Dining Divas dig into steak special

The Lakeshore Dining Divas drove a little north for their latest restaurant review.
Jan 25, 2014

Lured by C.F. Prime's "Twosday" special on Tuesday nights at the C.F. Prime Chophouse & Wine Bar, the Divas braved snow and ice on Jan. 14 to visit this Muskegon steakhouse.

"Priced at two entrees for $30, the Tuesday night special features a petite filet mignon, the house salad and your choice of an "Accessory" (11 side dishes ranging from mashed, baked or sweet potatoes, to vegetables, to macaroni and cheese)," so they note in their review.

"With the exception of Bari, who opted for the Jumbo Seared Scallops as her dinner entree, all of the Divas — plus our three Guest Divas — chose the special. Because we'd heard that portions were generously sized, we didn't order an appetizer to share."

To read the full review, CLICK HERE.

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Tri-cities realist

Oh boy, the article we've all been awaiting. They have "guest divas" now?


I'm not clicking the link to support these clowns, but C.F. Prime is poor at best.

When will this monthly madness stop?

Barry Soetoro

I clicked the link because I like to abuse myself. Though I was secretly hoping their blog would follow up that they were some of the lucky ones that got botulism or whatever this place was spreading from a dirty kitchen a few weeks ago - followed by individual detailed descriptions of the gastrointestinal fireworks that followed. There's always next month....


LOL. Barry I read this and I get a picture of you in my mind as a "Dobby" type creature, gleefully rubbing his twisted little hands together while smiling that evil little smile. :-)

Barry Soetoro

Throw in "wearing a Choom-Choom Gang t-shirt" and you would have nailed it.


Maybe for their next review they can travel to Georgia and review the mess. http://www.armytimes.com/article...


Maybe they can stay there and terrorize those local papers.


Probably not in those outfits, even though boots are involved, but the mess might not meet their standards.

Former Grandhavenite

Going to a "high end" steakhouse has always seemed like a waste of money to me. While it takes skill to cook a steak just right, it's not like it's out of reach for the average cook at home to do at a fraction of the price. Honestly if you take a decent cut of meat and throw it on the grill (even a George Foreman indoor electric will do a decent job), and use a thermometer to get the inside rare, but not too rare, you can make a really good steak without too much effort. This is even more true nowadays when restaurants are afraid to cook a steak rare because of the fear of lawsuits and health code issues.

If I'm going to pay big bucks to eat somewhere nice, I'd rather get something that's more complex and time-consuming to prepare that I'd never be able to do on my own. To each their own though.

Real estate maven

These women and this monthly "feature" is embarrassing. Too bad the editor and staff can't see this.

Beach Gal

You can say that again.


I'm telling ya, one of these women is married to someone high up on the Tribune's staff. That is the only logical reason for the repeated posting of this drivel.


http://www.grandhaventribune.com... and this is where they dine...what a JOKE!

Barry Soetoro

The fact that they ordered the two-for special seems so beneath these classy ladies. Next month how about scoping out G&L for us??


I'm waiting for the raving Ray's review, they can get quite a bargin on their 75 cent Tuesdays.


Dang, seems I'm late to the party. After a day filled with hours of snow blowing this is just what I needed to see for a good laugh!

Not one to shy away from a train wreck when I see one, I read the blog and checked out the pictures. I've never been to this place and probably never will after looking at those pics. That petite Mignonne entree is one pathetic looking plate. If I was paying good money to eat out and someone plopped that in front of me I'd be less than a happy camper.

I know I've said it before, but since 2006 or so, when we first discovered Texas Road House, I've never been able to find a better place to go for a consistently good salad, steak and sides meal. Numerous times in the last 8 years we've tried different places to get a steak, both in and out of state, and every time, without fail, we end up looking at each other and saying "should've went to the Roadhouse....".

Next time we go I'm taking a pic of my meal, the onion blossom and the salad and gonna upload it so y'all can compare whatever it is that's on that plate in their blog, to what a real entree looks like....Heck, I'd go there just to eat a meal of their delicious mushrooms. An Onion Blossom, (or other appetizer of your choice), a large, crisp and cold salad with your dressing of choice and a 10oz Rib-eye, smothered in their huge button mushrooms just can not be beat....I.M.H.O. of course.......I'm sure T.R.H. is too classless for the Diva's, but when I got out to eat, I got out to eat, not to show off my jewelry and 400 dollar boots. High-priced froo froo food is for people more intent on style than substance.

As for the Tribunes insistence on promoting these Diva's.....I was gonna cut them some slack on a couple other articles here that are travesties of journalism and editing, but if I gotta see this stuff, no more Mr. nice guy. Time to go on attack mode and get the snow blower stress out of my system before bedtime.


Looks like the girls had a great time again. Once again they chose a place I have never heard of. Although I will probably never go there I read the write up and I do find it interesting. I also think its nice they use there 15 minutes of fame to promote a local charity. Again nothing I would ever get involved in( never seen DWTS's or Survivor for that matter) but its nice to see what others in the community are up to. I would like to know what the 2 mentioned did to become concidered "Stars" I am going withhold any negative comments, thats too easy. I admit I kind of look forward to the write up and review. If not I would not read it. Good job ladies, it takes confidence to put yourself out there and take the heat. Rock on or should I say Munch on!


Oh come on fellow commenters, this is my favorite piece to read! No, that's not accurate... these are my favorite comments to read. I only scan the article, but the comments..... classic.


Haha I love these old bags of bones, giving us diva views on food. Wonderful :)


http://www.grandhaventribune.com... ....NUFF SAID on these so called foodies...nice choice...bahahahahahaha


* enough said


Oh shoot! Ha!

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