No knives on planes

When was the last time you considered the need to pack a knife in your carry-on bag for an airplane flight?
Mar 28, 2013


Hopefully, your answer is "never."

Granted, there are those who go on hunting and fishing trips who need to take along a fillet knife or a hunting blade — but in those cases, it’s likely to be packed in your checked luggage.

There’s simply no need to bring a knife on a flight.

It’s our opinion that the recent decision by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration to allow pocketknives with blades smaller that 2.36 inches in length with a width of less than a half-inch on board planes in carry-on bags needs to be re-routed.

TSA leaders argue that the change is part of a “risk-based strategy approach” and will allow officers to focus on uncovering high-threat items such as explosives hidden in luggage.

While a bomb is more likely to bring an airplane down than compared to a pocketknife, one shouldn’t take precedence over the other. Neither have a place on any flight and shouldn’t be allowed.

This is an irresponsible decision on behalf of the TSA that is absolutely not necessary.

Even more bothersome is that the airline industry was not consulted by the TSA before making the decision. The very people whose lives would be put in jeopardy should something go wrong on a flight weren’t even given an opportunity to provide feedback.

How can a good decision be made without sufficient input being provided?

It can’t, and that’s the point.

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Since when has the TSA consulted anyone or used common sense on any policy they have implemented?

I see no issue at all with having small knives on planes. To use common sense, what about a pen or a pencil? Those can be used to kill a person in many ways. There is no issue at all having a pen or a pencil on a plane. Which BTW are longer than 2.36 inches in length.

The TSA needs to be disbanded anyway. They as an agency have not stopped anything, nor have done any good since they have came into play. There are a lot of the TSA workers that have records and continue to commit crimes while on the job.

If this country would throw the whole PC crap out the window and start profiling, we would be much safer. It works in other countries, in can here too. Do you really think that a terrorist is going to try anything a plane again anyway? If they decide to, they know how to get around the joke of the TSA anyway.


I always carry a small pocket knife, always. I have forgotten and have had them confiscated by TSA b4. I even had a 1.5" keychain knife taken one time, now those can do some damage!
And what a pain in the butt to have to remove your shoes because of one guy! Although TSA announced a year and a half ago that they were going to discontinue that practice.
They take your lighters too, probably so you can't light your shoes...


Put your helmet and pads on ohwell. comes the PC crowd.


Wrong, wrong, wrong. The terrorists crashed the planes by gaining control of the flight deck. Having a secure cockpit door prevents this. Let everyone bring a knife and a gun on board. Who cares? Keep the door locked and the plane does not get flown into anything.


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