LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No one is without sin

Jun 25, 2012


The past couple of weeks have included letters of condemnation (and defense) of those of the nature of homosexuality; each of the letters quoting scripture (our Bible).

While the Bible I was taught to believe does indeed talk about homosexuality as a "sin," it also mentions many other sins: gluttony, greed, covetousness, etc. How many of us accept those who are overweight, people whose hypocritical behaviors deny their claim of Christianity, those whose lives indicate sin of one sort or another — but when it comes to a person's sexuality, we draw the line and say that that particular "sin" is worse than another?

Perhaps we should look at the scripture that says: "Judge not, that ye be not judged" (Matthew 7:1); or perhaps we might consider Matthew 22:36-40, where Christ says: "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind ... (and here's the important part) you shall love your neighbor as yourself." I am no Biblical scholar, but if my neighbor is a homosexual, I have no right to judge him or her. I am simply to love that person as (I believe) does God.

We might be careful at whom we point our finger. Not one of us is without sin.

— Carole M. Schuitman, Grand Haven



Agreed, well said!


I agree completely!




thank you for this.


Thank you.


Perfect reply which contains the true message of Christianity - and if we were all judged by our sins, whatever they are, we would all be outcasts...
not throwing stones applies here.


Maybe the problem is folks who let the bible rule their lives...rather than homosexuality?


We as a community are using the homosexuals as scapegoats!! We need to look into our souls and see what sins we are committing and reconsile ourselves first before we start on others sins!! I personally am not a homosexual and dont believe it is wrong to be a homo. Even if I did, I think everyone needs to except them and love them like God does!! Come on people!!




Christians are called not to judge ON OUR OWN, but according to the Commandments God gave; the 7th being “you shall not commit adultery”. This includes any form of sexual sin. Jesus stated: “ ...from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female...and they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” (Mark 10:6-9). According to the Book of Revelations, Jesus Christ returns as Judge, and He came to fulfill the Law, not to destroy it (Matthew 5:17). He defines (judges) marriage according to creation and according to God’s laws. Marriage by HIS definition is the only form of godly sexual expression, and a covenant with God makes marriage (sexual union) holy and sanctified. Spirit-filled Christian people DO NOT sin in this area (as we are called and commanded). It is a serious mistake to dismiss the subject of sexual sin by simply stating that “we all sin”. One can say all they want about “not judging” out of a sense of tolerance or love. “Love” in translation from Greek has three meanings: agape (the unearned love that God has for humanity, providing salvation through Christ/sacrificial love), philos (friendship/brotherly love) and eros (sexual). We are greatly mistaken when we fail to acknowledge what is sin (unblibical eros), indicating that we are no longer called to teach the truth (philos). Tolerance toward sinners is one thing; tolerance of sin itself is not what God calls us to believe.


The real issue here is whether we as a people will obey God.

God has told us that homosexual behavior is a sin. But there is growing acceptance of homosexuality.

God has told us that murder is a sin. But the murder of babies in their mothers’ wombs has been legalized.

God has told us that the land of Israel is not to be divided. But pressure has been put upon Israel to divide her land.

In these three sins, the USA is in open rebellion against God. I invite you all to join me in praying that We The People will repent.

The Lord Jesus Christ will return. Get ready.


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