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Who should decide the legality of same-sex marriage?
Apr 7, 2014


Michigan voters decide for Michigan: 41% (235 votes)
Federal courts: 25% (142 votes)
No one should decide: 17% (97 votes)
A countrywide vote: 9% (50 votes)
Each state's legislature: 2% (14 votes)
State courts: 2% (11 votes)
Congress: 2% (11 votes)
Other: 3% (18 votes)

Total votes: 578

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Looks like the Voters have it. As a reminder, here is the Michigan voting results on same sex marriage, just a few short years ago:

"To secure and preserve the benefits of marriage for our society and for future generations of children, the union of one man and one woman in marriage shall be the only agreement recognized as a marriage or similar union for any purpose.[3]"


(2012 Election: Obama 51% Romney 47% We were told back then, that this was an overwhelming victory mandate by the people for the support of our President)

Lets move on people, shall we? We have more pressing issues in our great State to take up our Representative's time than defending Judicial shopping of benefits for the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender circus.

No one is stopping you from loving each other, no one is discriminating against you, and no one is demanding you seek treatment for being one of the biggest organized bullying crowds you will find. However, with all due respect, you ought not be compensated for this abnormal life style of choice which violates every Biblical & Natural Law ever created, makes procreating an impossibility, and reduces the morality of any nation.


Just to be clear, here is the definition of "discrimination": "the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, esp. on the grounds of race, age, or sex". Therefore, dyankee, when the "people" or the "government" disallow different categories of people from partaking in things that the non-different people are allowed like voting rights, property rights, or marriage rights, they are committing blatant discrimination.

A quick aside, the LGBT is "one of the biggest organized bullying crowds you will find"? I've never heard of this. Are these crowds like those organized bullying crowds of women back in 1915-1920's who wanted the right to vote? If not, maybe you could help me understand how you have been bullied by a LGBT person or moreover, a crowd of them.

With all due respect? That made me laugh. I was also wondering if you could help me understand where in the Bible it states the LAWS against the LGBT people. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah did not give us a LAW.

Nature, natural, natural laws, can we fully understand what is the nature of anything? Usually when determining the nature of a thing we use science to help us decide. However most people who often use biblical references in argument are often not concerned with what science has to say. Especially because scientists are often looking to nature to tell us what is natural. Like when scientists find 450 different documented species of animals who have same-sex sex ( So instead let's forget science. The other way to determine what is natural is to look backwards in time. History is often (mis)used in arguments. If we talk about what humans have done in the past as to determine what is natural in us today, then we find that humans have been in same-sex relationships for a long time. Like way before Jesus or even before the one god out of the many started making virgins have babies or talking from the sky (

Could you also help me understand which nation has documented how the LGBT people have reduced that nations morality. I didn't know such a study existed.

Oh yea, I almost forgot to ask where I can buy tickets to the LGBT Circus. I bet it would be a great show! Lots of great entertainers are gay and I bet it would just be fabulous!!!

Be well and I look forward to being enlightened by your findings.


That vote was almost 10 years ago minoritys voted overwhelmingly against it would be a lot closer today but the gays know they have a better chance with a federal judge.


Since when can people vote to determine if something is legal? That's what courts are for - and our checks and balances form of government. If people wish to change the law, they must go through proper legislative channels to do so.
Why are people so threatened by gay marriage? Live your lives, and let gay people live theirs in peace.


Consider the dangerous precedent that would be set if we permitted citizens, or elected officials in each state, to determine what laws should govern the citizens instead of unelected federal judges.


Times change and all people should have the same rights in America. This will be affirmed by the federal courts. Remember once the states were against interracial marriage.


Exactly right. In the end, after all the debate and discussion, history has shown that, in most cases, America comes through in the end, does the right thing, and shows the world what the Founding Fathers envisioned - a country where "no state shall . . . deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Remarks that are damaging to the LGBT movement. It does not imply use of discriminate words based on age, race, religion, disability, etc..


Furthermore, you must not live in the U.S.A. because if you did you would know that it is not the U.S.A. Governments responsibility to enforce or regulate the beliefs or laws (as you call them) of any religious text.


Dyankee, you talk in a lot of absolutes however never give references to you extremist facts. Let's deal with facts and provide some.


Any animal exhibiting "homosexual behavior" is a male who does so as to dominate. Not unlike the heterosexual humans in prison who do the same. If a human has no desire for procreation the species would not survive. Never saw homosexual animal behavior nor would i care to. Any consensual homosexual behavior between humans defies procreation. In my book that makes one a freak of nature.


Look I can make stuff up all day too. For example, any human who believes that, "any animal exhibiting "homosexual behavior" is a male who does so as to dominate", is completely delusional, ill-informed and lacking a real grasp on reality. However instead of making stuff up I prefer to LOOK things up or research them first.

Could you please explain yourself further in your statement, "If a human has no desire for procreation the species would not survive". Because to me what you're saying is that if one human decides not to have kids all of humankind would eventually die. First, there are many man-woman couples who choose not to have children. This choice has been occurring for hundreds of years and so far the world population seems ever-growing. Second, if instead you're trying to say that, "if a homosexual human has no desire for procreation the species would not survive. Please refer to the first point as the logical progression is the same. You are only correct if you say, "if all humans have no desire for procreation the species would not survive".

Hey I was also wondering if you could also help me understand your statement that reads, " Any consensual homosexual behavior between humans defies procreation". This sentence really confuses me. It seems like the point is that what is bad is something that defies procreation? Is that what you're saying? If so then how would you classify the many man-woman couples who are unable to get pregnant? Further, what is classified as a "homosexual behavior between humans", and does it have to happen between any two humans or just two homosexual humans? Because what I get from your statement is that when I see two heterosexual mothers give eachother a passionate kiss they are defying procreation?

Oh yea, I found an article about The Laysan Albatross whose population consists of 31% of females being in female-female relationships. So I guess you probably want to edit your opening sentence which reads, "Any animal exhibiting "homosexual behavior" is a male who does so as to dominate".

If you want people to believe the way you do then you should give a better argument for your cause. Furthermore please tell me the book you're referring to when you say, "in my book", I want to make sure my kids and everyone else I know stay far from it!


CONSIDER THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE UNIFORMED/ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT VOTER: Reads mainstream media. Watches NBC and its affiliates. Listens to NPR. Have been taught by public schools and/or universities. The above voters can elect a community organizer who can stack the federal courts with like minded as well as Supreme Court. Special votes for individual States have just as much importance as the general elections in November. Our Constitution is being shredded before our eyes. Wake up and make your vote matter this November.


The Layson Albatross was a genetic experiment gone terribly wrong. Now scientists must disturb their habitat to artificially inseminate them to perpetuate the species. This provides shovel ready jobs for the scientists to help the fruity birds from going extinct.


Kidding about the Albatross around your neck. I know its not your fault. Just saying that animals have the desire to procreate more than humans. Desire to live wild and eat or be eaten. Some humans would rather live off handouts and pass their defect along to future degenerates.


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