Divas tackle tacos

The Lakeshore Dining Divas recruited a guest to help them sample and review the fare of one of Grand Haven's Mexican restaurants last week.
Nov 30, 2013
"One of our Facebook followers had suggested we review Arturo's Tacos in Grand Haven," the divas wrote. "However, none of us had ever been there before. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to discover more about this relatively new business in town. Would it hold up to the discriminating palate of someone who grew up feasting on first-rate authentic Mexican cuisine?"
One of the divas, Bari, showed off her Spanish to explain to the restaurant's owner that they would need a large take-out order.
“He and his wife, Ruby, were happy to oblige and said they would have it ready for us to pick up."
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Diva's tackle tacos? There's so many ways to respond to that heading that I'm completely stymied on which way to go. Besides, if I say anything about chubby cougars again, Lani will be all over my stuff....
I guess I'll just say that Arturo's place makes some d*** fine tacos. I prefer the corn shells myself, but either the mexican or american style tacos are a treat. His burritos are killer too. Now that Rios is gone Arturo is the only one left in this area who makes real mexican fare.


I was thinking the same thing... Just didn't want to say it... ;)

I'm gonna have to check out Arturo's soon, but not because of the 'divas' (I doubt they can tell the difference between good food and the hole in their @*$). Thanks for the good review.

Oh and a quick update since I remember you saying you were interested in how the whole bike accident thing went... I finally settled with the insurance company for $5,630 for property damage to the bicycle (check is finally on its way), and I kept the PIP open for any future medical stuff that pops up (they tried so hard to sign a release on that). So it looks like I will be building an exact copy of my old bike, only the frame will be red this time (the 2014 models of that frame only come in maroon).


Cool beans! Glad to hear that it worked out for ya. I can't imagine spending that much cash on a bike these days, but I understand why you do.....back in 1977, when I was doing serious touring, I bought a Motobecane Grand Jubilee from Breakaway bikes, back when they were up on Sherman in Muskegon. I spent almost $500.00 on it, which was a fare amount of cash for a bike back then and people who knew how much I spent on it thought I was nuts. Well, 35 years, 20,000+ miles and several rebuilds later, it's still a pleasure to ride, although I can't do the distances I used to do. These days I'd love to get one of those big fat tire bikes I've been seeing around town the last year or two, but I was told they want two grand for one of those bikes and I can't justify that either on a fixed income. So I'm kinda stuck on what to do. Riding the GJ around town isn't fun because I have to spend 80% of the ride dodging pot holes and cracks.

Anyhow, glad you're gonna get a quality replacement. Now...stay the h*** away from that intersection and always make eye contact before you make a move. Have fun with the build!


LTA - I wondered when you would comment, you being a self-proclaimed Mexican food gourmand and all, and am pleased you refrained from bringing up the chubby cougar thing again, but am displeased that it seems the only reason you didn't is not because you think it is unfair, uncouth, incorrect, or breaks all rules of etiquette, but because you think I will be all over your stuff.

As to your last statement, whoa, buddy. Forget the chubby cougar reference, you're going to really get some hackles up with that one.


Ettiquette, blah. We're eating tacos. You don't drink froo froo wine with tacos, you have a margarita or something similar. Let's get real.....I don't know why these dining "divas" keep showing up in the online paper, good connections I'd guess, but I do find their "reviews" a hoot. I seriously question their qualifications to do a critique of any restuarant when one of their members doesn't like to eat anything but meat and taters.....like we can't tell that by the pic. Thanks to someone else's comment about their bad experience at the Aboreal Inn I had to go read the whole blog and there's so much fodder there for comment that I blew a fuse.

As to my last statement, it was an opinion and it was mine. You can have a different one and that's fine. Dining and food in general is a subjective experience and everyone's pallet is different. Heck, every restaurant has it's good and bad days and I don't diss any place until I've ate there at least twice because anybody can have a bad day. There's no reason for any rational adult to have a problem with my opinion on local mexican restaurants. If someone else's idea of good mexican food is a burrito from Vics, or Taco Bell, then have at it. I won't be there to slow you down.

And besides Ms Lani....these other guys are saying things that are much less nice than my chubby cougars remark...how come you're not all up in their stuff too???


Did you read the entire article? I think these ladies are wonderful, and I enjoy their observations about their restaurant experiences - their "qualifications" don't really enter into the equation for me, as I feel their mission goes beyond just an ordinary food review, but highlights the whole enchilada - the camaraderie, fellowship, and ambiance of dining with friends in a local setting. I would think with all your bellyaching about the degree of political discussion, you would enjoy something more digestible.

Looks like I got your gastronomic juices flowing with my 'whoa buddy' comment! Maybe it will counteract the tryptophan overdose symptoms you seem to be exhibiting lately (you can only use the cold excuse just so long). As for your last question regarding my getting up in your stuff(ing), I'm sure there must be a logical explanation. Barring that, I just guess it's your lucky day.


Yes my dear I read the whole article and yes, I understand what you're saying about them having fun and not taking them too seriously. Believe me, I don't, but if you're gonna put yourself out there because of a need for attention then you've gotta realize that there are gonna be jerks that can find a lot to make fun of here too...

Further more dear lady, I never have said that I'm an authority on Mexican cusine. I like what I like, not unlike most other folks. I don't profess to have any leg up on the rest of the mexican food loving contingent. As far as these dining divas go though I find them humorous and pretentious. I'm fairly sure I can find better food out there than I see on the plates on their website, for a lot less money. They seem to equate the quality of their meals with how much it costs, which simply is a failed premise. I find that most people I run into who have more money than imagination spend their money on things to impress other people...."I paid $xxx.xx for this so it must be good".....

I will say that if I'd ever had any inclination to visit the Arboreal Inn I'd think more than twice about visiting after reading their review. There's no way on God's green earth that I sit and wait an hour for an entre to arrive. Also, If they're going to continue on with this blog then I guess I'd suggest to them to use a 4 or 5 star rating system so the review they supply has some meaning. No where in the article on Auturo's can I find a actual rating of their experience.

Ok. Tryptophan symptoms or not, it's time to give the dog a bath. Must be my lucky day!

deuce liti

If there's one thing I've learned over the years that I desperately must pass on to my son, it's this:

"Diva" and "Taco" are synonymous.


Good one!


I have a suggestion. Since the diva's had that bad experiance at the Aborreal Inn seems they have now resorted to take out. I would suggest these old gals try out the Embassy. They can get some real food reasonably priced as well. Seems they like there booze, we could set them up with a couple pitchers of bud and maybe a few shots of Jack. Show them a good time. Myself I am a coffee/soda guy, borring. While I may not be gay I do know a thing or two about food. I could even host but I am currently out of the county on a hunting trip.

Barry Soetoro

Good point but they look like Pabst girls to me.

Michael Johnson

Is it a good thing that our society now endorses people with absolutely no professional qualifications whatsoever as critics of things like restaurants, movies, etc.? It is one thing to have "opinions" - it is entirely another to market those opinions with official connections to a professional publication. This is not about "freedom of speech" - this is about dumbing down society by allowing people to annoint themselves "experts" on subjects about which they have no actual expertise. If I want a restaurant review I can trust, I'll read the opinion of someone who has some sort of official qualifications involving food/business knowledge tested in the actual restaurant world. If no such individuals are available, perhaps a professional publication should either look to hire such an individual, or simply accept that there is no one locally qualified to serve in such a capacity. I would hate to think my restaurant (if I were a restaurant owner) could have its reputation damaged because the local newspaper saw fit to allow people with no actual food or restaurant knowledge to critique my restaurant and then have that critique published as an official commentary on my restaurant's quality. No-nothing comments on Yelp are one thing - no one actually believes those are anything more than uninformed opinions. But running these "blogs" as a newspaper column lends credibility to these restaurant "outings" as official reviews when, in fact, there seems to be nothing qualifying these people as actual restaurant/food evaluators.


Yeah, well said, that's what I meant.... :-)

plus they're a bit pretentious for my tastes, but hey, they're having fun pretending.....


I ain't a Diva, and I ain't a Cougar, but if folks shy away from the Arboreal Inn because of their review they are missing out on a gem of a restaurant. Although I like the Inn uncrowded, which their review may support, it does not accurately reflect the many experiences my wife and I, family, and friends have had at the Arboreal Inn under the new ownership.


I agree with your comment 90% (the exception being your assertion you ain't a diva). Your experiences mirror mine, the Arboreal Inn being a favorite for special dinners for many years spanning three separate owners. The new owners have not disappointed - I missed the Divas' review, but think it a shame they had a bad experience at what I consider a really good restaurant in a unique setting.


So I'm a Cougar? But I digress - just hated to see nice owners and a good restaurant given short shrift by these publicity hounds and their metro-sexual boy toy.


No. I agreed with your assertion that you ain't a Cougar. At least not by my definition, which often is very different from yours.


Thanks - by mentioning diva but not cougar you had me worried.


What, you worry? Actually, considering all variables that factor into the equation, the term sugar daddy seems more appropriate than cougar, but I digress...


Vlad, what if Obama stopped in at the Arboreal for taco? Would it change your opinion? I bet you can find out if he has been there on the internet.


No Wagyu beef tacos at Arboreal - Obama would be at Cygnus 27 or Ruth's Chris.


Ooh, la la! You're quite snooty about your dining.

The Jolly Thinker

Nasty comments about weight? Check.
Nasty comments about appearance? Check.
Nasty comments about age? Double check.
Presumption that these women will say nothing that is worth your listening to? Check.

Thanks, gentlemen, for telling us ladies that we are WORTHLESS unless you find us physically attractive.

Sexism: alive and well in America.

Barry Soetoro

Definitely. I was going to comment that only men should critique taco stands but didn't want to get a stern talking to from Lani.


Right (reply to BS). Like you never get into my stuff. Just to show I do have a sense of humor....How do you make a taco stand? By taking it's chair.

See - wouldn't you rather have had a stern talking to?

Barry Soetoro

I appreciate brilliant people like you.


Oh lord, now you've gone and done it! ;-O


There I was, basking in the glow, thinking that that sweet and insightful Barry Soetoro really does have a clue, when along comes LTA and bursts the bubble and with a few choice words, totally blanches the ambiance of the moment. >:-(


Awww c'mon, I was just funnin' ya....

Plus, I was concerned you'd have trouble getting thru doors if I didn't bring you back to earth. Consider it a personal favor. :-)


I appreciate brilliant people like you!


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