OUR VIEWS: Rising health insurance costs

Nov 14, 2012


Times are tough, and increased health care costs make it even tougher.

But what are we actually doing about it as individuals?

Sure, we can seek out the most economical health insurance plans, ask for generic prescriptions and so on.

There’s more that we can do. Warning: It requires taking some ownership. And depending on your current state, it may also require a large dose of will power.

While we can’t prevent every medical ailment, we can be proactive about it by taking better care of ourselves, our bodies and our overall health.

Yes, we all know what we’re supposed to do. Unfortunately, actually doing it doesn’t always come easy.

Things such as eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise and having an annual physical are so important to our health. These things alone are proven time and time again to prevent many medical issues that end up costing everyone.

It’s no surprise that one of the factors in health insurance rate increases is based on the total expenses of all who are covered. As our population gets fatter and lazier, the extra medical costs spread to the masses.

Not many are happy with their health care premiums, co-pays or deductibles. Yet, not enough are taking care of themselves physically to help this situation.

Yes, we may be victims of a less-than-ideal health care system, but we’re not helpless.

Seek a healthier lifestyle, for the sake of you and your pocketbook.

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Wasn't Obama-care going to take care of this issue?


In the words of Billy Preston, you ain't seen nothing yet.....




Taking precautions is all fine and dandy. But when you come down with a major illness, say cancer or something that just creeps up with no warning, it is out of your control. Obamacare is not the answer one bit. There needs to a major healthcare reform though, it needs to start with hospitals charging more for one aspirin than you can go buy a whole bottle at the store. Then the insurance companies need to quit nitpicking the bills and just pay them. That is why we pay premiums to begin with, so the insurance pays it. Not too mention most insurance plans do not even pay a dime until you meet the outrageous deductibles they set. A lot of people are paying to $15,000 to $20,000 out of pocket before insurance kicks in. That is they have a family and have high monthly premiums and high deductibles, which most plans are that way now. Next medical providers need to quit giving the insurance companies breaks on the charges. Us as the patient don't get the same leisure as paying a reduced price for our care. We are expected to pay full price, all the while insurance pays small percentage of what was actually charged.


Your hitting on some truth. Insurance companies should be nit picking bills not to get out of paying for the insured, but looking for $15 bandaids. It unfortunately is easier to charge higher premiums instead of picking charges a part and contesting with hospitals and doctors.

More competition is needed not less. We all know competition makes you better, why are we trying to limit it with government health care?


Because those of us who believe that government is the answer want a quick and easy solution.....but haven't really taken the time to think it all the way through.


In some areas of the country, there are alternatives: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0....

Although it's not quite the same thing, in crowded Montgomery County, Maryland, I went with a doctor who went out on his own after being tired of having one thousand plus patients (he limited his practice to 300). I paid him a little more than $1,000 a year out of pocket - I was guaranteed an appointment with him within hours if needed; he took care of all the lab tests (in Maryland, like it will be under Obamacare, you went to a big lab and waited hours to get lab work done), he made house calls for elderly people; he had no administrative staff to speak of - an office administrator, a secretary/receptionist, and 2 nurses. He said he was never happier to be a doctor in his life - that he went to med school to heal people, not to push them through his office in a production line to keep up with insurance, government, and administrative needs. I kept my own insurance so my family and I would have catastrophic care. Welcome to Obamacare - if you have never lived in a highly populated urban area, you don't know what's coming!


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