Better Grand Landing traffic plan needed

While driving through the city’s north side, many Grand Haven residents have contemplated pulling into the Grand Landing development for a sub at Jimmy John’s, maybe some Mexican food at Sam’s Taco, or some tasty desserts at Sweet Temptations or Culver’s.
Jul 10, 2014


But then you look around and see all the traffic on the road and think, “What a nightmare it’s going to be getting out of that parking lot,” and you head somewhere else.

We’re excited with the choices at Grand Landing, and are eager to see what new choices pop up as the development continues to grow in the coming months.

At the same time, we’re hopeful that those in charge of the development take a careful look at the traffic flow.

As it is, the traffic coming in and out of the development off Jackson Street can be a nightmare.

Jackson Street is the main route most campers take to reach Grand Haven State Park, so that road is often choked with large trucks pulling even larger campers. Putting a stop light at the corner of Jackson and Sixth Street would help with traffic attempting to leave Grand Landing, but it would likely create plenty of headaches for those turning west onto Jackson from U.S. 31.

As the development grows and traffic increases, those vehicles leaving Grand Landing need somewhere to go. Exiting onto southbound U.S. 31 is always an adventure, especially since the nearest lane ends in a few hundred yards, forcing all that traffic to then merge over into the next lane.

One proposal that was floated around when the development was first introduced was to connect Adams Street with Third Street, and it’s an idea we like. Take a look at the area on your favorite Internet map site and you’ll see that Adams dead-ends less than a block from Third Street.

If Grand Landing traffic could use that route instead, it would open up options for heading out onto northbound or southbound U.S. 31, as well as intersecting Jackson Street at a spot where there’s less congestion.

The north end of Grand Haven has seen significant improvements over the years, starting with the demolition of the old AP Parts building on the northeast corner of U.S. 31 and Jackson, and continuing with the development that now includes Applebee’s, Walgreens and several other well-visited retailers.

The west side of that intersection has slowly caught up, and the Grand Landing development is a great addition to the city.

We simply hope that those involved in the planning take care to make sure the new development is accessible and convenient to the consumers. We would hate to see all of their efforts wasted on a development that people don’t want to visit.

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It is not marked well but Adams St. at the north end of the complex will take you directly to Southbound 31 where you have some options to turn left or keep going south without crossing westbound Jackson traffic, its also a quick way to get close to a butter burger somewhat faster than turning right onto Jackson.


If I go to southbound 31 via Adams, and exercise some option to turn left. SomeONE is going to get hurt! Assuming the traffic isn't backed up to the drawbridge

Tri-cities realist

You only have to cross 2 lanes of traffic in less than a 100 yards, so simple! :-S


I'm guessing the newest tenant "Biggby's" would have appreciated a mention in the lead-in.


Get rid of the stupid Adam Street Configuration as you come in from the north and mark the street with a sign on the highway, now you have two ways to get into the mall section and the 6 way light at Jackson stinks ! Even the Lakeshore Mall area can be a nightmare at times, but hey, they asked for it, all the store,s are on the four corners, just a comparison


Most drivers don't obey the "NO LEFT TURN 2PM-6PM" sign at the corner of N. 6th Street at Jackson when leaving the complex.

The sign has been there for years and everyone that turns left onto Jackson between 2 and 6 is in violation!!!


No, the sign has not been there for years, it was installed a few years ago when they widen out Jackson street and Culverts and the apartments where built, part of the traffic plan when Grand Landing was supposed to happen


I do believe a few years ago constitutes "years."


All the store concentrated in one area ? look at Lakeshore Mall, the four corners, amazing


Wait till we get 168 new apartments. you ain't seen nuthin yet! Went to the special meeting when the council disregarded the planning commissions multiple recommendations not to approve this apt. project due to traffic concerns. Amended the existing traffic ordinances And approved it anyway! the council remarked the Adams to third extension was totally off the table. they're would be no modification to the roundy round. The project would go through as planned and they would deal with the traffic issues afterward. serious forward thinkers!


Friday July 11, "Yesterday", at noon I could not believe what was happening. The State had 6 or 7 highway trucks trying to paint lines on the Jackson Street and U.S. 31 intersection. There were at least 5 trucks with nobody inside them parked on Jackson St. south of Culvers, must have been eating lunch!! Who in the heck planned this job on a busy summer Friday afternoon in Grand Haven? Why not wait until midnight??? Again, the left doesn't know what the right is doing!!!!


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