SL school officials had right to celebrate

When it became clear that the pair of bond proposals had been passed by Spring Lake voters May 6, several of the school district’s administrators and teachers celebrated with a champagne toast at Old Boys’ Brewhouse.
May 19, 2014


The photo of that celebratory clink-and-drink was captured by a Tribune photographer and ran on the front page the following day — a fantastic visual to show the level of excitement and relief felt by all involved. Months, even years, of hard work had paid off, and it was time to take a moment to reflect and to bask in victory with a sip of bubbly. 

In the days following the election, naysayers began to chime in, criticizing the group for being seen in public consuming alcohol. They felt it was in poor taste for a group of educators — charged with teaching our children how to make proper choices, as well as how to add, subtract, multiply and divide — to revel in victory with booze.


Every one of these educators is an adult, and it’s well within their right to enjoy an adult beverage from time to time. And a champagne toast, or even a celebratory beer or mixed drink, is a lot different than shot-gunning beers or tossing back shots of tequila.

What’s the big deal? These are educators, but they’re also real people.

We understand that, in some regards, they should be held to a different standard because they’re so vital in helping shape our own children into young adults.

But to expect them to live their lives in a dark cave, abstaining from all of life’s guilty — and entirely legal — pleasures is entirely unfair.

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Harry Kovaire

Excessive celebration - automatic 15 yard penalty.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks, Libel and defamation, and Profane, obscene, sexual or derogatory language.

Barry Soetoro

Looks like you nailed the moderation trifecta. Nice work!


Smoking is legal and maybe if the stoners get their way smoking pot will be too, for adults looking at pornography is legal so long as it's the "legal kind" in addition to using many words considered in poor taste, being that these are legal would it be ok if a video is taken as they do those things where the children they teach will see it because they are human and real people?
I don’t think it’s the educators celebrating that was the issue; it’s the timing of the photo taken that could have been planned better. Yes they are real people and at the same time children are impressionable so asking in the future to plan the timing of a photo better is not asking anyone to live in a dark cave.


Explain better timing. What until the Trib photog leaves? Parents and voters were present in the photo. It was champagne/sparkling wine. Geesh. Much ado 'about nothing.


Really saying drunk people make babies and those babies are those teachers job security is derogatory and obscene ??? Really ?


I really don't understand the judgmental, repressive, projecting comments and attitudes that are rampant in this community. It is scary.
We go from a group, obviously well into the evening, at a local restaurant pub, having a celebratory toast, to a pot smoking, porn watching, group orgy that will suddenly be recorded for viewing (somehow) by our impressionable children, scaring them for life!
This appears to be a rather responsible celebration among a group of education professionals.
Perhaps if we didn't target the education of our children as the first source of cuts in revenue cutting activities in this country, and perhaps looked to our totally bloated defense budget, we would not have to have these types of celebrations.
What is really obscene in this country is that we waste more money on defense and wars than THE WHOLE REST OF THE WORLD COMBINED.
But what we choose to complain about and judge is a photo of a group of teachers have a sip of champagne!
I have one thing to add: Chill out and complain about something that makes sense.


Ironically, you whine of the judgmental comments that are rampant in this community then, proceed to invoke your loathing judgmental, repressive, and punk like attitude towards our military within days of our Memorial Weekend. Quite hypocritical of you, don’t you think?

I agree with you that cutting education (ie) Union slush funding ought not to be the first source of cuts, it should be second. Cutting welfare and all entitlements should be first.


All Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Education/Research/Community Improvement Grants, kick backs to corporations, subsidies to corporations and businesses, Unemployment, Aid to Dependent Children, military entitlements-VA, pension, healthcare, GI Bill, Home Loan Guarantees, FDIC, etc.

I know quite a few Americans who have earned their benefits through serving their country (vets, public safety, teachers, social workers, etc).


I debated even commenting on this but I guess I'm just getting tired of the Tribune not letting go of the bond proposals that were recently voted on specifically with Spring Lake Public Schools. Since the May 6th election there have been three articles:

May 12 - Voters think positive with school bonds
May 16 - Voting is a privilege we often ignore
May 19 - SL school officials had right to celebrate

It's no secret that the Spring Lake Bond proposal was a "hot" topic that caused a lot of discussion. People had their say after the vote both positive and negative and I'm fine with that but here we are almost two weeks later and the Tribune is bringing it up again.

Does it really matter anymore? Can we focus on something else? How about an article that provides us the timelines of the projects. When will we see designs? When will construction take place?

Everyone is not going to agree with things and that's ok. I get it is an opinion by the Tribune but lets move on. All you are trying to do is stir up more controversy and it really has no purpose other than to try and divide the community.


Praise Jesus Lordy Lordy Lordy praise the savior Jesus our lord.


This is a no win, because in a politically correct world that is directed toward growing liberalism, self entitlement and big brother, no comment is acceptable...


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