Walking: the natural exercise

Sandy Parker says her new year’s resolution is to get back into "some serious walking."
Jan 18, 2014


The Spring Lake yogi said she used to average 20-30 miles a week walking or running back and forth to work.

"Now that I work so close to home, it’s down to about 10 miles per week, and I’ve noticed a little creeping up of weight, even though I actively teach every day," Parker noted in a recent post on her On the Path Yoga blog.

Parker lists the reasons we should exercise, and that walking is an ideal, "natural" way to do it.

"Walking should be so natural and habitual that we don’t need to think about form or distance," she wrote.

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turn that walk into a run and you won't have to spend as much time doing it


Right. Turn that run into a bike ride and be done even faster! I think however we might be missing the point of the walk though.....


I wish the city would keep the whole boardwalk clear in the winter and that the DNR would keep the state park section clear all the way to the pier. The equipment is available...just needs to be part of their work schedule.


It's actually quite good for you to walk on uneven surfaces if you physically are able to! I have YakTrax and even ice spikes to allow me to walk on slippery or snowy surfaces. Challenge yourself! Many sidewalks, especially downtown Grand Haven are clear for those that cannot maintain balance and stability.


Hey, LTA - Ask (more blogs), and ye shall receive.


Well, Looky there Lani!! I'll be doggone.

Now this blog is interesting and contains useful information AND it's someone local, we didn't have to import anything or anyone......

Way to go Tribune. I'm going to say, at the risk of seeming arrogant... good job Trib people listening to your (free, i.e. cheap) readership!

Once a week, or once a month, either way, great!

I can even personally use this blog, as I used to do yoga back when I was a serious bicycle tourer. A 20 minute work out before and at the end of a 50 mile ride and I never had a pulled or even sore muscle as long as I stuck to my yoga regime. It occurs to me that these days a renewed interest in yoga might be a good idea, cut down on the stiffness that seems to come with a more mature age...I believe I may contact this lady and see about taking some instruction, or at least see what she has to offer a decrepit old curmudgeon.

Good job Trib! This makes up for a lot of those spelling errors and grammar issues. :-)


Great comments! Thanks!
You are right, LessThanAmused, the point wasn't to make the distance quickly by running, but rather to reset my habitual misalignments--which can only be done slowly and with quite a bit of focus.

Any type of movement is good for you if it is done with attention to how our bodies are designed. Any type of movement that doesn't do that, and especially if we repeat that movement throughout the day, will eventually do harm. So running is great, but running, say, with our head held forward, shoulders slumped, and pelvis tucked will eventually do damage to the body. Just like out of aligned wheels will wear out tires. Look back through my blog entries for more about running.

I teach all levels and would welcome you into my yoga studio, On The Path Yoga. Check out the schedule!


"I teach all levels and would welcome you into my yoga studio, On The Path Yoga. Check out the schedule"!

Thanks I will do that, but I fear that cost will be a huge factor. These days I'm retired and living on a very fixed income that doesn't allow for a whole lot more than the basics.

I have bookmarked your blog and will go thru it as I have the time. It's been years since I did yoga seriously and I'm sure I'd have to start over from the beginning again. A task that is never easy.


I totally appreciate your financial restrictions--it was one reason why I didn't go to a yoga class for years. My prices are the lowest around, however, and I offer an adaptive chair yoga class with a senior discount. Also, if you are over 60, look at Four Pointes offerings! They have VERY reasonable prices and offer both chair and gentle mat yoga several times per week. Thanks for your interest and response, LTA!

Barry Soetoro

And besides, he'd be "the" old guy in there breaking wind......


Yeah, I dropped into Four Points once awhile ago and was less than impressed. The lady I talked to wasn't all that helpful. Plus, I don't like hanging around with old farts just because I are one too... :-)

Do you have a website maybe with some more info on classes and prices than I can find on the blog?? I'm not so worn out that I need to do yoga in a chair....I still ride a bike (in warm weather) and walk almost every day so cost is my only real concern.


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