Sending the wrong message

A decision to allow youngsters access to emergency contraception is a questionable one at best.
May 17, 2013


Recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ruled that girls as young as 15 can buy the Plan B One-Step “morning-after” pill without a prescription. Girls don’t even have to go to the pharmacy counter to get this, as it would likely be located near condoms and other adult items.

That means that teenage girls could go in, without parental supervision or knowledge, and purchase these potent pills.

This idea seems to send the wrong idea to teenage girls, aside from the obvious risks associated with teen pregnancy and sexual activity.

For one, the new policy could open the door to the potential misuse of these drugs. With the pills not located behind a pharmacy counter, teens wouldn’t have the correct consultation with a pharmacist to talk about how to properly use the drug, and what the potential side effects and harms might be.

They also wouldn’t get the correct instructions for when and why to use the pill, which could lead to unwanted pregnancies if the drug isn’t taken in the correct manner.

There is also the problem of enforcement. Most 15-year-olds don’t have a legitimate form of identification aside from a school I.D. or a passport. Unless they have a driver’s license or other I.D. with a birthdate on it, how are stores going to effectively enforce who gets access?

Additionally, this measure seems to eliminate the parent from having a say in their child’s health, as a child could easily obtain this drug without parental consent. And this doesn’t even touch on the possibility of the transfer of STDs and other things due to improper protection.

We urge federal lawmakers to take another look at this ruling and see if it is really the right message that should be sent to kids.

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It is only questionable if you have no guidelines that you respect and honor, it is not questionable if you value strong family values that are Christian Conservative.


Why do the Christians have to toot their own horns about how superior their morals are? Most Athiests actually follow the very same rules that Christians do, yet the religious folk make them out to be demons.

At the same time, I know many Christians who are bad people.

I just don't understand why people in this area automatically assume that being Christian equals being a morally pure person, while those with other beliefs are unpure and bad.

Whether you are deemed a good or bad person should not depend at all on what you believe as far as religion goes.


Tchambers - Why? It helps them sleep under the allusion that they have done the correct and righteous thing; they are quit simply delusional, as intended.


allusion: a passing or casual reference; an incidental mention of something, either directly or by implication: The novel's title is an allusion to Shakespeare.


What about the fact that having sex with a 15 year old is considered statutory rape?


that's only assuming that one is older than 15, what about if they are both 15


So the authors preference is MORE childhood pregnancy, MORE children having children?
While Boater is correct, do you REALLY want to charge a 15 year old boy for having sex with his 15 year old girlfriend, ruining his life? Were you never 15?
IF YOUR 15 yo is having sex, would you prefer her getting pregnant, or prefer that she is, at a minimum, being responsible enough to avoid getting pregnant?
As for obtaining it without parental many teens obtain illegal drugs without parental consent?
While I don't condone teen sex, I am realistic enough to know it happens. Too many people want to punish them, harshly, for doing what comes naturally...and then condemn them for life .


Why set an age limit at all? Let'm go at it like rabbits there gonna anyway! Will the last parent in the room please turn on the mood music!


While they are at it, they should also ban the sale of condoms to 15 year old "youngsters". After all, both condoms and the morning after pill do the same thing - provide barriers against fertilization. Then both boys and girls can rely on older siblings/friends to get them for them! More sneaking around on top of sneaky sexual activity!

It matters not whether parents are conservative, liberal, Christian, atheist, etc, if there is no communication with their children regarding the issues of abstinence and the teens' decision to be sexually active with the need for birth control and STD protection, there is a far deeper problem way beyond the conception stage.


What are you going to do, keep your daughters on a leash like a dog? Wake up call here folks!! You cannot be with your teens 24/7's 365 days a year. Would you rather pay to raise an unplanned/unwanted child instead? Don't really care what any of you think here but I firmly believe it should be readily available without a prescription or having anyone to have to sign for it. You Sunday Christians around here give me a pain.


Parenting is a contraceptive, THAT'S the issue. Has nothing to do with religion!!!!


I can see we are dealing with the intelligence of a common housefly. You get out of your cave much or only on Sundays so you can keep up on your Sunday Christian duties? I love these forums here if they even warrant being called that. Amusing at most. Grand Haven sure has a high inventory of imbeciles and minds that are shallow and closed and shows every time you go to these. What do you people do around here for fun when you're not going around judging everyone except YOURSELVES? Holier than thou. The majority of you give me a pain. I noticed too that your skin seems to be whiter than the average Caucasian as well. There's an old saying; people who live in glass houses should never throw stones. So glad my time here is only a sojourn. Open your minds once and while and really see how the world really revolves.


On your way out of town...Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!


It must be exhausting to be you. Try to enjoy life a little. Take that open minded comment of yours and live it.


Wow, and you're not judgmental and full of yourself? We're also happy your time here is only a sojourn; nicer still if you would just leave now.


Ya, couldn't say it better Ru. Pretty sure he has broken glass all around (his?) feet



Who are you, the Morality Police? Who are you to say what is right and wrong for people to do? You stated, “…teenage girls could go in, without parental supervision of knowledge, and purchase these potent pills.” Yes they can and it’s “legal” for them to do so and they wouldn’t be breaking any laws, except for your self-suggesting theory on morals which are not laws. Your next suggestion is the “…potential misuse of these drugs” and that “…teens wouldn’t have the correct consultation with a pharmacist to talk about how to properly use the drug…”. On the package and inside the package there are instructions on how to properly use the drug, side effects that may occur and toll free information numbers and a website to receive additional information and all a teen or anyone who has questions about a drug or medication can simply ask the Pharmacist for explanation or advise and they usually will put down whatever they're doing and take all the time that's needed to answer any questions someone has, which has always been my experience throughout my life. In your article your over all supposition is, that teenagers can’t read, ask questions, wouldn’t follow directions, and will misuse this drug, but what you completely FAIL to do is, “present hard evidence facts and citations” that would support your alleged moral theory on right and wrong. By your reasoning, the FDA didn’t consider your deep morals and don’t understand anything about teenagers. Who examines your morals and how you live your life? “Our Views” reflects the majority opinion of the members of the Grand Haven Tribune editorial board.” In case you don’t know what they say about “Opinions,” everyone’s got one and they’re all full of it. If you’re unclear as to what this means, go ask one of the “immoral” people you know or any passerby on the sidewalk.


I see the truth hurts doesn't it and you just cannot come up to the plate and hold yourself accountable for your pretentious and hypocritical behavior. And I am not the first one to say you think your skin is whiter than the average Caucasian. Having troubles with mirrors of late? I would think so. I sure as h*** would never come out and make any claims and say I was the picture of mental and physical health and you all sure as h*** never could either. When you start walking on water and changing water to wine I might listen until then keep you pie holes shut. What a bunch hypocritical pretentious ******** you all are.


May I make a suggestion? Instead of getting riled up by the comments on this site, you might try walking the boardwalk, if you are able. You will see all kinds of diversity - people of all sizes, colors, nationalities, ages, and walks of life. For a brief time, racism, bigotry, prejudices are forgotten. Surrounded by the beauty, we share both the sun on our faces and a smile. It is the essential Grand Haven, and for however long you are here, it might give you some peace of mind.


I think it will take more then a walk to cut thru all that bitterness Lan!

Good luck Rooster, ya need more help then venting here! My bolder suggestion is to try being a little nicer sometimes if you want dialogue and debate...lose the Atomic!


I am praying that you will release your inner anger...


condoms are avaliable anywhere, without consent and why would you want unprotected sex anyway, just makes sense, most people dont know much about the morning after pill and i dont think i would risk it


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