Did Jesus die a bachelor?

Oct 21, 2012


The Vatican recently raised doubts about the now well-known papyrus that alludes to Jesus having a wife, describing it as a fake. Meanwhile, scholars have also expressed concerns about the fragment's authenticity, noting its form and grammar look suspicious, as well as the fact that it was purchased on the market without a clear origin.

But this is nothing new. Attempts to link Jesus to a wife (and therefore make him totally human) are perennial. Around AD 300, the church leader Arius started teaching that Jesus was created by God, and thus not divine. His teachings became known as Arianism, and giving Jesus a wife would further advance this theory. Arius lived in Alexandria, Egypt — ironically the same general area where the Gnostic gospels were found at Nag Hammadi as well as the papyrus now in question.

Arianism was the main topic of debate at the Council of Nicea in AD 325, attended by the emperor Constantine, and was decisively rejected by the majority of church leaders. But like any teaching, some continued to believe it (for example, Mormonism has an Arian view of Jesus as an exalted man).

So, it should not be surprising that the so-called Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Gospel of Philip, Gospel of Thomas and this new fragment have similar theological underpinnings. But we have solid proof to the contrary.

People who knew Jesus and spent time with him — his disciples, apostles and the authors of the New Testament books — regarded him as both human and divine. Based on his life and death, he was truly human. He also claimed to be God (e.g., “I and the Father are one”).

If he was not divine, then his sacrifice on the cross would not have been sufficient payment and therefore useless. The early church leaders also carefully considered the dual nature of Christ and the apostle Paul wrote about it, so the issue was settled long before Arius came on the scene.

Arianism and the Gnostic “gospels” came much later (140-400) after all of primary accounts were dead. There were a number of groups with their own philosophies and theologies often quite different from actual Christianity, and each group had their own axe to grind. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that someone would speculate that Jesus had been married.

If Jesus had a wife, the apostles would certainly have known about it because he lived and spent a lot of time with them during his 3-plus years of ministry. Jewish writers tended to be euphemistic about sex, but they certainly didn’t hide it; and if it were true, it would have come out.

Jesus did meet and interact with women, which was very unusual for a Rabbi of his day, but there are no hints of any actual relationships in the New Testament or any other writings from that time.

Finally, Jesus had serious enemies who sought any and all possible grounds to denounce him. The only thing they came up with was a charge of blasphemy for claiming to be God. After Jesus' death and resurrection, his enemies felt threatened by the Christian movement, and could have sought to discredit it by providing evidence that Jesus was a womanizer or adulterer. But there was no hint of this.

In fact, the only other documentary support for a woman having an intimate relationship with Jesus is a confusing statement from the Gnostic Gospel of Philip (written long after Philip’s death), which says the following: “The companion of the Savior is Mary Magdalene. Christ loved her more than all the disciples and used to kiss her often on her mouth. The rest of the disciples were offended by this and expressed disapproval. They said to him, ‘Why do you love her more than all of us?’”

Most assume that the above account, taken from a Gnostic writing, amounts to religious fiction. However, some have taken it literally and alleged from the above quote that Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ spouse or consort – this is the same line of thinking put forth in "The Da Vinci Code." If that were the case, then why would the disciples, who were married men with their own wives, object to him kissing her and “loving her more than them?” Even the Gnostic writings never claim that Jesus and Mary were married, nor do they claim that there was any sexual relationship or that any children were born to them.

If you’re still skeptical, consider this: If you read a contemporary book about Abraham Lincoln, written by the descendants of John Wilkes Booth, claiming that Mary Todd Lincoln was not the president’s wife, would you find that a trustworthy source?

The Vatican and many historians believe this document is a fake. At best, the papyrus only offers us proof that one person who lived several hundred years later believed something that was widely believed to be untrue.

— By Richard Sorensen, author of "Unholy Grail," a new speculative fiction series that links Judas to Mary Magdalene and turns The Holy Grail debate made popular by "The Da Vinci Code" on its head. Sorensen is a member of Cranston Christian Fellowship in Rhode Island. For information, visit unholygrail.net.



Jesus never existed as a person. He is truly the Jew Zeus. This fact should encourage us to pursue true spirituality since there is obvious truth within fable.


IF you dare.


Jesus is ALIVE! He lives in ME! I'll pray for you Be


The only problem with praying for me is that you are taking the focus off of a search for truth in yourself. You're deluding yourself if you think that your internal dialogue is coming from anything other than yourself. Most people are deluded. Jesus truly never existed. Your inner voice has always been there and will still be there after the foolishness of religion wears off. Guess how I know? I'm a recovering hard core, sold out, missionary in blue jeans christian. I am just fortunate that I was really looking for truth, not for comfort in delusion.


I went to the website.....and found it no more convincing than any other website I've visited. A question: why is it important to you to proclaim that Jesus never existed? Similar to a fervent believer, you have no facts. You have opinions. You have belief. You have nearly the same evidence against that anyone else has for the claims of a Jesus who lived. In my view, his existence doesn't matter as much as the aspirational way of living does. If someone finds power in believing.....a motivation to follow and live in the way that their Jesus did, why tear it down? Lets say you're right....aren't we still better off if someone relies on the vision of Christ and lives accordingly.....instead of following something less significant and less meaningful?


Perfect reply. Believing in Jesus is not the problem, it is the religion that usually corrupts the word!


Then why would you 'pray for me'? Maybe my life sets an example far above yours. How would you know? You judge based upon blind belief. I am not believing anything. I experience and perceive. Religion is worth while as long as it is inwardly directed. The moment it is used to attempt control others, it is black. I only urge you to know history, not to believe or not believe anything. Believe what you like, that doesn't affect reality in the slightest. knowing truth however affects reality tremendously because you may realize that the kingdom of God is inside you. Why? Because you create your own reality. Hell or no.


to be christian means to be christ-like. From the posts on here that you 'christians' are making in other stories, you are anything but christ-like. You speak badly of the poor, women, and virtually anyone down and out who needs help. You condone making fistsful of money when christ overturned the money-lenders tables at the synagog. If he was from the middle east region, he would have been more the color of Obama than Willard, your holy mormon deity savior who will 'take back our country'. Bunch of hypocrites here.

Nothing is capitalized, because I for one do not capitalize fairy tales.


by the way, I bet you didn't look at the website did you? How'd I know....


Is this really news? I mean seriously? I'm kind of shocked. Pure religious?! In a news paper.



Back to the Wall

Anything to get a rise out of people. It's called sensationalism, an the only way to make it stop is to quit reading and posting. Oops! I ought to follow my own advice.


i thought that this jesus guy was gay


"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

-- Abraham Lincoln


“The Bible is not my book nor Christianity my profession. I could never give assent to the long, complicated statements of Christian dogma.” -Abraham lincoln


I thought that's a comment Rev Idema would have come up with...

Tri-cities realist

Lol, good one!




Mary Magdelene was a prostitute and christ's close friend. I read they hooked up during the missing 18 years of his life, when he was out cutting it up before he had to settle down and do his godly stuff at about age 30. If this deity ever lived, he might have died alone, but probably not a virgin.

Tri-cities realist

Where did you read that, the National Enquirer?


Too bad the current state of religion doesn't make it common knowledge that Mary Magdalene is a symbol in the same way Jesus is. If one were to dig into archives of the catholic church, you would find that this was once axiomatic. It is only ignorant people who take these stories in a literal fashion. Unfortunately this hurts people's sentiments and makes it impossible to communicate the truth.


Allow me to off some perspective here; the only thing that matters in life is the focus on why we are here in the first place, to worship God, part of worship is offer yourself in worship as a Holy living sacrifice to God and leave this world having planted the seeds that will grow others spiritually so that they too might be saved...nowhere do I find digging into what Jesus did while off the clock has any bearing on your life of worship or salvation for any of us; I suggest that we avoid wasting our time on things that take the focus away from God and the things of God which are the only things that really matter.


And my point is that as long as you 'worship' an anthropomorphic projection of your own mind, this concept of 'salvation' is ignorant and dangerous. This is why it is important to understand that a kindergarten idea of religion, as is held by the masses, needs to be shed.


The Holy Bible teaches the Biblical TRUTH that Jesus Christ is: the "Lamb Of God" (John 1:36) and the "Bridegroom" (Matthew 9:15, 25:1-13). The Holy Bible teaches the TRUTH that the "Lamb’s wife"; the Bride is Heaven, clothed in the righteousness of the saints of God (Revelations 21:9-14, Revelations 19:7-9). The TRUTH is that Jesus Christ was never married in the flesh, and never will be. Flesh marriage / sexuality had no purpose in His mission the 33 years he was on Earth. However, Revelations 19:7 tells us about how he will get married in the future: "Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready." Here is the explanation: Jesus Christ is the husband (bridegroom) to His CHRISTIAN followers, BOTH men and women. How is this possible? Jesus Christ’s marriage is NOT a human to human marriage of the flesh here on earth, but rather a God to human marriage in the Spirit, in the spiritual realm. This is the TRUTH that GOD ALMIGHTY want's you all to believe. He want's you to believe it BECAUSE IT'S THE TRUTH.


Pedantic and all too typical response. If you would allow yourself the freedom of not thinking you're right for a change.... I'm reading a book now called proof of heaven by eben Alexander. That might be a nice place for you to start expanding your horizons. Hope you try


If Jesus did die a bachelor, he is living it up in his bachelor pad in heaven!!!!


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