Divas run to 2 Tonys

The Lakeshore Dining Divas gave a local Italian restaurant a run for its money in their latest review.
Apr 1, 2014


The blogging dining squad recently took in Two Tonys Taverna Grille, 723 E. Savidge St. in Spring Lake.

“Every one of us ordered a different entree — whether it had a Greek, Italian or seafood flair,” the Divas wrote. “We simply loved the variety we had to choose from on the menu. One of the nice things about dining out with a group of eight is getting to see what all the other entrees look like — and, by sharing a nibble, we get a taste of what we can order the next time we come back.”

The review also comes with a coincidental tie-in to the fifth annual Katty Shack Run/Walk, which restaurant co-owner Tony Tague supports. The event takes place April 26.

“We had heard (Tague) was a big supporter of the Katty Shack event by supplying a nice spaghetti and meatballs with marinara sauce dinner at St. Patrick's Church the night before the event,” the Divas noted. “Lots of folks show up for the dinner to fuel up and buy raffle tickets to win some really nice prizes.”

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Here we go!!!


Really, are you kidding? It's bad enough to have to read their terrible reviews but when they have an agenda other than the real reason for their group meeting and critique it is beyond awful. Let the paper develop a story on the Katty Shack, stick with what you don't do well as opposed to what you are absolutely horrible at.

Beach Gal

This feature is an embarrassment. Do these women have any culinary credentials whatsoever?


Appearing in a newspaper suggests some sort of journalistic responsibility to provide an objective review. Every restaurant can't be simply amazing.


Maybe as part of the program to promote these gals, they should actually run in the Katty Shack event. The Tribune could follow each of them with video and time them. Is their support limited to their own aggrandizement or walking (or running) the walk?


I am sorry to say I happen to agree with the people who posted before me. I was excited to see a restaurant review in here. Grand Haven has more then it's fair share to choose from. To bad there wasn't a review in here. Just a plug for a something else I like a little bit less thanks to this ploy.


For the love of all that is holy.......STOP this stupid "review" PLEASE! It's an embarrassment...seriously


There is an author I read for light entertainment, MC Beaton. In one of her book series, set in a small Scottish town, the local newspaper reporter talked to another character about her job. Part of her job included getting as many local names and pics in the paper, as it was the main reason people bought it. Guess it is the same here, which is why I don't buy the paper. I want more than 2 sidebar paragraphs of state and national news. And this takes the cake as far as local news stories go, because it is not a news story-it is the opinion of some non-professional eaters.

Tri-cities realist

Some might allege that they ARE professional eaters, right Barry?


Oops! I meant non-professional as being restaurant critics! They do like to eat, or at least pretend they do, to get their photo in the paper.


I've lived in the Grand Haven area for the past 17+ years and it wasn't until last year that I heard about and discovered Two Tony's. What a great restaurant. I like to read these articles to discover other eateries that I may have somehow missed. If the complainers know of a food expert writer or what to give it a try themselves, I'm sure the GHT would take a look at it. Writing is nowhere as easy as you may think.


It may not be easy, but restaurant commentary isn't mandatory for a newspaper, so there doesn't necessarily need to be an alternative. It sounds like you found out about Two Tonys on your own. Try the Yellow Pages for more scoops?


As I have said before, this is my favorite "piece" the Tribune runs. Not because of the information, concept, or excecution.... but for the comments. Such strong minded people who often disagree on the color of the sky, band together to so cleverly and meticulously pick apart every one of these women. It brings me joy to a level that is likely unhealthy for my own well-being.


I'll bring you some joy that will most assuredly enhance your well-being and you can look at the sky as well...and then I will write a review on concepts, execution,fine taste, and presentation.


Haha! I look forward to the experience!


LOL!! You all sound like a bunch of miserable old people complaining about something that you were not required to even acknowledge.. sheesh! Get over yourselves!


Our dose of irony for the day. Imagine, unnecessary comments on the Internet!


She said nibble.

Barry Soetoro

She allegedly meant "gobble".


Vlad - they DO run in the race. Do you??


not the first time they've been inside two Tonys


I think you are all missing the point. The Dining Divas column is clearly a source of catharsis for many, a cheap means of therapy - a chance to vent, fume, and belittle and demean a group of women who go out together for dinner. Pile on, baby, Pile on!


Two Tony’s is just ok, good for the area but nothing compared to say a NY City, Bronx italian restaurant. But folks if you go and have a great time and crow about it who cares if you don't know a biscuit from a bun, they went, they dined and had fun and offered their opinion.

Barry Soetoro

Barry travels for a couple of days and Trib sneaks the Divas in. Barry is late to the party! Damn you Trib and damn you high dollar inflight internet!


Diva's can a man join your group?


OK, there was a nice variety. You got to nibble off of everyone else's plate too, but what about the other aspects of the meal?? I've eaten there before and enjoyed my rare chance at a non™fast food restaurant.


How about the Diva's find a "good" Coney in the area?


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