifies racists who have a more national reputation.

— Chuck Tyler, Grand Haven Township



I agree 100% Mr Tyler.


Well said, Mr. Tyler!


i agree 100% these are some of the issues that are causing a lot of tension in this country right now.


What a joke, you actually think that one idiot's action can be blamed on the president? Take your right wing propaganda somewhere else you loser.


bla bla bla


That is some contorted and twisted logic. How you can connect the dots and blame a local racist looney on the President is a real stretch.

The President has in fact supported the racist actions of Professor Gates, for example, which is fair criticism....but that has no connection, nor does it validate racism on the local level.


Why is it that only White People can be racists? I lived in Muskegon nearly all of my life with the exception of a few other towns here and there and I can tell you this at times Blacks were more racist than White people could ever be while I lived in Muskegon. Ethnic intimidation? It was redefined for me the whole time I lived in Muskegon and I had to hear racial slurs all the time coming from Blacks. Could I do anything about it? Of course not and had I complained to the rental agent where I lived or to the Police department it would of fell on to deaf ears. Had I come home to my apartment and found racial slurs against White people written on my doors or walls there would of been NO serious repercussions about it. Only that a maintenance worker would be assigned to paint over it or to remove it. I just wonder how this would of been looked at had it been a White maintenance worker who returned from getting supplies only to find racial slurs against White people on the walls. I'll tell you in advance. Absolutely nothing would of been done about it. There would of been no story written by the Grand Haven Tribune about it and more than likely the GHPD would not of been called. It's ironic that after over 147 years ago that slavery ended that we are still working that guilt off. We seem to always handle Blacks with kid gloves more than any other race on the planet as if they were an endangered species or they were facing extinction. And why is that? I am not saying all Blacks are bad. Of course not. All races have good and bad. Ethnic intimidation? I think every race on the planet has had to suffer to one degree or another Ethnic Intimidation in American History. Try being Italian. Most stereotypes think that all Italians are in organized crime or Mafia. For you who think that all I can say to you is that you've watched too many Godfather movies. I had to hear racial slurs against my nationality all of my life. Do I make a big deal about it? No, because I am a bigger person than that and I generally laugh it off and consider the source of anyone who does make racial slurs towards Italians. Do I call the Police about it or want the GH Tribune to cover a story about it? Of course not. There are more important things to write about. Personally, what happened here recently at this particular apartment complex I don't condone what this person did and it was just plain idiotic what he did. Should he serve prison time for it? Absolutely not. That is a bit overboard. I think a formal public apology to the maintenance worker and a fine for defacing property is sufficient. All this sensationalism about this has really gone too far. Let's get over it and move on. There are bigger issues to deal with.


Enough with the bitterness already! Racism and intimidation towards those who are "different", whether sexual orientation, race, religion, disability, etc, has always been and probably will always be. Let's try living by the Golden Rule - remember that? Treat others as you would like to be treated. Let's all try to curb our instincts to "blame" others for what is actually deep-seated antagonism that we all feel at some point in our lives. And Chuck, let's not blame President Obama for racism in our country...or even making racism worse. I know it's trendy these days for some people to blame Obama for everything under the sun, but, really, this has gotten to the point of idiocy. As president, he's been the subject of vile ethnic intimidation and racism the likes of which I've never seen in my adult life, but really? He's now the cause of it all? Can we move on, try to bring out the better side of our humanity, and address the real problems in our country?


Well said! Thank you!!!


@Lanivan, did you not read Chuck's comments about this President not prosecuting the Black Panthers for federal hate crimes or injection himself in the Trayvon Martin case stating "if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon". No president should inject himself in a criminal investigation within 48 hours of any event. The reason President Obama did this was racially motivated. He was protecting a black citizen at the expense of a non-black citizen. They're countless other examples of this President's racist over-tones and hatred for white, hetorosexual, successful males. It is condescending to toss the "Golden Rule" at the rest of us that are already living by it. If this is the most vile hatred you have seen a President go through in your adult life then, your must be very young. Job well done Mr. Tyler your passion for what is right, is admorable.


Every time I hear someone blame Obama for something I shake my head. If you think he's something to worry about, just wait and see what happens if flip-flopping, heartless, money-monger Mitt gets elected. Sadly, the GOP have turned into hateful, immoral crackpots; many of whom call themselves Christians; and even more sad is listening to the jibber-jabber of the ultra-conservative followers. What a strange world full of ignorance.


Could not have said it better myself


Racial discrimination refers to the separation of people through a process of social division into categories not necessarily related to races for purposes of differential treatment. Racial segregation policies may formalize it, but it is also often exerted without being legalized. -Steven C. Wyer


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