LETTER: Let's help our own

Homeless go without eating. Elderly go without medications. Mentally ill go without treatment. Troops go without equipment. Veterans go without benefits that were promised.
Dec 4, 2013

Yet we donate billions to other countries, and excessive immigration, before helping our own first.

Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

- Norma Cook of Spring Lake Township


Say no to new taxes

I couldn't agree with you more. Let's put America first for a change in 2014!


It's sad how Oproah is always over in South Africa helping that country while there are tons of hungry people in this country. Charity begins at home.


agree 100%. No more foreign aide!! Tax money needs to stay here. Chairty should be for these other 3rd world problems.

Real estate maven

Stated well and right on point. Well intentioned churches and celebrities want to build homes in Haiti and Mexico and adopt Chinese orphans. Anybody driven the West side of Chicago lately, or even Muskegon or Benton Harbor? I won't even mention the obvious debacle in once mighty Detroit. The US is not the economic powerhouse it once was and accordingly just can't afford to attempt the pull the whole world out if poverty anymore. Let's get our own standard of living back to where it should be rather than pour billions of dollars outside our borders.


Although I agree with Norma Cook's letter to a degree, it should be pointed out to the commenters who advocate for no more foreign aide that foreign aide amounts to about 1-1.5% of the entire federal budget - $40-49 billion annually, which is a drop in the bucket when the federal budget is around $1 Trillion.

To put this into perspective, the Republican-led, 16-day government shutdown, which accomplished nothing whatsoever, cost the Federal government and US economy $40 billion+.

Barry Soetoro

I knew you'd find a way to sneak in a line about those nasty R's and their shutdown! Have I told you that I appreciate brilliant people like you?


Yes, you have - twice now (but who's counting?). To quote Vlad, "I may swoon".

But at 7:40 a.m. this morning, you complained that you felt short-changed because I had not mentioned R's or D's in my comments of last night, so I felt compelled to do so today - just trying to be brilliant!


It should also be pointed out that the disaster known as Obamacare, which is forcibly taking money from some families to give it to others, will cost between $1.6 and $2.6 Trillion over the next 10 years, causing more than 50,000,000 Americans to lose the health insurance they like and forcing them to purchase plans they neither want nor need at higher prices, with higher deductibles and out of pocket expenses, and in narrow networks that will cause them to lose the doctors and hospitals they like.

Also, although the President's lie about the cost of Harry Reid's shutdown has been thoroughly discredited (and even Obama didn't claim $40 billion) notwithstanding the repetition of the big lie it was Harry Reid who refused to deal with the spending bill passed by the House (its Constitutional responsibility), and it was Harry Reid and the Democrats who refused to follow the normal appropriations process and thereby shut down the government.

Now that folks have been made aware of how badly they were lied to by Obama and the Democrats on Obamacare, maybe they will re-examine the many other lies they have been fed by this regime.


I'll know it's time to pack it in when you begin declaring that Obama himself will be taking money from families, forcibly, with guns he singlehandedly took when shredding the Constitution.

I stand corrected. I was not aware that the new, improved, vastly less egregious cost to the taxpayer for the Republican-led government shutdown is now estimated at $24 billion rather than $40 billion.

Since we are all pretty certain how you feel about Obamacare, how do you feel about this actual Our View viewpoint?


The $24 billion is still a mythical number, including, for example, the lost pay of federal employees who were fully paid. I added Obamacare to the response since you saw fit to add the equally non-germane government shut-down with liberal snark about Republicans.

I agree with the letter, and particularly find it offensive that we are giving money to governments and movements that are hostile to us and to our allies.


Regime...what do you think this is Cuba or Iran? Such double talk! I don't even want to get started! Back to the article at hand. I agree that more money should be spent locally and less abroad. BUT, having said that I understand the need for instilling democracy and giving aid to foreign counties.


Regime: Noun

"1. a government, especially an authoritarian one." Oxford Dictionary


Hmmm, a button down dictionary.


Vlad: Noun

"1. lack of original thought. 2. numbskull." Internet dictionary of make it up stuff.


I've been saying "help ourselves first" for decades now, before giving out hundreds of Billions of dollars to everyone else around the globe. The U.S. could have easily brought "ALL" of our infrastructure up to date and keep it on a regular maintenance schedule and even have found some money to aid others around the world to some extent. But, why does this government "Think" and "Assume" that it's OK to put our country further and further in debt by giving obscene amounts of money to others instead of using it to take care of necessities our country has here at home? Is this the way responsible wealthy people manage their money, by depleting all of their money assets and then going to all the financial institutions to borrow more money than they can afford to pay back and they end up giving the borrowed money to everyone they know while their roof has huge leaks, their paved driveway is completely broken up, their water pipes are leaking everywhere but they can't afford to fix them correctly, they had to cut back to eating only 2 meals a day and have to go to free food pantries just to get the most basic food, and their vehicle is so old it just keeps breaking down so they have to use Public Transportation and just to catch a ride have to walk two miles to the closest bus stop even in the winter. Does this sound about right?

Why we American Citizen's let our Government continue to keep racking up Trillions and Trillions of dollars more debt is beyond my comprehension. This can only go on for so long without a major financial catastrophe taking place one much larger than this country has ever seen or imagined. And, when this financial devastation does take place and it will take place, it's only a matter of time, unless, unless the American People wake up and take the action "necessary" to put this country back on track and even then, it may be just too late and we'd have to start from scratch. And, that wouldn't and won't be pretty at all.

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