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Thumbs up to Mark Stoll ...
May 21, 2013


... for organizing the Ride of Silence, a bike ride that reminded motorists and bicyclists of the rules of the road, and to honor cyclists who have been injured or killed while riding.

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I just wish someone could (or would in a larger venue) continue to remind local motorists of something else also. Who knows, maybe even a small comment on the GH Trib website will speak volumes... . As an example: I live in a rural area. Although the homes on our street (Robinson Twp.) are nearly as close together as most homes on Robbins Rd., the speed limit on our "un-posted" street is 55mph. Being there are no sidewalks or bike paths, people walking or riding bicycles have about 4 feet of gravel shoulder (or a deep ditch) as their safe zone. Yet because of what I call the "rural attitude" many vehicles travel these rural roads at 70mph all day long. Traffic counters or the future possibility of speed limit signs and enforcement are fictional at best... so I am officially told. I suppose a serious injury or loss of life might put something on the agenda, but why does there always seem to be a minimum injury requirement before preventative issues are addressed? I am an old man. Today I had the semi-rare privilage of escorting my 5yr. old grand daughter from her bus stop (across the street) to my driveway. Standing on the gravel shoulder as it poured rain, the hoards of mosquitoes seemed to naturally find their way under my "Mary Poppin's" umbrella. As I waited on the gravel shoulder for my baby girl's bus to arrive (slapping myself silly as the tiny vampires took their toll at will), I was extremely disappointed with nearly every driver that flew past me. No opposing traffic and a clear road ahead, yet 9 out of 10 vehicles hardly gave me any room whatsoever. In fact, a few hugged the edge of the pavement tight as if they were hoping to splash me (@ 70mph) on a rainy day. I guess my point here is actually quite simple. The rules of the road are one thing, consideration for others is obviously another. Combining the two is personal responsibility. Most old men (like me) already realize there time is limited such as it is... but children... ? They have no conception of how short life actually is and big worries should be deciding between a chocolate or strawberry milkshake. So at least for the little ones... please slow down and give them room to grow old.


First of all: Thanks Mark for continuing to organize the local version of the Ride of Silence!
Second, 16damons, you are right on! It would seem, there is a real lack of common courtesy out there for your common Man! It is seen in the cowboy attitude of many folks out there that think "freedom" means you are "free" to do whatever your heart desires, regardless of the impact on those around you.
People think the speed limit is their God Given Right and oh, yeah, I can add 10 mph to it just for good measure. And do not get in my way when I am exercising my God Given Right! Stop signs, ignored, traffic lights, ignored, cruising in the left lane, I'm doing the "speed limit", see God Given Right!
I deal with the same situation on 168th in a 50mph zone. No sidewalk, minimal shoulder, then ditch. Try to take an evening stroll along this road, you are risking your life.
I also happen to ride a bike around this area. Horns, large dump trucks that deliver Chips & Bark coming across a double yellow line to threaten us, no consideration for our right to be on the road, "bike paths" that lead to no where, Black Corvettes on Lake Shore passing us going well over the speed limit (can you say compensating for lack of something else?), people passing us over double yellow lines on blind curves, passing group bike rides pulling back in the lane and slamming on the brakes. These are all things have happened, not made up. These kind of things are not just lack of consideration but vindictive intimidation! Actually, assault!
I have taken to recording many of my rides, especially those of which I may be in a group, which seems to really bring out the best in our fellow motorists, by loop function on my GoPro!
I have the Black Corvette on video! If he does it again tomorrow, the report goes to the OCSD. Ask Bark&Chips, they will come talk to you!
We all need to just chill out, slow down and take it easy!
Thank you!


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