A grand time for the divas

The Lakeshore Dining Divas went downtown with a guest who really knows the business.
Dec 28, 2013

Chef Char joined the divas for their recent visit to the Grand Seafood & Oyster Bar in downtown Grand Haven.

"For those unfamiliar with this delightful restaurant, it is memorable for two reasons," the divas wrote in their latest restaurant review. "First, it is housed in the lobby of the former Grand Theatre; and second, it is home to Grand Haven’s first sushi bar!"

Guest diva Char is the executive chef at Best Choice Market in Ludington, a culinary classroom teacher through Spartan Stores in Grandville and a frequently featured guest chef on WZZM-TV, and she shares recipes on her own blog at chefcharmorse.com.  

"I was delighted to see the large marquis outside the restaurant, and that such a distinguishable theater feature was chosen to remain preserved and incorporated into the restaurant theme and appearance," Char noted.

To read the full review, CLICK HERE.

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Again? I wonder if I could create a random blog about my cycle-tours and the condition of Michigan's bike routes would the Tribune feature that?


Hey SM! yeah, obviously these gals have a relative or some inside connection to the Tribune as there is certainly no other possible reason for putting them online every month or so to share their unprofessional opinions on where they go to eat (unprofessional because they are neither chefs or restaurateurs, from what I've read....).
Heck I could do the same thing and it'd hold just as much weight in the culinary world as these "divas" opinions. I just can't imagine who out there would care what I think about where I go to eat...I can't afford to go to all these upscale places anyhow and I doubt anybody needs a review of Texas Road House, or Applebee's.

Actually SM, having been a serious biker in my younger years, I'd be a lot more interested in reading about your bike tours and opinions on the state's bike routes, than dining diva's, so if you ever decide to do a blog, give out a hollar here and let us know.

Also, it'd be kinda cool if the Trib put together and published a list of local folks blogs. That might make for some real interesting reading. Of course, they should have to ask for permission before publishing links and names, but if they've got all this time to devote to these ladies, then they probably could find time to develop that list too.


I am seriously considering it. I always thought a blog, or even a youtube series about riding my bicycle to different towns and scenic locations off the beaten path and talking about what there is to do in those places would be quite neat. Only problem is, I have next to no writing skills, lol.

Btw, I spent the last two nights assembling the new bike from the ground up. Close to what I had before, but with a few small changes. It looks NICE (I actually like it much better than my last one), and it rides nice too (at least on the rollers indoors). Only thing I am waiting on are the hand-made custom wood fenders from a guy in Oregon; they should be here next week some time. I will post photos once it is 100% complete.

Still no luck in the job search though, but I am trying not to stress too much about it at the moment, just keep applying to everything that comes along. And for those that wondered why I would build a fancy bike when I am jobless, the insurance company wanted copies of receipts, and on top of that, the amount of gas I save with the bike is staggering and it will quickly pay itself off in savings alone.


"Only problem is, I have next to no writing skills, lol".

Ha, well, you probably do, but tell ya what....you write what you want to say and then I'll edit it for you! LOL! It won't be perfect, but it'd be fun. I've been writing a novel for years that'll probably never get finished, so dealing with a smaller project might be less fustrating.

As far as the job search goes, there's not much I can say from where I'm standing that wouldn't be a downer. The only thing I can offer for encouragement is to not give up. There'll be days you want to, but those days just take a deep breath, go ride the bike and pretend things are ok until they really are again.
You can always change up your resume format and try some different styles of Cover Letters if for no reason other than to keep yourself engaged in the process....you never know what'll catch somebodies attention.
Good luck man and what something clicks make sure you hollar. I hate not knowing how the story ends.


OMG this a clear review that the staff knew they were coming. From all the times I have been to several of the Loftis restaurants, All I have witness is the so called manager Ellen not friendly with any of the patrons. I have never observed Ellen ask anyone "how the food or service was" usually she is sitting in the corner what appears to be texting on her phone. The food is at best mediocre. I will say they do have several staff members that try so hard to do a excellent job, but has no support from the top down. What loftis's restaurants needs is "Bar Rescue" to evaluate his restaurants and bars. Loftis knows he has a monopoly on the business and that needs to change to get any change in this business.


I completely agree with this comment. Grand Haven is a restaurant desert. I know servers who work at these places who wouldn't eat there.
Muskegon has a few good options, but grand rapids is necessary if you want real food and service. For the life of me I don't understand why....

Former Grandhavenite

These ladies need to up the quality of the restaurants they review if they want to be taken seriously as food critics. Places like the Arboreal Inn and Grand Oyster Bar are ok, but they need to step up to places of a higher caliber like Ray's and especially, Pronto Pups. Of course, any serious Tri-Cities area foodie knows that Dog N Suds is worth the drive to Norton Shores.


Hope they go to McDonald's. I was thinking of trying it out and it would be nice to hear what they think.


And it goes something like this?

'On a recent trip to the Norton Shores Dog N Suds, we were greeted by a gracious host who showed us our table. Our water glasses were promptly filled and our waiter greeted us. We had before dinner drinks (both were marvelous coke products with extra syrup and easy on the carbonation thank you) and the waiter brought us a treat from the chef before we ordered. We brought our own wine ($15 corkage which is reasonable in Norton Shores) and it was decanted for us. We ordered the four course tasting meal, thinking it was the best way to experience this new place for us and we both prefer the fries scraped from partially eaten leftovers. (Saves us the hassle of putting catsup on as the previous diners generously applied the condiments). The entree's were beautifully prepared and were just yummy. Dessert was excellent as well. My wife had the pre-digested brownie and I had the apple pie hockey puck. The atmosphere was perfect for conversation, as we were the only patrons in the place. The interior was warm and inviting. Really just a very very nice place to have a wonderful dinner.'


You're hired!


for the love of all that is holy....make these women go away...Im not kidding, this is such stupid nonsense, reviews NO ONE cares about, in establishments that are aware they are coming. These woman are not a positive representation of your average diner in GH....dont they realize they are a laughing joke? NO ONE cares what they have to say...get a hobby ladies, go to GR and "review" there...you will be LAUGHED out of town


There are so many in this world who just want to bring others down. These divas write "opinions" on their dining experiences; they never claimed to be professionals! They enjoy each others company, a meal and want to share their experience with others. Why do you guys have to be so negative? If it is something you prefer not to read - then DON'T. I happen to enjoy reading about their experiences...but then again...that is MY "opinion".


oh... she's a diva!


Again with the reading comprehension....my dear lady the real problem here, in my opinion of course, isn't that these ladies are writing a blog. I have no problem with their blog, heck I used to write my own blog, but that was for family (my daughter was in the Army, in Germany at the time) friends and the occasional surfer who stumbled onto my site thru some search for meaningful content.

The real problem here is the Trib's pandering to these females on a monthly basis. I'm sure there are a dozen other folks in the area that write blogs that may, or may not, be interesting to read, but we never hear about them do we? Why are these women given a pubic forum that others who do the same thing are not given?

I've already suggested here and to them via email about putting together a list of area folks with blogs and publish the list, highlighting one blog a month, or even one a week if there's enough local bloggers to support that premise, BUT to keep giving these ladies all this free press, time and time again, puts them up for ridicule. It's become a running joke on here and you can thank the tribune for that. If they shared their blog with their friends and families and left it at that no one would be the wiser and there'd be no "public outcry" over this silliness.

As I've said before, do whatever you want, as long as it's not illegal of course, but don't make me watch. And yes, it's probably silly to have this much debate about non-news, but it's more fun to take sophomoric jabs at them then to discuss the state of Washington D.C.s politics and the neverending parade of liars and thieves that hang out there.

See ya right back here in about a month. :-)


Your suggestion seems like a good one, until the pudding sets up. After the monthly skewering and grilling these Dining Divas are served, it's dicey as to how many bloggers would want to get as roasted. The Dining Diva's show true grit(s)...I bet they voted for Obama!


You're baiting me so I'm going to ignore that last comment and address the first one.

I really don't think there'd be a "skewing" going on if the same blog wasn't repeatly getting prime billing. With a variety of different blogs to read, it might actually be interesting to learn about the lives of folks in our community and there'd eventually be something for everyone. There'd be about 97% less of a reason to diss any blog because we'd only see it here once and then, if you want to read more, you'd have to put the addy in your favorites for future readings.

Really what we should do next month is completely ignore the article. With no hits going to the ads on that page there'd be a lot less reason to keep publishing them. I'm sure the Trib and the Diva's are sitting back, giggling about all the attention they're getting here.
Dale Earnhardt used to say, "I don't care if they cheer or boo, as long as they keep making noise. When I walk out and it's quiet, my career is over". Same deal here albeit on a much smaller level.

That's my last word on this subject, I promise!


Anything the Tribune publishes that doesn't mention deer in the city or someone in a tizzy over trees being cut down / trimmed is a step in the right direction. Then again, I moved here because there isn' t enough "news" to fill two pages of paper on a daily basis. I guess if this is the biggest controversy in town today it's another good day to live in GH.


Now I have been critical of these old gals in the past myself. I have to admire the ability to take the heat and keep on going. If they don't read these comments I am sure they here a thing or two. As was stated read what you like if you dont like it dont read it. Myself I rarely venture west of 31. I may ride my Harley on a hot summer night to catch the fountian, but that would be it. (The ice cream shop along the boardwalk is the best) It is fun to read about these places I never new existed. Its kind of like learning about a different culture. I am sure if anyone had anything meaningfull to contribute that folks would enjoy hearing about, the paper would consider. They need a little more content. As was stated wild deer ravashing downtown, christmas lights go out, sewerplants that stink. This stuff is news. How lucky we are.


I don’t know where the diva’s or their guest chef got their sushi palates from but the Grand has some of the “WORST” sushi I have ever tasted and I have had sushi all over the world. The key to excellent sushi is the rice and most good sushi chefs take up to two years as under-study making rice. I have tried to give the Grand the benefit of doubt by going there 3 times over the past two years and the sushi is still God awful. If you want great local sushi go to the Japanese steak house at the Muskegon mall. If you want great/cheap sushi go to East Lansing right off the MSU campus. There’s a little place in a strip mall, “EXCELLENT”


This is the 'Wurst' double posting I have ever read and I have read.................


I don’t know where the diva’s or their guest chef got their sushi palates from but the Grand has some of the “WORST” sushi I have ever tasted and I have had sushi all over the world. The key to excellent sushi is the rice and most good sushi chefs take up to two years as under-study making rice. I have tried to give the Grand the benefit of doubt by going there 3 times over the past two years and the sushi is still God awful. If you want great local sushi go to the Japanese steak house at the Muskegon mall. If you want great/cheap sushi go to East Lansing right off the MSU campus. There’s a little place in a strip mall, “EXCELLENT”


This is the 'Wurst' double posting I have ever read and I have read................

deuce liti

I don't think they're going away. Reminds me of when Homer Simpson became a food critic with hilarious results: "I could even eat a baby deer fa la la la"

If a group of men did this (or anything these days) would they be considered misogynists? Misogyny Menu Mammoths?


After the divas review Ray's and Dog N Suds, move on down the road to Russ'. Can't wait to hear that review.


Still waiting for the "Dining Dudes".


Listen everyone, these lady's are VERY old. They have eaten food EVERYDAY of their ancient lives. Thats a lot of food people. That makes them experts in food. Good work dining divas. Keep on dining.


A diva is a distinguished female singer, such as an opera singer. Can these ladies even carry a tune? I am curious as to why they call themselves divas. Hmmm.......By the way...where is Dog n Suds located in Norton Shores? I am only familiar with the one on the White River in Montague.


Just beyond (northeast) the Cinema Carousel on Old Grand Haven Rd. - on the same side. Where is the one in Montague?


On the right side of the road, just past the bridge if you're coming into Montague from Whitehall.


There is, or there was (haven't been there in awhile) a little ice cream joint right on the North side of the Norton Shores Dog 'n' Suds lot that makes really good chocolate malts....least that's what I've heard :-)


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