Gunning for a moral victory

Recently, a Senate Judiciary Committee approved a Democratic bill expanding required federal background checks to nearly all gun purchases.
Mar 22, 2013


The Democrats who pushed for the bill claimed the passage was a victory for President Obama in his quest to curb gun violence.


Under current laws, a federal background check is required on all purchases of firearms from federally licensed firearms dealers.

The new bill, if approved, would expand those requirements to the firearms sales between private individuals as well, and would also close the well-known “gun show” loophole, which doesn’t require background checks for firearms purchased at gun shows.

We tend to side with the Republicans — who unanimously voted against the bill — on this issue.

Instead of keeping guns out of the hands of criminals — who have an uncanny knack at getting their hands on guns, regardless of what laws are out there — this bill will instead make it more difficult and expensive for law-abiding citizens to buy guns.

This certainly appears to be a stepping stone to what will ultimately become a federal registry of all gun owners.

We’re not arguing that background checks are a bad thing. They keep those who have a history of violence or drug use from purchasing firearms.

But to hail this bill as a victory against gun violence is ridiculous. When will these politicians learn that criminals get their hands on guns regardless of what laws are enacted? When will they learn that, for the most part, the people hurt by gun control laws are the law-abiding citizens who already do things by the book?

This bill is another example of politicians clamoring to claim moral victories in the wake of a national tragedy.

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You are the biggest hypocrite of all on here. You are all over on here kicking sand, and jump on those who have opposing views towards you. You somehow want to act holier then thou and chastise me for my opinion and try to silence my voice and others because they are in opposition to your views. Well you can't have it both ways. Sorry, I have the kahunas enough to stand my ground and point it out. I make a strong case and retort in kind to your attacks, and you scream foul. Your right, I don't win every time and the same rules apply to you.

So same goes to you as I said to GSD, you want a reset, say when. But know when you take a swing at me better prepare to get the same in return. That's more then a couple of times now (makes sure you mark it on your score card) in a the last week I have tried to take the high road with a couple of opposing voices on here. Time will tell how that plays out. Your move.


All over the board there trying to deflect and change the subject. I'm not biting. I will take you to task over one of your rambling points. Every single time after one of these mass killings its the gun grabbing libs that go running to a camera to proclaim we need to get rid of guns. Well meaning people who know nothing of guns or don't partake in any kind of sporting use of the guns are lead to believe if the guns were banned we would all be safe and no one is murdered senselessly. Let me see Oklahoma city bombing, Tylenol poisoning, the idiot that ran a car thru a crowd in Minnesota, various murderous crimes without a gun. The largest single mass murder event in human history, 9/11 was committed without a gun. There is a good chance that atrocity could have been avoided if pilot's were allowed to carry guns. Everything is a tool of death.

Don't infringe on my right and take away my ability to protect my family, or myself with the gun of my choice. I could care less if I can buy an Ak rifle. Don't have one, don't want one. Problem is it doesn't stop there. Soon as the next mass shooting happens with lets say a Bennelli automatic shotgun in synthetic black, well guess what?

I'm not giving an inch on ANY of the constitutional rights many have died for and many like you that have fought and interupted your lives to stand for. I owe you for protecting the rights for me to debate you in this forum. Whether you realize it or not I and others who see those rights eroding away are now defending you by defending the constitution as written. Thank you for the time you spent serving in the armed forces of this country. If your a 'Nam vet you deserve even more praise as the some of the same libs that are now attacking the 2nd Amendment were the same attacking you when you came back from that conflict. The liberal erosion in this country my friend is the real danger in all of this.


I found this article on the web about Switzerland and their gun control.



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