OUR VIEWS: Video clip disappoints

Sep 20, 2012


What’s more, the Tri-Cities area is filled with people who hold great pride in each other and our very own vacation destination.

So when we were told that Grand Haven was going to be featured in a premium spot in a Pure Michigan video that highlights our state, we were thrilled. Some 2,000 of us showed up to line the piers and beach. People donned bright clothing, and brought beach balls and umbrellas. They danced, waved and whooped with enthusiasm.

We applauded this display of community togetherness, and continue to be filled with pride.

Then the video debuted.

We anxiously hit the "play" button, and watched intently as people in cities across the state showcased their towns, smiled, waved and sung. Then there is panning video of the Grand Haven lighthouse, the muddy channel and the beach while the “Good Time” song finished up and the video ended.

Wait, did we miss it? Did we miss the video of the crowds of local residents, the close-up shots of people dressed in beach apparel and wearing broad smiles?

No, we didn’t. This was confirmed as we watched it yet again. In fact, the group of a couple of dozen people inside a humane society somewhere else in the state actually got more of a close-up than the 2,000 people in Grand Haven.

We can only hope that the footage, taken from a helicopter, will appear in other Pure Michigan promotional materials. If it’s not, then Grand Haven clearly got the short end of the stick.

And that’s a disappointment for the people who showed up for the filming, the local organizers who worked tirelessly to promote Grand Haven’s best attributes, and to the area itself.

To see the video, click here.

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Please change the name of your column from "Our Views" to "Our Complaints". There are 276 Cities in Michigan, that means for every 1 that got included in the video, 4 did not. Hey Kevin Hook, Cheryl Welch, Matt DeYoung, Liz Stuck and Fred VandenBrand, why don't you make a better video and post it, rather than just complain about getting the "short end of the stick". I am just glad Grand Haven got invited to participate. Oh and about your comment about the "muddy channel".... it may be muddy but it's OUR channel. Similar to your paper, it may be crappy but we still read it.


True that.


When U want to write/speak ghetto, please do it correctly: "tru dat!"


I had not seen the video as of yet. So I checked it out this afternoon. Every city that was selected and highlighted in the video was done the same way - A group of people singing. Sure there were a couple clips with only a single person or a couple of people. But when the promotion says to get as many people out to the pier to be in the video, I think the expectation was to show all of those people "IN" the video. I wasn't there, so I'm not sure if everyone was instructed to "sing along." If they were, I would have expected to see that in the video, and it wasn't there. Obviously, Grand Haven's expectations were not aligned with what was to be reality. At least the people who showed up have a split second to point themselves out on the video - "That's me! That little speck holding that sign is me! By the way, who is the person in the Helicopter singing at the 3:25 mark? I hope it's someone from Grand Haven.


I would say that it was disappointing to see the video. Knowing that they shot almost
20 minutes of footage. And that is the footage that they decided to use. I nice pan northward of the beach and then out to the end of the Pier would have shown two of the things Grand Haven is known for. Instead they choose to show a high angle shot of the nice dirty brown river water. Which almost
looks like an oil slick running out into the lake. Not exactly a flattering shot to show regardless of where it is in the state. This also was not done for free, money was spent by
certain groups in Grand Haven to pay for the helicopter.
I just think that they could have chosen better footage to use in the video.
I know they have some.


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No One Special

Look at the current message on You Tube: "The Pure Michigan Sing Along Video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Songs Music Publishing. All that taxpayer money spent and they forgot to get permission to use the song?!? Brilliant.


What do you all expect from a 2 minute commercial? 'We' got 6 secondes out of 50 cities. How come GH residents always think our city deserves more? Because we have the Coast Guard Festival? Come on, be happy with what we got. Quit being sticks in the mud people. Be happy.


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