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Thumbs down to the teens who come close to running over boardwalkers ...
Jul 25, 2013

... with your skateboards and bikes. Walkers often have to jump out the way to avoid a direct hit. Have a little respect.

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Some of the walkers are SO oblivious! Running over one or two might not be such a bad thing- maybe then they'd stop being such easy targets. If walkers want respect, they should earn it. Stop wandering along in clumps that force everyone to find another way around or bust their way through.


Honestly your comment is so childish and immature, it does not deserve a comment. Good luck.


What a jerkwad. Your parents must be sooo proud. Maybe you should take a second and read one of the signs posted down there, the ones that say the boardWALK is primarily a pedestrian area. People of all ages, genders and colors stroll on the boardWALK and they don't need to earn your respect to do that without getting run over genius.

Maybe you're not aware, but there's a skatepark by the Y for you dweebs that want to break your necks zooming around on a stick on wheels and for the bicylists if you're in a hurry I suggest riding your bike on the other side of the street where's there much less pedestrian traffic.

The only reason for skateboards and bicyclists to be zooming down the boardWALK is because it's a hoot to zoom by the old folks and scare the crap out of them. You and your kind should grow up and quit being douchebags.

I can guarantee you if you try to bust your way thru where I am walking you'll be picking yourself up off the cement and your skateboard or bike will be on it's way to the bottom of the river by the time you're back on your feet. Based on recent events standing one's ground is a perfectly legal way to defend one's self from someone attempting to harass or harm them, no matter the weapon used.

Get a clue, the boardwalk is not a racetrack or a dodge 'em course.


Assnonymiz was probably the nebbish whangdoodle who had to bike between my wife and I while walking the boardWALK. I'm with LessThan on this one. Next time there will be an elbow and your face involved, I don't care if you are 13, and ur means of transportation will be mine. U or ur demimonde hit us while walking, we sue the pants off your parents and destroy your little privileged homes. We'll see how much they love you then bucko. Wise up goof-balls, it is not all about you. What a screwed up generation...


Another example of bad parenting. I know you are getting a charge out of dissing people seeing their reaction on here but you best think twice as you can see there are a few of us that you probably don't want to clip in your little game of disrespect. Good luck.

You have been a member here for 9 hours 52 minutes. When you wake up today around noon, 1pm, think about every person you zip by in the next week. One of them could very likely be who posted here.


Thanks for sharing your opinion on this issue punk boarder. That was the first step to getting wheels banned on the pier. It is not nearly wide enough and clearly the boarders still have no respect for anyone else. Go hit the half pipe at the Y where you punks belong, and don't wear a have nothing worth protecting.


I certainly think that bikers and boarders need to give the right of way to the pedestrians on the boardwalk. However, I don't think that the adults posting here need to be name calling, threatening bodily harm, and hoping for injury to our city youth. I am confident that we are above this and our emotions and patience are sometimes stretched to the limit. Let’s please try to set a positive example and use this as a teaching experience for our youth rather than posting threats.

Anonymiz, you are very wrong in your post and your views, the pedestrians indeed do have the right of way. I ride my bike on occasion on the boardwalk and pier and a simple excuse me or announcing that I am on their right or left is 99% sufficient. When it is not I just feel bad for the close minded individual and wait until I can get around. You have to adjust your speed in these areas just as we do when driving a vehicle in residential areas. Lets all enjoy our community and what it has to offer without making enemies of each other.

Wing, you are correct that this is an issue that needs to be addressed at the dinner table.


sure lets coddle todays youth in hopes that will straighten them out.

deuce liti

I agree.
While these people totally suck, our world has become a me-first, I don't care about anybody, the whole world revolves around me, I am my own god hot mess of putrid inhumanity.

Beating the war drum because of a loser only proves you are no better and probably raised a similar kid, but are too busy working, sucked into cable tv, committing adultery, updating your facebook, tweeting about your diarrhea and finally popping pills to induce a reality coma to notice.

While your attitude may go unnoticed by said loser, you've at least stopped the cycle in your own microcosm.


I agree. When I am riding on the boardwalk, I am always courteous to those who are walking and give them the right of way. Sadly, I have seen more than my fair share of the longboarders, teens, and clueless folk who simply do not yield to pedestrians though, and it ticks me off...

That being said, it goes both ways. When I am riding on the area bike paths, I very frequently come up on groups and families just simply standing in the MIDDLE of the bike path talking. They take up the entire width and simply refuse to move for anyone even though they are looking right at you as you come up to them. I DO have a problem with these specific people. If you are just standing around talking, or taking in the scenery, please leave the path open so that others can get through without riding through the grass or hazards on the side of the bike path.

The other thing I have a problem with is the marina guests bringing a whole family worth of cars and parking them all for weeks on end in some cases, without even using them (there is one marina regular who brings three cars down there during his stay, and then only uses one the entire time he is in town). It should be limited to one car per boat.


With any sport and any vehicle there are bad people who are the exception to the norm. Lumping together anyone that rides a skateboard or longboard as a "punk" is foolish. There are plenty of respectable adults and courteous young adults who ride them.

How about we start banning tourists from driving cars in Grand Haven? I can't even count the amount of times I've almost been hit and had to swerve out of the way on a one-way or stop sign. Or are kids such an easy target we should focus all of our attention and anger at them?


Yes RU it does start at home, I'm trying to get thru to this kid and others reading that you sometimes end up paying consequences your not willing to pay.

Respect is a two way street. ..and so is the road of consequences!


I walk about 7 miles every night in the city of GH and a part of that walk is on the entire length of the boardwalk from Jackson St to the end of the pier and back. I don't notice teenagers being rude, it is more like the young 20 year olds that gang up together say and gesture rude things to all people. The other observation I have, is most people do not pay attention to staying to the right, unless you are going to pass and the groups of people who like to stand stagnant intrupting the flow of traffic. Some like to stroll, some like to roll, some like to run.. It is for all of us to enjoy and I think if we could avoid stopping traffic and all stay to the right unless you are passing, might make life more enjoyable for all of us who frequent the pier and boardwalk. At least that is what I try to do.


Agree totally, Hannah. I experience just as much or more frustration with groups of walkers who walk 3-5 abreast and do not go into single file as one approaches, causing the approaching single walker to have to go off the sidewalk and into the grass or risk getting mowed down. Kind of slows down the stride. Seems to be mostly groups of young people, seemingly oblivious. Oh well - I try to keep this in perspective and just smile and say "excuse me". Maybe someday their disrespect for others will dawn on them.


then you have the ones that have their face buried in their cell phones while walking. I enjoy "bumping" into them. I honked my horn at some young woman the other day at a stop light...light turns green and shes still typing away on the cell, i think I scared her. A air horn is in my future.


Oh - was that you? j/k


There's that bad parenting thing again. The lesson is called courtesy.


Wow. Grand Haven really never changes, does it?
First of all, I'm not a teen; I'm likely older than most people posting on here. Secondly, I live downtown and WALK on the boardwalk. My whole point was that I've seen incidents like the one described in the original complaint and that, more often than not, the people who have to "jump out of the way" have brought that on themselves by hogging the space, ignoring multiple "excuse us" requests, etc.
The mere fact that I happen to post an OPINION in the OPINION section that doesn't match up to the popular one doesn't make me childish or reflect anything about how I was raised. Quite clearly, I'm not the one here who needs to grow up.


"Running over one or two might not be such a bad thing- maybe then they'd stop being such easy targets." Advocating violence in your first post on here. If you joined just to say that, you are a Troll. You my be 'older than most' on here, but you need to grow up in your 'opinions'. I would knock you off your bike if you came at me no matter how old you are.


I'm advocating vigilance, not violence. I'm saying some walkers need to pay more attention. I also said I walk not bike.

You are in no position to judge the validity of my opinion.

The people on this thread who need to grow up are the ones who, whilst perched on their high horses AND presuming I was a minor, decided it was a good idea to gang up, call names, and threaten.


I am 43 and walk the boardwalk as well and believe me its not just kids/people on skateboards or bikes that need to get some common courtesy and common sense. Other commenters are correct in the fact its a boardWALK, so get walking or get out of the way. My kids are 10 and 13 and I still take a stroller on the boardwalk, but not for them. Its for the second time I say excuse me to somebody standing in the way and they don't move I clip their heels and say "ooops sorry". Most people are pretty fast learners. Also Michigan is a "stand your ground" state and it cost a $100 and an all day class for a CCW license, so everybody needs to get some common sense and common courtesy.


You seriously take a stroller JUST to 'clip people's heels'?? Nice dogbreath. You are a tribute to the open arms of our community to the tourists for the three months they are here. And this is the kind of bad parenting I believe Wing talks about, you are teaching your 10 and 13 year olds to be disrespectful of people just like you are. The apple never falls far from the tree.


btw, here's some local hospitality...clip my heels or my wife's (older & probably walk slower), and I 'stand my ground', and you loose your empty stroller in the Grand River.

annoyed person here

I was hit on mercury dr 2 yrs ago but a older guy on a bike. i was waliking pushing a stroller of my 3 yr old and had 3 other children walking with me. and i was prego. they guy yelled at me and called me names then took off. i didn't even hear him and besides i was walking with kids i had the right a way. if i had a phone i would of called the police.


This whole issue comes down to consideration and courtesy for others. Which is sometimes in short supply here. A statement in the previous comment kind of shows what the prevailing attitude seems to be. " i was walking with kids i had the right a way".
Granted walking with kids, and older people have to be given more consideration. But anyone having the attitude that they have more right to a public path than others is not the correct way to look at things. It's simply a good way to get yourself in trouble or hurt. And please understand, I am not condoning the actions of the gentleman mentioned in the previous post. Just making the point that it's often the "me first attitude" and being oblivious to what's going on around you that is the source of the problem. Regardless of how your getting around.


Yup, that pretty much nails it. So don't be surprised people when the "me first" attitude gets you a correction from a person who is not afraid to promptly address your narcissistic attitude on the spot!

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