The grandpas of summer reunite

Reunions of old rock bands can be a lot of fun for their fans, as well as a difficult look at our own mortality.
Feb 8, 2014

In his review of the "Beach Boys: Live - The 50th Anniversary Tour" CD, Brett Billedeau takes a look at the boys of summer as they took the stage more as the "grandfathers" of summer.

"Reunions can be a hard pill to swallow for music fans," the Grand Haven man notes in his "Brett's Music Musings" blog review. "We're never sure of the motivation behind them. Is it greed or because the bands genuinely want to play together again? Often times, it's probably a bit of both. In the case of the Beach Boys in 2012, I certainly suspect both to be true."

However, Billedeau said the Beach Boys reunion was no ordinary reunion. Founding members Brian Wilson, along with his cousin and front man Mike Love, friend Al Jardine, guitarist David Marks (who played on their first five albums or so), and long-time associate Bruce Johnston hadn't shared the stage in decades. In fact, Marks had been absent from the band since the mid-1960s.

"'The 50th Anniversary Tour' captures the glory of one of America's greatest musical treasures putting on a marathon show filled with hits, rarities and some darn good fun," Billedeau wrote.

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Former Grandhavenite

I don't know why it is, but lately I've noticed more and more of the music I like being mistakenly categorized as classic rock or even oldies. This trend seems to be getting worse over time for some reason.


Well think it's bad now, wait another 20 years.

I don't know how old you are, but I suspect you were not around for this weekend 50 years ago to catch a new band that was making their debut on the Ed Sullivan show......I was, just a pup of barely 11, but boy I remember that like it was (forget yesterday) earlier this afternoon. Talk about life forever changing. I had my first guitar within the year and have been playing ever since. My hands don't work as well these days, but I can still bend a note and do hammer on's and pull-offs with the best of them.

Funny thing is, I have my own music blog, dedicated to both old and new music, but you'll never see it on enough stalkers that don't like what I say already, no sense adding to the crowd.

If you don't have it, get the new box set. 14 albums in both mono and stereo mixes. Well worth the money.

Former Grandhavenite

Unfortunately I was otherwise occupied doing whatever it is people do before they exist when the Beatles made their legendary appearance on Ed Sullivan. Luckily my parents were big fans so I grew up listening to the records. I had to wait until my mom went to the store to play the White Album though, because supposedly it was a bad influence because there's some hidden message telling you to commit suicide if you play it backwards or run the turntable at the wrong speed or something. Naturally as the forbidden fruit, coupled with the mysterious all-white album cover with nothing else on it I knew there was something special going on, and on top of that there were not one but TWO records in the sleeve. I knew that album was going to really be something, and it did not disappoint!

I'll have to check out that new box set. I had a blast playing The Beatles: Rock Band game on the Xbox 360 and it's an amazing feeling to practice a bunch and finally be able to flawlessly belt out some of those solos in front of a screaming crowd. They even recreated the set of the Ed Sullivan show in one part of the game so you can be your Beatle of choice and live the dream. Check it out if you're at all into gaming, or even if not it's probably one of the best Beatles experiences out there in any type of media.

My equivalent of the Beatles on Ed Sullivan was probably the first time I saw the MTV video of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. Even at that age I knew things were never going to be the same afterward. It's absolutely mindblowing that the Nevermind album is now old enough to walk into a bar and order a beer. It's like, wait a minute- I remember buying the album at Dan's Compact Disc in GH, and it wasn't THAT long ago! Now all of a sudden Kurt Cobain's been dead for 20 years, Dan's has been out of business for 15 years, and the songs are relegated to the Alternative and 90's-themed stations on Sirius/XM if they're even played at all. Funny how time marches on.


It gets less funny the further on it marches.

I remember Dan's...spent a bunch of money there. Was bummed when he closed down.

Whoops, gotta go, "A Day In The Life" just started.

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