Stop ammo hoarding

If you're a hard-core fan of the AMC series "The Walking Dead," and you're living in constant fear that you'll one day wake up to a world suddenly taken over by flesh-eating zombies, then by all means, it makes sense to stockpile as much ammunition as humanly possible.
Mar 12, 2013


But the chances of a zombie takeover are slim, so gathering thousands of rounds of handgun and rifle bullets isn't really necessary.

Unfortunately, that kind of stockpiling is happening today — but not because of the fear of the living dead. Instead, it's the fear of President Obama and the possibility of new gun control regulations that have some Americans buying up all the rounds they can for their weapons.

Head to Meijer or Wal-Mart in Grand Haven, or to Dick's Sporting Goods in Muskegon, or even Gander Mountain in Grand Rapids, and you'll find plenty of shotgun shells — but the shelves where the .22 ammunition would normally be are bare.

Rounds for popular handgun calibers are also hard to find, and .223 and 5.56-mm ammunition are becoming increasingly scarce.

The latter two at least make sense. Ever since last year's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Conn., there have been rumors of strict regulations coming down on so-called assault rifles. These military-style semi-automatic rifles typically shoot a .223 round, while other versions use a 5.56-mm or even a .308.

For years, these bullets were mass-produced and easy to find. But these days, they're becoming increasingly difficult to locate.

Shooters are afraid that outlandish new taxes will soon be levied on these bullets, or that background checks will be required in order to purchase them. Others fear the flat-out banning of these and other popular weapons and ammunition.

The result? They're flying off the shelf faster than retailers can get them in.

The sad truth of the matter is that these conspiracy theorists are ruining it for everyone else.

The casual gun owner who likes to take his .22 rifle out into the woods and plink away at empty pop cans and paper plates with his kids can no longer find ammunition to do so.

Bullets that used to cost just pennies apiece are now being snatched up by hoarders and, in some cases, sold on the Internet for ridiculous profits.

Many retailers are putting strict limits on the amount of ammunition that people can purchase — but even so, shelves remain bare.

Some feel that the ammo shortage is a short-term phenomenon, and once the immediate fear of radical change passes, things will return to normal.

Let's hope so, because if there is a sudden invasion of zombies — or squirrels, pop cans or whatever — it would be nice to know that there's enough ammo out there for everyone.

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It saddens me that in what is supposed to be a well educated and respectable area of Michigan, people are actually falling for fake sci-fi happenings. I am almost sure that these people are the ones who make fun of teenage girls falling for beautiful-sparkly vampires, because vampires aren't real. By all means do whatever you please and makes you comfortable, but this weirds me out.


You know what weirds me out? Somebody who's handle is Self Luver and talks about sparkly vampires. You do realize there's more article below the date right? Yikes.


I hope that the editorial board at the Tribune include ALL parties in their plea to stop ammo hoarding - that would include President Obama's Department of Homeland Security, which has purchased over 1.6 Billion rounds, mainly .40 caliber and 9mm, and millions of rounds of 38 caliber.
Other agencies have also begun buying large quantities of ammo, including the National Weather Service’s order of 46,000 hollow point rounds, and 174,000 .357 magnum rounds ordered by the Social Security Administration. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has ordered 46,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition.

Although much of these purchases are clearly attributable to training and other legitimate needs, the massive purchases by the Department of Homeland Security have never been explained, and it is hard to believe that such huge purchases have not played a role in the current shortages noted by the Tribune.

Certainly, another cause of the alleged "hoarding" are the threats to the Second Amendment posed by liberal democrat politicians. Some of the honest ones have admitted that the end game of the incremental gun control measures is the banning of private gun ownership.


Oh - the vapors are a terrible thing to behold! Perhaps you will take comfort in the knowledge that Twinkies and Wonder Bread will be back in the summer.


The Federal Government has recently purchased 2 billion rounds of ammunition. We can't BUY ammunition. There isn't any. I don't know why the Department of Homeland Security needs that many bullets. Do you?


I read on some website that the purchase of ammo by the Feds was to prepare for the imminent confiscation of our guns by the newly-formed Corp of Young Militia Boys, while Obama simultaneously shreds the Constitution in the same White House shredder that Dick Cheney used for his fake WMD documents, then the plan is to follow up with homeland drone attacks.


This comment is a great example of the liberal/progressive approach to political argument and protecting Barack Obama, borrowed from a great teacher at Columbia Law School named Jerome Michael, who taught a course in appellate advocacy:

If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts. If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you have neither the facts nor the law, pound the table. If you don't have a table, pound President Bush and Vice President Cheney.”


FYI. Vlad - My comment which you have replied to as being "great", and I am now replying to, is based on information I gleaned from a website you yourself provided as a link in another post a few weeks back. Could it be you were being duplicitous? And with your towering intellect and all!

Disclaimer: I did make up the silly part about Obama using the exact same WH shredder as Cheney...I mean really, how will we ever know?

While we're playing the Pounding Game, don't forget Kruschev pounding the table with his shoe. In addition, I am, once again, a little offended by your implication that I am somehow speaking ill of President Bush and Vice President Cheney. I find them to be literally a bottomless pit of resource material, and in fact use their quotes frequently, such as VP Dick Cheney's quote, "Deficits don't matter".

2nd amendment 4 life

Not to mention that hollow points were banned by the Geneva convention in the war theatre, therefore they must be used domestically. Now why is the government stockpiling all this ammo. More importantly, why is the grandhaven tribune criticizing those citizen who are stockpiling? But not the federal government? Pathetic. Liberal news articles like such disgust me.

retired DOC

Most do not practice with hollow points. One report has the goverment buying enough hollow point rounds to shoot everyone 5 times.


Slow news day in GH???? Who are you (Tribune Staff) to tell anyone when, how much and what to buy? As others have pointed out, our own government is "hoarding" (as you call it) ammunition. Last I checked this is a free country and people can buy what and how much they want from the free market. There is nothing illegal about buying mass quantities (no matter how much) of anything.

I can see it now, the next "Our Views" will be telling people to stop extreme couponing. You have too much toilet paper, and chips......


Who needs a wife when you have the Grand Haven Tribune to tell you what to do?

Go here for real-time internet ammo purchases.


That site pretty much proves their point here...Over 50% of the ammo on there is not even in stock.


Im going to start an ammo producing company..


better start a primer, bullet, and casing company to!!!!


You should have bought stock a few months back....


Maybe the Gubment should start hoarding stupidity so there is a shortage....oh wait that process was started in 2008!


I agree, Wing - that was the year the Tea Party got started, and there's been a shortage of common sense and rational thought ever since....


...Funny they control nuttin in Gubment and you want to pin stupidity on them! Huh?


I'm not pinning anything on anybody....I merely correlated the year the Tea Party was started and the lack of common sense and rational thought in government. Coincidence? I let the reader draw their own conclusion.


You know I find it hard to believe that a business person and someone as engaged and articulate as yourself would blindly fall into the political hyerbole that we have witnessed the last few years. Both parties are to blame for the mess we are in. Your choosen one and his party in the lead, owning more of the mess now, then others. (That statement, and your reaction, will immediately confirm my assesment of you, sorry)
It takes two to tango. I am not afraid to call out Republicans on wrong direction. Those like you on the left, and right, that know when your guy or party is off course but refuse to be honest with yourself and blindly follow, are the problem with our country. You are dangerous, because you feed politicians narcissistic egos with support when their hunger for power becomes disconnected from what is right for the people and disconnected from our founding documents.
If you cannot see the peril our country is in with the leadership problems we have, there probably is nothing I will say here to change your mind.
Our country usually has the right leader come along at the right time to strengthen and lead our country. Lets hope and pray that is soon. We have been of course for too long.


"A Constitution is not the act of a Government, but of a people constituting a government, and a government without a constitution is a power without right." - Thomas Paine, Rights of Man, 1791


Wait what?! Me dangerous?...haven't heard that one for a while! Wing - you need to relax and not be so paranoid....I've found lake air, a few pale ales, and Rolling Stones does wonders.

Seriously, I think we both agree that our political culture in the country right now is a mess. I happen to think wealth inequality and the unprecedented increase in wealth/power among the super-rich and the stagnation of the middle class is the root evil, while you think the blame goes to the libs. Being a centrist, I see your more extreme viewpoint the sticky wicket.

But I do always respect your opinions....let's hope and pray our politicians can put country before politics sometime in this century.


What have I just said that is extreme? Your slash and burn doesn't play here anymore. You want to spew wealth inequality and stagnation of the middle class as something the left are protecting when in fact the very policies they enact are keeping the inequaties and stagnation in place. Then with the help of the media, spin the reason for these problems onto the opposing party. Amazing manipulation to gain votes from the uninformed to maintain their power and wealth. When voices rise up and point out the inconsistencies, we hear such words as extreme, paranoid applied. You are dangerously misinformed and placing blind trust into one party. You are a confused "centrist." Your words are not centrist, your regurgitation of left talking points are not centrist, so drop the facade.

So if you truly see danger in the political culture and future, start calling out all both sides when they step in it and I will join you for that beer summit and enjoy some old time rockin n roll to soothe your soul.


Lan, research FEMA Camps and then, without much commone sense, one should be able to draw conclusions of what our Government is up to with all this ammo purchasing. If you were ever to get your political way, this is where most of us will end up when the people revolt against gun confinscation, Health Care implementation & fines, or massive loss of freedoms in this country. Can't you see the danger in your loyalty to a political party and movement that is using you as a useful idiot to promote their agenda? I can tell by your articulation of many post, that you are much smarter than this.


You know what's funny about this is that it's been brought up many times about how the Government is "hoarding" of ammo and there has been no retort from the left. The followers of this administration can easily see the oddities of all this yet they just keep following without questioning. They just see no wrong with these decisions nor could they fathom that the chosen one could possibly not be perfect. Scary.


dyankee - Actually, I was born and bred a Repub....a point of pride in the family is that mother and dad actually were nearly the spitting image of Gerald and Betty Ford. I've been a registered Repub for 40 years, and consider myself a faithful, patriotic American who loves this country. I happen to think Obama governs to the center right, and whose record is more conservative than Reagan, Nixon, and probably George H.W. Bush. I know - this isn't what you've been told, but check it out for a good laugh! It's true!


Interesting, you could of been a Ford Lanivan. Sounds like a family luxury vehicle with poor gas mileage. lol(sorry, off task). Obama does not govern Lan, he campaigns, demonizes, and character assassinates his opponets. However, to indulge in your observation of BO's performance I'd definately characterize our President as an edge of the cliff straight ahead type guy. Any President that grows the national debt by 7 trillion in 4 years is niether a Democrat nor Republican, but a subscriber to the Socialist or Fascist party. 7 trillion is more debt added by this president than ALL THE US PRESIDENTS COMBINED!! Can you get your arms around that because I still struggle? By way of correction, George H.W. Bush was not a conservative nor was W. Bush or Gerald Ford for that matter. Nevertheless, any Patriotic American whom loves this country would not allow this type of Presidential behavior to continue. There is a reason our Founding Fathers designed 3 branches of government and Article II of the Bill of Rights to allow for a well regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. There is more sustaining brilliance in that paragraph than I have seen from my President in nearly 5 years. Our Forefathers planned for a Barack Obama Presidency from 237 years ago and I refuse to believe that you can't see this threat to our country right now.


I gotta give you credit, dyankee, every once in a while you come up with a really good one - the Ford Lanivan! Clever - what fun I (and others) could have with that one..."sharp but high maintenance", etc.

You and Wing are just too extreme....and I don't know where you get your facts. Maybe too much Fox and Rush? Don't misunderstand me - I certainly don't think Obama or any political party is blameless. However, as far as recent gun public safety measures and this ridiculous concern about government "hoarding" of ammunition goes, my concern is not the alleged challenge to the Constitution, but the paranoia of good people that it is.

Were you concerned when Bush signed the Patriot Act? How about starting a trillion+ war that killed and maimed thousands, all based on lies. How about the Medicare Part D deal with Big Pharma, that cost our country billions?

I do understand and respect your concerns. I see a threat to our country too, but our opinions on what those threats are couldn't be more different.


Whoa....WHO started those wars?? Seems to me your forgetting a small detail in your spin unless bombs were placed (1st attack on the trade centers for you low information voters) and planes flew themselves into buildings on 9/11. Unless you are going to tell me it was an inside job, which would be extreme left folly dont you agree? Both parties signed onto those wars based on the same intelligence data.
The patriot act makes me queasy and I didn't like it then and don't now!

Hopefully your centrist views allow you to see the error in your statements, right?



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