OUR VIEWS: You, too, can change the world

Oct 26, 2012


Now imagine someone across the world caring enough to come up with a creative solution to raise funds for your desperate situation.

That was done right here in Grand Haven.

Mary Mitchell of Fat Chix Coffee Cantina decided to base her entry in this year’s ArtPrize competition around raising funds for West African students who need school buildings. Numerous people in our area, including local students, pitched in to create the individual elements for the ArtPrize design, which will later be sold off individually to raise funds for the cause.

Compassionate people collaborated to make an idea a reality. What a difference we could all make by doing things like this more often.

Most of us have something we’re passionate about when it comes to those less fortunate. It doesn’t take a lot of money to positively impact the lives of those in need. All it takes is ingenuity, determination and time. We all have some of that to spare.

Next time you’re contemplating sitting down to watch a TV show or surf the web, take the time instead to do some brainstorming. Determine what you could do and what you could organize to change the life of another person or even an entire community.

Imagine what’s possible with just a fraction of your time. Imagine what a difference you could make.

You have the potential to impact the world. Now take action and turn those thoughts into amazing results.

Hats off to Mitchell and her team for doing just that.

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Tri-cities realist

"All it takes is ingenuity, determination and time. We all have some of that to spare." Perhaps we do, and if we weren't so overburdened with taxes, we all could do much more. But most of us don't go around bragging about how much we donate to charity. I applaud Ms. Mitchell for her efforts, I choose to donate to causes that I believe will make a difference. We all make our own choices.


yes TCR, we all want to thank you so much for all your spare time & wisdom (donations) here. Any opportunity to throw in a straight Right, Right? Have a little Tea at your next party. If I didn't have to pay the man, I could give so much more of my spare time? Like working at a shelter? Volunteer at a hospital? Or maybe working in a food line? Maybe you could show up late and wash some clean pans. So happy to hear you donate to the charity of your choice. Some people may sit & 'donate', while others might consider the hard work of implementation as a part of their donation. Compassion. Kudos to Ms Mitchell, and all so inclined, for their efforts.

Tri-cities realist

Thank you for your insincere remarks and for assuming I was only talking about monetary donations, which I wasn't. But to go along with what you wrote, if we weren't so heavily burdened with taxes, we could work less and have more time to donate. And you have no idea how much I may or may not volunteer, so thanks again for jumping to another unfounded conclusion.


Get enough "lefts" in there 43?


Tri-Cities Realist - Actually, if you work or are a small business owner, you will have seen many tax cuts under Obama. In 2009, a tax cut went into effect taking $400/individual less off payroll checks. In 2010, worker's payroll taxes were cut by about 2% of their total earnings. In 2011, there was a tax reduction in Social Security payroll taxes. And there were about 18 various tax cuts for small businesses in 2009-2011. However, Obama did raise taxes on cigarettes and indoor tanning, so if you are a fan of either of these activities, looks like you were "heavily burdened".


Hey Lan, if Obama gets lucky and is reelected will he blame all his problems on the last four years! One good thing is he will have more latitude to work with his comrades in Russia as he told them at their last meeting.




OMG Wing has been drinking the koolaid.


Here you go folks. http://m.washingtontimes.com/new.... Tell me who is drinking koolaid!! Do a quick Google search and you will see the clips in comrade Obama's own voice. Lan and 43 I'll wait for your spinning answers. For those not decided yet, do your own research and see what you find.


8 month old 'news'. Good one wing. Here is some recent news... http://thinkprogress.org/securit...


Back room dealings with an advisory we are supposed to forget! For those watching, this is how the left plays. When facts are presented we are supposed to ignore them. It worked in 08...not this time around.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E... Colin Powell endorses Obama, says Mitt flipflops. He sure does, huh rightwing. Has Willard ever stuck to one opinion on any subject, let alone foreign policy? I agree, everyone should do their research, they will see Rmoney is smoke and mirrors, along with hate and racism. He doesn't care about you, or anyone in Michigan. Remember when he said "Let Detroit go bankrupt." http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/1... ROMNEY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU! VOTE FOR OBAMA, HE WORKS FOR THE COMMON GOOD OF ALL.


today's Rmoney comment, Elect me or the Republican House will send America into a depression http://2012.talkingpointsmemo.co...

Please throw out all Republicans that would even consider this. Oh, that would be ALL of them.


Continue to throw your slanderous, degrading comments 43, it shows your side has no issues to run on, just attacks. An incumbent president below 50% and all he has to run on is "don't vote for me for what I have done in the past, vote for what I will do in the future". No, we drank that koolaid in 08 and we want a "change and hope" not rope a dope!


Are you thinking of the Beatles song, "Back in the USSR"?


Westerners and christians in particular have a peculiar tendency of thinking that a western lifestyle and it's accoutrements are universally desired and beneficial. I've seen first hand how missionaries destroyed native cultures by bringing in seemingly harmless things like buildings and cars. I understand that you believe you're doing good. Most people don't question whether it actually does benefit native cultures in the long term. Money does not solve all problems. Neither does belief. Sometimes there is no problem, only the perception of one from a certain narrow perspective.


Spot on. Just look at the effects of forced socialization on the Native American cultures as an example of the damage that can occur thru the "benevolence" of Christian missionaries. Missionaries were responsible for stealing children from their parents and putting them into boarding style schools to strip them of their culture and identity. Missionaries were as much a pox to Native Americans as the small pox infested blankets that the army sent to the starving, freezing people who didn't want to live out their days on a reservation.....think concentration camp. Nothing is more dangerous than a self-righteous christian zealot who wants to save you from yourself.


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