1:55 PM Sep 3, 2015
No matter what side you are on regarding abortion, we would find it difficult not to be in favor of making it unlawful to force a pregnant woman to get one against her will.
3:53 PM Aug 27, 2015
What makes a downtown unique? Is it the well-manicured flower boxes and streetscape? The smell of food cooking at local eateries? Is it the friendly people walking the sidewalks?
3:30 PM Aug 26, 2015
High school sports used to be an extracurricular activity, something to keep kids busy and active after school.
12:54 PM Aug 25, 2015
Justice Mary Beth Kelly is leaving the Michigan Supreme Court more than three years before her term is up in order to return to private law practice.
1:40 PM Aug 21, 2015
A factory’s fire alarm sounds at the dispatch center and fire trucks roll, only to find it is yet another false alarm. There’s no smoke, let alone a fire.
2:33 PM Aug 17, 2015
Any big plan needs to be closely considered and scrutinized before it is put into place.
3:00 PM Aug 12, 2015
The CEOs of big companies are so-easy of a target of our anger over the few making grotesquely high salaries while most of us make-do with just getting by.
2:00 PM Aug 3, 2015
Chickens in the city? That’s what members of Grand Haven City Council recently discussed.
4:00 PM Jul 31, 2015
Tourists love the Coast Guard Festival, and so do many residents of the Grand Haven area.
2:00 PM Jul 29, 2015
Is Ottawa County responding appropriately to what its residents want? Or is it encroaching on the business of local media?