Stop ammo hoarding

If you're a hard-core fan of the AMC series "The Walking Dead," and you're living in constant fear that you'll one day wake up to a world suddenly taken over by flesh-eating zombies, then by all means, it makes sense to stockpile as much ammunition as humanly possible.
Mar 12, 2013


But the chances of a zombie takeover are slim, so gathering thousands of rounds of handgun and rifle bullets isn't really necessary.

Unfortunately, that kind of stockpiling is happening today — but not because of the fear of the living dead. Instead, it's the fear of President Obama and the possibility of new gun control regulations that have some Americans buying up all the rounds they can for their weapons.

Head to Meijer or Wal-Mart in Grand Haven, or to Dick's Sporting Goods in Muskegon, or even Gander Mountain in Grand Rapids, and you'll find plenty of shotgun shells — but the shelves where the .22 ammunition would normally be are bare.

Rounds for popular handgun calibers are also hard to find, and .223 and 5.56-mm ammunition are becoming increasingly scarce.

The latter two at least make sense. Ever since last year's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Conn., there have been rumors of strict regulations coming down on so-called assault rifles. These military-style semi-automatic rifles typically shoot a .223 round, while other versions use a 5.56-mm or even a .308.

For years, these bullets were mass-produced and easy to find. But these days, they're becoming increasingly difficult to locate.

Shooters are afraid that outlandish new taxes will soon be levied on these bullets, or that background checks will be required in order to purchase them. Others fear the flat-out banning of these and other popular weapons and ammunition.

The result? They're flying off the shelf faster than retailers can get them in.

The sad truth of the matter is that these conspiracy theorists are ruining it for everyone else.

The casual gun owner who likes to take his .22 rifle out into the woods and plink away at empty pop cans and paper plates with his kids can no longer find ammunition to do so.

Bullets that used to cost just pennies apiece are now being snatched up by hoarders and, in some cases, sold on the Internet for ridiculous profits.

Many retailers are putting strict limits on the amount of ammunition that people can purchase — but even so, shelves remain bare.

Some feel that the ammo shortage is a short-term phenomenon, and once the immediate fear of radical change passes, things will return to normal.

Let's hope so, because if there is a sudden invasion of zombies — or squirrels, pop cans or whatever — it would be nice to know that there's enough ammo out there for everyone.

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Just don't blind em with lip gloss and legs . . . .


In addition to my wit and aplomb....


Casting pearls in this case!


Apparently. there is more diversity on the issue than either of us thought: http://blogs.the-american-intere...


Finally! A link from you that I can actually read and that makes some sense....thanks! Capitalism is an equal opportunity.....and you guys want to privatize Social Security....quick - let's hoard some ammo....


Something wrong with Equal Opportunity, my friend?


You're not going to get me in that corner, chum....


Looks like this hoarding thing is spinning out of control - now it even has a diverse countenance.

"We will disrupt the economic system." LOL!


QUOTE OF THE DAY!: Can't you see the danger in your loyalty to a political party and movement that is using you as a useful idiot to promote their agenda?


If the shoe fits.....



Sign In Idaho Store:

"Due to the recent increase in ammunition prices and limited availability, warning shots will no longer be fired"


If you're in the market, Don's Guns in Indy has plenty in stock...


If my memory serves me correct,5.56 & .223 are the same rounds.It's what a M-16 takes.and doggone it,That means I'll have no ammo to shoot ducks with anymore.


Right on Creedance. When a politician on the right makes a mistake they are forced to step down, but when a politician on the left makes the same mistake, they get promoted.


Guess you'll have to label me a hoarder then, 25K of .223, 40 & 45 and a few more boxes of the wifes .380 should hold me for a little while longer.....


standard lead aint going to do you anygood.
what we need to stock up on is silver hollowpoints
wake up white peoples.


Just a few points. 1. If you need to hoard ammo, then you don't know how to properly use a weapon. 2. If you're still using an anonymous 20 year old, made up internet alias to speak seriously about subject in which you expect to be taken seriously, then you don't know how to use the internet.


I'll gladly let ya shoot one of my AR's for prairie dogs and hog huntin' if your up for a nice trip south. Cant never have enough ammo, specially when you shoot clays every weekend. And if your referring to me about the internet, its what I do for a living so your comment means what? that's right nothing since you've only been a member here for 25 min 34 sec at the time of this posting........


I've never fired an AR or shot prairie dogs or t
rap or anything else since I gave up my green beret for a suite and tie. As far as just logging in, I was born and raised in G.H., Mr. ghresident.


Don't you mean "suit and tie"

Move along yuppie.

Say No To Tourist's

ghres, is that 25K in dollars or rounds? Holy smokes man!

Love the yuppie comment!

Yuppie: a very arrogant well put together young urban professional who you more than likely will find wearing gucci and prada with a large bank account which they love to brag about. You can find them drinking Starbucks, living in a one bedroom apartment in a city where they will pay 1000-2000 a month for and spending another 3000 a month on their credit cards. They brag about their designer clothes and love to flaunt them , as well as their wealth. They look down upon anyone who isnt as wealthy or high status as they are. Men are likely to be found wearing designer suits, gucci preferably with slicked back or well cut hair. The women will be wearing prada/gucci and fendi. The most arrogant concieted people on the planet.


@Lanivan...thank you your enjoyable comments. Very refreshing!! The stock- pilers of ammunition are the extremists ("far right republicans" vs "liberal democrats") who believe the Obama administration is going to take away their right to bear arms. OMG, ewwww, a centrist is now commenting and you don't that either?! The government is acquiring more ammunition because extremists are doing so. As John Strossel would say, "Give me a break." LOL


Jenn, I'm nonpartisan so I don't fall into either categories. I just enjoy shooting for sport and hunting, after Sandy Hook and all comments made by the White and media. We as gun owners knew what was going to happen with the price of ammo and such. We just took appropriate measures.


Thank you for your comments, Jenn61. Love it...."OMG, ewwwwww". Pretty much sums it up, doesn't it?



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