No weapons necessary

The Michigan Senate recently voted to let people who receive extra training carry concealed weapons in “gun-free” zones, such as churches and schools.
Dec 13, 2012


While we’re generally in favor of a more “hands-off” approach to gun control, state-sanctioned weapons in schools and churches seems off-target.

Schools are for learning. Churches are for worshipping. There’s no need to carry a weapon in either.

Gun-control laws primarily keep honest people honest. If someone intends to harm another person or group of people, no laws are going to keep them from taking a weapon anywhere they like.

Metal detectors might catch them. Officers might spot them.

Our greatest defense, however, lies in the watchful eyes of the general populace.

In the wake of Columbine, 9/11 other terrorist activities, we are all on high alert — especially when near large groups of people. If we see someone packing a pistol in one of these “gun-free” zones, it’s very likely we’ll report it immediately.

But if good, honest individuals are allowed to carry weapons into these “gun-free” zones, such vigilance will decrease. Why? Because such weaponry might become commonplace, and therefore not alarming.

And, if that person somehow ends up in a stand-off with an actual criminal in the hallways of a school, what’s to say they'll hit an innocent bystander instead of the bad guy? What’s to say that police will be able to determine which individual is the threat?

And, despite all of the stringent training and licensing that a person must undergo to get their concealed carry permit, what’s to say they won’t one day snap?

It’s not likely, but it could happen.

Who would want it to happen in the middle of a church service or in a crowded school gymnasium?

Gun ownership is a right of every American citizen. That should never be taken away.

If someone chooses to own guns, and chooses to go through extensive and expensive training to carry one in their purse or jacket, that’s all fine and good. The more power to them.

Let’s just keep guns and weapons outside neutral zones such as churches and schools.

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I agree with the comment anyone can snap, but lets not forget about the two that had ccw's but were unable to carry there weapon in the theater and were gunned down by a physco that did carry a weapon in.


Sorry argument about anyone snapping, as anyone even a cop can snap. Someone could snap outside the school, church or whatever other "free zone" there is, and go inside and shoot the place up. As the theater shooting was brought up. Where is there a lot of money on Sunday mornings? Yep, churches. The more people that are armed, the less the criminals will think about committing a crime. If someone snaps, then someone else can take out the threat.

NTH_Grand Haven

"Gun ownership is a right of every American citizen. That should never be taken away."
Thats correct....... now find me a place where I get this right that tells me when and where I can carry.

Maybe if criminals knew that most good standing citizens were carrying and trained to use there weapons they would think twice before using the illegal gun the bought illegally.
Gun laws only hurt people that carry legally and the people who chose not to carry. They have ZERO effect or consequence on when, where or why a criminal or physcopath will carry or use a weapon.
I have 3 young kids in school and I would fully support there teachers being armed and ready because one day, there will be that one kid. Then there will be that one parent or teacher that will save the alot of lives.


You would be surprised how many people are killed in churches. Even local churches have set up security forces to deal with the problem. Most mass shooting occur in "gun free zones". because the shooter know there will be no armed citizens.


Way to completely miss the point tribune. Your entire argument about guns becoming commonplace is off base by the very fact that the law is for individuals with CONCEALED pistol licenses (cpl) thus not visible. This law isn't about open carry firearms and those with a cpl aren't allowed to brandish their arms. I'm just glad Michigan finally may have it right.


Tribune staff editors, really! ....Metal detectors might catch them. Officers might spot them. You are counting on "might" when you or your loved ones are in the cross hairs of some lunatic? Licensed CC citizens are more of a sure thing to protect you when a situation develops as they would be right there when needed. Anybody can snap as someone above stated, which can include those who are there to protect. CC permits are the equalizer for these situation. If these warts in society thought someone was likely to be armed it would be a deterrent. They are cowards and usually strike out in situations where they know large groups of people will be unarmed and they have free will to inflict their twisted carnage. The gun does not kill on its own, it requires the human element. Automobiles continue to kill people when someone is driving them dangerously, yet we are not trying to outlaw them. We focus on how to safely use them and improve training on how to drive them. Focus is placed on how to make them safer to use. The human element!


I am sorry but I have to disagree with your last comments. There have been some changes in driver education for when someone is initially taught to drive. After that nothing! What has changed is all the systems in newer autos that are designed to protect us from ourselves and others. Air bags, anti-lock brakes, traction & stability control, pedestrian impact considerations, and crumple zones for specific impacts. These are all systems that provide for safety despite the driver's actions. We do little if anything to provide for on-going education of drivers once that coveted license is in your hands. I give examples such as cruising is left lanes, running red lights, inability to effectively use a traffic circle, signal usage, and the list could go on.
The mere fact that there are people that think that arming more people will solve the violence in this country is ludicrous. Look to the rest of the world not just what most people in this country consider "The World"!


Isn't interesting I made my comments before this mentally unstable wart in Connecticut shot all of these innocent "unarmed" people in a completely gun prohibited environment!! Arming citizens is not the cure to the violence, but it damn sure will stop it sooner when a lunatic goes off the deep end. Its ludicrous that we are living in a time when we do nothing about the mental state of troubled people in society but give them a magic pill to make them fit into society. We need serious discussion about treatment facilities and intervention for these potential dangerous people. Discussions regarding my and your second amendment rights are not on the table until ALL issues that cause crime are discussed. The guns didn't kill, the idiot behind the guns killed.


Tell me again why law abiding citizens should not carry in schools....?


I wonder if the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary today would have turned out a little less tragic if one of the staff had been carrying concealed? Granted, it would not have stopped the intent or action of the killer, but we may not have lost so many beautiful children and teachers!


It is NOT ludicrous to think arming citizens will solve the violence in this country. Granted, it may not solve 100% of the violence, but no one is claiming this. What it will do is make violent criminals think twice before attempting to kill, rape, or rob someone. In addition, an arm citizenry can immediately level the playing field in an attack whereby, limiting or completely stopping an attack on themselves or others. Thereby, saving precious lives! What's your plan, Enstein...threaten the thug with a bullying class?

Wayne Justinen

"Schools are for learning. Churches are for worshipping."

Right on! However, it is difficult to do either while some thug is shooting the place up.

Funny how they can understand that an armed individual - policeman - could stop the shooting if he could get there in time, but just can't wrap what passes for a mInd around the fact that teachers and parishioners will already be there when the shooting starts.


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