PAINTER: Is Facebook invading our privacy?

Sep 19, 2012


Katherine Losse, who was Mark Zuckerberg’s personal writer, has written a book about her times at Facebook’s headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif.

“The Boy Kings” is more about Losse’s rise up the company’s ladder than a tell-all account of the inner-workings of Zuckerberg’s empire. Losse quit her Facebook job and moved to Marfa, Texas, a well-known community for artists.

She had just graduated with a liberal arts degree from Johns Hopkins University when she landed a job with Facebook in 2005 as a customer relations employee. She eventually became Zuckerberg’s ghostwriter. She would write blogs and company memos, and send employees e-mails using Zuckerberg’s name.

In the book, Losse said she was given the master password in which she could log in and gain access to all messages and data.

“I briefly experienced stunned disbelief,” she wrote in the book. “They just hand over the password with no background checks to make sure that I am not a crazed stalker.”

She said more stringent security measures were eventually implemented.

I find myself wondering if too much information is out there for the world to see. Your posts are out there for many to see.

I understand that some employers check prospective employees’ Facebook posts to make sure that they would be employees who would conduct themselves appropriately. So, do be careful about what you post.

I have a friend in California who recently deactivated his Facebook account because of an issue involving a woman he was dating. Apparently, the woman got wind of the fact that my friend had also been dating a friend of hers. She found out through a Facebook post.

I know of another friend who deactivated his account because Facebook was using his name in connection with advertising.

Facebook does have its advantages. I have another friend who said she uses Facebook to stay in touch with her son who attends college out of state. She also enjoys communicating with family members and friends.

I feel the same way as my friend who wants to stay in touch with her son. I’ve been fortunate to find friends who I have lost touch with through the years. I’ve also been able to connect with former high school and college friends. I especially enjoy it when they post photographs of their families. I hit the Like button frequently. I’m sure there are a lot of people who feel the same way.

The one thing I do try to avoid is getting into a heated political debate. There are plenty of them on Facebook. I know some people get annoyed over all the political-orientated posts. I try to ignore them. I keep my political opinions to myself.

Facebook has also become a very good tool for newspapers. I am impressed with how well the Grand Haven Tribune is utilizing Facebook. They are promoting stories that will appear in the next day’s papers, and calling attention to important stories and editorials in that day’s newspaper. I especially look forward to the Tribune’s updates on local high school sporting events.

Newspapers are finally getting it. They’ve learned to use all the media to communicate with their readership. Some newspapers even print a copy of their front page on Facebook. I also have a publisher friend who posts daily comments about his newspaper on Facebook.

Yes, privacy is an issue to be concerned about. But by using commonsense, Facebook can be a very good tool.

My advice is to keep on posting.




Anything on the internet should never be considered private. If you put it on the internet, assume everyone will see it. If you want privacy, don't post your business online. Period! Too often people post WAY TOO MUCH for others to see. OMG, my naked pictures got out, OMG I got fired from my job because I posted that I was drunk at work, OMG my husband caught me cheating because I left my FB page open, OMG my parents found my password and I am grounded. People, take responsibility, treat yourself and others with enough respect to keep your dirty laundry in the closet where it belongs. The "open book" attitude should never apply online. If you don't want naked pics out, don't be in a situation where they are taken in the first place. If you don't want your employer to find out details on your personal life, don't post it. If you don't want to get caught cheating, don't cheat you nasty freak! And, if you're a silly teenager doing things you know are wrong and that your parents wouldn't approve of- knock it off!


I'll be truthful with you I really didn't get Facebook in the start. I really couldn't observe the magnetism of using the social website for myself. As a matter fact I actually didn't still like Facebook in the commencement.


If you have a organization of any kind you must have a Facebook or myspace or fb fanpage.Even though developing Facebook or myspace or fb fanpages is challenging, you can get one easily. All you have to do is know where to look.


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