Islam 101

Do we know all that much about Islam?
Nov 16, 2013

The Islamic religion has been under a microscope in the West since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, according to a blog post at

"Since then, the demand for accurate, nuanced and balanced information about Islam and Muslim people has grown, as has the number of scholars in the field," the unnamed "editor" wrote. "There is no official count, but scholars say demand and opportunity for academics who study Islam has risen significantly since 2001. Some say that jobs now outnumber qualified applicants, but note that a whole new generation of scholars is in graduate school."

The blogger says his guide will help to inform the reader about the facts of Islam, and encourage those stuck in the middle to better understand the religion. To read more, CLICK HERE.

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Shedding Blood For Allah: Pew Study Says More Than 350 Million Muslims Support Violent Jihad.


Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone!

Christians have a long running history of violence, that is still seen to this day.

And less we forget, that over 1.6 Billion people on this planet practice Islam, so if your 350 million guesstimate is correct, that's only 20%.
(I say yours, cus you tend to find the most biased reference articles on the planet, that are usually far from true, or have been picked through to spin the "truth".)

Let's not condemn a religion because of some of the followers of that religion. Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged!

(I understand the irony in some of the quotes I've put up, shut up already!)


AMEN Whatareyoutalkingabout!


Islam is a “religion” not a spiritual God fearing life; it’s more like a club for warriors in need of justification for what they do to women to satisfy their hunger for sex and other appetites of the flesh. The Quran was written to justify by those with a lust for the flesh and violence against those not born into Islam or your enemies at the moment just in case you’re really angry.
The Holy Bible is the only true book of scriptures, follow it and you will end up with your creator for eternity. Ps 23:4 “Lo, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death” does not represent a bad day, it represents the world we live in, it points out there are many things to take our eyes away from Jesus but if you resist and stay focused on Jesus at the exit of the valley (this world) you will not go wrong. Don’t waste a moment of time focusing on false prophets and phony religions such as Islam.
Does that make me intolerant of other faiths…yep and proud to claim it! Before too many pile up on me this is not saying the individuals are bad or do not deserve love and compassion they are children of God also, they are just deceived like anyone else can be so the next time you are around the deceived be loving but firm in your convictions and speak the truth so that you might lead them to an eternal rest with God.


Yup, I'm pretty sure, based on my experience, that intolerance is a BIG part of Christianity. Having been raised Catholic I never could wrap my head around the fact that Catholics think they're the only ones going to heaven and the rest of the planet is what? going to hell??? (if you ain't dutch, you ain't much?)
I find it hard to believe that a benevolent, loving god would create a world full of people and then tell 90% of them that they're screwed before they ever get started, but hey, if you want to make an exclusive club out of life ever after than knock yourself out.
Don't ask me what I think of missionaries either.....that's the devils work.


you might remember that God will reveal himself to all, it's up to him to decide how and when so 100% of the people will have the opportunity to know God IS God and confess a saving claim of faith in Jesus as their Lord even a moment before the end of the world, it is incorrect to state that anyone will spend eternity in Hell for no apparent reason for all flesh will see him.


It doesn't just make you intolerant of other faiths...

It makes you an idiot!


Wolverine: Why do YOUR beliefs/feelings/opinions, whatever you want to call it, disgust and offend me way more than the fear-driven ignorance you're trying to sell me on?


We understand the Religious extremists, not the Muslim populace.

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