Bah-humbug to light show nay-sayers

A popular Christmas tradition in the Tri-Cities will fail to light up this year.
Jul 22, 2013


The reason? An unreasonable rejection of a proposal that would have put the Holiday Road light show in Coast Guard Park in Ferrysburg.

The light show, which donates money to charities such as the Special Olympics, proved to be a winning holiday activity for years.

It used to be set up in a Spring Lake Township neighborhood, and then has made stops at Harbor Island and a strip mall in Norton Shores.

Our very own Santa of Christmas lights and music planned to make a stop this year at Coast Guard Park. Some Ferrysburg officials thought the show would be great for the community, which gets particularly sleepy come wintertime.

While many logistics would have needed to be worked out to make the show happen at this proposed location, it could have been a great thing.

But with anything that’s worth anything in this community, there would be inconveniences for some.

The traffic could have been a bear for locals who live along that stretch of North Shore Road. With proper traffic control and planning, this might have been worked out.

There was never a chance to work it out, however.

Opponents proved to be very vocal and vehement in their complaints, and the Santa of Lights himself said he preferred to be a jolly elf, not a grumpy Grinch, and wouldn’t fight.

What that means for the rest of us who really enjoy the light show each year is that we probably won’t see it this season, or maybe not in this area again.

And that’s a true shame.

Bah-humbug on those folks who Scrooged us out of the possibility of finding a way to make the light show a go.

You didn’t even try to find a path forward for holiday cheer.



Boyink claims that he does not want to start a battle, but his Facebook page asks people to send letters to Ferrysburg in support of the show. Their goal is 500 by next Monday. Sounds like a battle to me. Some jolly elf!
As you can see from the Tribune poll, many people want to end the show altogether. That is Mr. Boyink's fault. His attitude and sense of entitlement create discord everywhere he goes. Sure he seems "jolly" - just like any smooth talker.
The simple fact is, this has to go through the Department of the Interior. It is about safety, legalities, and common sense - not about Scrooge and elves! By the way, "Scrooge" is exactly what one SL Township person who opposed the show was called! Not very original, Tribune.
Mr. Boyink knows the turmoil this show causes in neighborhoods, but did not have a "plan B" for his show. It is not anyone's business but his to come up with an alternative location.
One SL Township person wrote in a letter that - during mediation - it was said that if the show was disallowed, they would have it anyway. They just wouldn't advertise or collect money, but would subject the neighborhood to horrible traffic and safety problems without the use of police or volunteers. Once again, sounds like a battle to me.
Mr. Boyink should put his energies into seeking a reasonable place for this show, rather than causing even more discord.
Even if benighted Ferrysburg City Council members approve this, one does not just call the Department of the Interior and have Federal employees adjust rules and processes to fit one individual's timeline. If businesses along North Shore get involved in legalities, there will be other barriers to this show happening in Coast Guard Park.
One can only hope that the emotions of this fight - for that is what it is - will not trump clear thinking.

Magic Mike

"As you can see from the Tribune poll, many people want to end the show altogether."

And a far greater number seem to support it, if you add up the different vote totals for the options that seem to support Mr. Boyink and his show.


ye...what he said


So let him investigate other options that don't require jumping through Dept. of the Interior hoops.


Lets face it nothing anyone writes is going to change theQuin's mind. But I do wonder has he even read the agreement with the Dep. of Interior? Or is he only taking one person's interpretation of it as law? Has he read the city attorney's opinion?

It's easy to form an opinions when looking in from the outside. Was theQuin at the neighborhood mediation? Or is he only taking the word of the disgruntle neighbor that forced the mediation? Has he ever asked what other neighbors thought?

We get it you don't like the show, it's an inconvenience to you, but do you really think that personal attacks and heresy make you look better or make the show less desirable to others? Have you every tried to sit down with Mr. Boyink and work on solutions? Or is it just easier to attack him?

It also seems strange he took the high road pulled the show and you still make personal attacks like you personally know him and he is eval.


The show is nice, and it's helping charity, but there has to be a better location. Anyplace there is only one road in & out, like Coast Guard Park or his previous residence (off W. Spring Lake Rd.) created horrible traffic jams and safety issues (people getting frustrated in line and then swerving out INTO passing traffic).

I'm all for the light show, provided it is done with safety and the local residents having primary consideration.


I agree with CPinSL.


Or is thequin on the board and upset she can not restrict others from driving on a county road? Why is thequin is so outspoken and appears to want to start a battle over Christmas benefitting charities.
I have met Mr Boyink a couple of times and he is a busy person who does not need the headaches that a few people want to cause. Why deal with people who are just negative.

Our family and friends have been to the displays he puts on a number of times. We have talked to his neighbors while doing so and they have told us the traffic can be a inconvenience but the idea of supporting charities and giving back made it worth while.

People that just throw out "Here comes big govt and they are against you" appear to be saying this is because they do not know how else to get their way.

Ours and thousands of other family's support Brad and his displays and do not want to see him stop doing them.

Please keep the shows going, grandparents, parents, kids and grandkids truly enjoy them.

There will always be Grinches!


I really like the HolidayRoad light show. However it seems very odd that the mostly open Harbor Island (with public road drive by traffic in clear view) is less secure than the mostly concealed Coast Guard Park. If vandalism was an issue on Harbor Island then it seems the potential wouild be worse at Coast Guard Park.

I think it would be great to have this event as a great tradition of our community but Coast Guard park seems like the wrong location. While I do not live in Ferrysburg I applaud those who stand up for the rights of their citizens. Remember as well that this is the ONLY route to Grand Haven's city limits north of the river.


I just want to put in a good word for the people who work so hard from August until the end of the show - totally volunteering their time and God-given talent to be able to provide entertainment suitable for the entire family, and earning money for charity as well. I am not from your area, but I LOVE this light show!! I don't know the parameters of where and why or why not, however, I would hope that the people opposing would take the high road and talk from their hearts - after all this happens in the Christmas Season, rather than seeming so snarky. Praying that the Holiday Light Show will continue....somewhere that is safe for all involved. My family loved it last year. Thank you again to all of you who work so hard on providing this entertainment. I know you must give up a lot of your family time, and leisure time to be able to do this. Thanks from my family!! Best Wishes for a successful year, wherever!!


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