1:01 PM May 18, 2015
Michigan police took more than 500 dangerous drivers off the streets during a drunken driving crackdown that began March 17. The effort was paid for by a federal grant and coordinated by the Michigan State Police.
2:01 PM May 17, 2015
When I realized I was paying off six different credit cards and not getting anywhere, I decided to consolidate my debt, like millions of other Americans.
1:02 PM May 14, 2015
Michigan continues to lag the nation in the performance of its students. And since teachers play the biggest role in determining how well their students do, one of the tools to boost these results is a strong teacher evaluation program.
5:54 PM May 11, 2015
Did you feel the May 2 earthquake?
5:00 PM May 12, 2015
Gov. Rick Snyder believes the city's future is bright, thanks to its revitalization efforts, but a lack of educational success could stand in its way.
11:04 AM May 11, 2015
Thumbs up to the news that the teen summer jobless rate is expected to dip. ...
1:53 PM May 7, 2015
"What happens in caucus stays in caucus." Those were the words of Gideon D'Assandro, spokesperson for Michigan House Speaker Kevin Cotter, after it was reported that state Rep. Cindy Gamrat, R-Plainwell, was expelled from the party's caucus after posting to Facebook during a confidential meeting.
5:00 PM May 5, 2015
While on vacation late last month in England, the Rev. Jared Cramer became unsettled late one night and checked Facebook. What he found unsettled him even more.
12:50 PM May 4, 2015
Thumbs up to Aubrey Cohoon, the Spring Lake girl and figure skater ...
2:00 PM Apr 29, 2015
Comcast’s decision earlier this month to abandon its bid to acquire Time Warner Cable was a victory for consumers.