Mayan calendar points to coming apocalypse, or does it?

Nov 24, 2012


Theorists say the world will come to an end in less than four weeks.

The Mayan calendar is said to point to the apocalypse on Dec. 21, 2012. In his blog for the Smart Living Network, E.M. Wolloff lays out his favorite theories on the subject and largely debunks them.

For starters, Wolloff said the truth is that the Mayans' way of defining time just ran out on that date.

"You see, the Mayans incorporated zero into their measurement of time and had a much larger scope of said time than we do," he wrote in "A very Mayan Christmas." "Dec. 21, 2012, marks the end of the 13th b'ak'tun of the fourth era. A b'ak'tun is equivalent to 144,000 days by our count. Thirteen of these b'ak'tun make a 'great cycle' or era."

Wolloff said the Mayans applied this way of calendaring to their spirituality in a rather unique way.

"They believed that the first three eras were a type of trial and error for their gods," he explained. "The first three iterations of the Earth weren't fit for humanity and the fourth obviously was. What makes this belief so unique is that it takes into consideration extinction events that wiped the proverbial slate clean."

To read more of Wollof's in-depth explanations and theories, click here.



Mark Brooky

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ok, maybe not the end, however they did refer to precession... hmm what is that ... one degree every 72 years... there are 360 degrees in a full rotation so that comes out to 25,920 that is 80 years short of 26k years... that is one revolution of our star thru its course.. we could go farther and discuss the Anu Nakki/ANNUNAKI and the translation of their name however the world has had many "endings" each generation has had its fill.. the real question is, did the ANNUNAKI help the Myan's discover Precession????


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