OUR VIEWS: Stay out of the road

Aug 2, 2012


We would encourage them to stay there.

Each year, the Grand Parade is marred when crowds of children push out into the road as they clamor for candy and other handouts. Not only are they endangering themselves, they’re also standing in the way of everyone else who is attempting to watch the parade.

New rules approved during the past few years have banned the throwing of candy and other goodies from floats. Instead, people walking behind the parade entries hand out treats to youngsters — many of whom view the parade as a mini-Halloween in August.

That’s a great step toward keeping kids out of the street, but it doesn’t entirely solve the problem. Whenever someone comes by with a basket full of goodies, kids flood out into the street — many with plastic bags at the ready to collect their sweets and treats.

Parade officials often come down the line and urge people back to the curb.

They shouldn’t have to.

It falls on the shoulders of parents to make sure their children stay out of the road and out of danger. Allowing the youngsters to run into the path of oncoming floats and other parade participants is unsafe for everyone involved, and hugely inconsiderate toward everyone trying to watch the parade from their seats.

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Thank you for printing this article. For the last few years I have been handing out candy in the parade and have been appalled at how some of the kids along the route act when you get near them. I have had kids run up to me and grab handfuls of candy right out of the bucket. The kids get dangerously close to the floats and act as if they've never had a piece of candy in their life. Parents, please try to keep your kids back. We try to get candy to the kids, but we can't get every one of them.


Also, please, please, please stay off the railroad tracks through town and don't tamper with or vandalize any of the signals.

Mr. Conservative

what time does the train leave for waverly yard at night?


It seems to me that the with the amount of candy you've handed out thru the years it could be afforded to place a small handful into inexpensive little bags and hand it out at a station set up specifically for this purpose. This way the parents can bring their children to the booth you set up for the sole purpose to get their little bag of candy and then no longer hand it out while the parade is en route! It's something the kids look forward to so this could solve the problem of not interrupting the parade, take some pressure off the people that handed out candy before & now they wouldn't have to do that. This way the kids are happy & it helps to eliminate the safety hazard problem! Just a suggestion...not sure how well it would work or not...just a thought! Or even if the candy was priced at a buck for a small bag of assorted candy..something! Parents & children would be happy and it would help the parade to run more smoothly.


I would also even be willing to volunteer to run the booth, help run the booth or whatever needed! Anything to help & see happy kids!


Who started this silly ritual anyway? This is a parade, you are supposed to watch it. Kids running out into the road is a bad idea at anytime. Stop throwing candy.

Just an idea, we used to wave American flags during parades.

Mr. Conservative

The parade used to be all about the military and america. The airforce thunderbirds would buzz the crouds and its a lot of fun. Now, its an excuse for nobodies to advertise their worthless crap and the parade has become a worthless waste of time.


Ban the kids from coming to the parade..........they are just having fun.


Get those darn tourists kids out of the road!!


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